Thursday Thoughts



Splash Finale… I’m thinking Rory will win.  Did you see the drama with Rory and Drake?!  I think it was planned… but it made me really not like Drake!  Do you think there will be a season 2?  I doubt it.  Like Skating with the Stars, I don’t think this will make it either.

brad and eliz

Elaine and Max Green… Have you watched How To Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life) on ABC yet?  Well the very best part of the show is Polly’s (Sarah Chalke’s) parents Elaine and Max Green (Elizabeth Perkins and Brad Garrett).  They are hilarious!!


I want Ken Jennings to replace Alex Trebek… So is it officially Matt Lauer to replace Trebek?  I feel like this will be The Price is Right all over again… just not the same.


Taylor Armstrong off RHOBH… I guess that it’s official.  She’ll be on the show as a friend like Camille.  My thoughts?  Eh, I guess I don’t really care.


Lil Wayne tweets he’s fine… but he was hospitalized for another seizure… come on lil wayne you’re scaring everyone!!


Miley… I get the short shorts – you have long lean legs.  Wearing the heels?  It looks ridic… is that the point?  She can’t actually think that looks good.


Nashville… Anyone see last night’s episode?  The finale is going to be INSANE!!!


4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. I’m on the fence about Ken Jennings. I follow him on Twitter and he’s kind of mean. He’s ruined it for me. But Matt Lauer? No. I vote for Watson.

    I think Nashville is my favorite show of the season. It’s got everything! I am waiting to watch last night’s episode as a reward for packing this weekend. I am also saving season 3 of Pretty Little Liars. I just read there is going to be a Caleb spinoff!

    • I have to follow Ken on twitter now!
      I was just talking to my sister how Nashville is so fast moving, I love it. It’s like boom juliet is married, now she’s not and that character is totally gone. Oh Gunnar’s brother’s back, nope he died. So much can happen in one epsiode!

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