Friday Letters…

Friday letters

Dear NF, Why did you decide 5 days ago that you no longer eat meat and vegetable baby food jars?  They were so easy for me to feed you.  What happened?  Sooo now that you’re not having that for dinner why won’t you eat hot dogs, eggs, mash potatoes, or any food other than cheerios, fruit, and yogurt?  I’ve heard, if they’re hungry, they’ll eat it… but you’re pretty good at holding your appetite to wait for the cheerios and apple sauce I give in and feed you.  I always said my child will never be a picky eater because I judged those parents with picky eater children soo bad.  We’ll keep working on it.

Dear the song Mad by Muse, GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!

Dear Smellen, Thanks living near me again.  It’s been a year since you moved back and I’m so glad you’re here and a big part of your nephew’s life!  He loves you!!

Dear Cdizzy, Watching Big Bang Theory makes me want to eat Chinese food… maybe we should do that, and have dumplings, since they always seem to be having that – and then watch a few episodes!!

Dear Ron Swanson, you gonna be a DADDY!?

Flash Back Friday


ellen flour

The worst sister award goes to me.  I did this to E in 2002… the day before yearbook pictures her freshman year of high school.  If you look up “Antiquing” on you’ll find it means, “the use of flour thrown in a sleeping victims face to make them appear to be a dusty old antique.”  I got the idea from the show Jackass.  I did the antiquing, my friend took the photos.  Okay, so this is a pretty not nice, maybe not even that funny, thing to do to someone… but what makes this 100 times worse is.. the ceramic bowl containing the flour slipped from my hands while I was throwing the flour… and I actually like, threw the bowl AND the flour at her face.  Little sister, I forever apologize.  THEN, she ended up with a bruise on her face (see last photo) – which is visible in her freshman year yearbook picture.  Lesson… Jackass was a horrible show that gave horrible ideas to young viewers and I’m really sorry.  (side note: yeah she had harry potter sheets, I used to say they were lame, but they were actually like the coolest sheets ever)

This next flash back is sort of related…keep reading…


This photo was taken Summer 2007.  I’m in the middle wearing black.  This was the beginning of a night out.


This is the after picture.  I’m not sure if you can make it out – but I got clocked in the mouth by a girl much taller than me.  Why?  I really can’t tell you because I don’t really now – I think it’s because Bad Girls Club season 1 finale just aired and this girl wanted to be on season 2.  It pretty much just happened out of no where.  I didn’t press charges, or receive real medical attention — I asked an EMT to look at my mouth, I think he pretty much told me, “sucks to be you”.  (the ambulance was there for another fight).  It gets worse (I know what you’re thinking, WORSE THAN A FAT LIP?!  BUT HOW?!)… the next day I had college orientation.  I drove 100 miles in a van with out AC on a very very hot day with the biggest ugliest fat lip (and hung over).  I get there… and I am asked to take my photo for my school ID???  I freak.  No way can I go to a new college with a school ID photo looking like THAT!!  So I just said, I’d prefer to do it at another time.  (Like the lady telling me this couldn’t tell what my reason for that was)… she insisted I take it then.  I looked at my friend and she agreed, there was just no way. (also the line was insane!)  So we left.  The first day of classes, I went to get my picture taken for my ID, no line, no fat lip, everything was great.  Soooo…. I guess this didn’t really make up for how I ruined my sister’s yearbook picture…. but it could have almost did?  Sorry Smellin if you’re reading… I still owe you a bad official picture, that could have been it, but it wasn’t.