I’m Totally Trying it – The April Edition Results

totally trying it april

Jessica Alba’s Book: I was overwhelmed… I can’t replace everything everywhere to be eco friendly.  Reading this book made me feel inspired and guilty at the same time.  This book did get to me buy a label maker (which Jessica talks about using) – and I organized my bathroom stuff.  I bought all the stuff from Target.


Find Leopard Flats: I love my new leopard flats!!!!  I purchased them on ebay from Funkykiwi.  I’ve found that their 6 1/2 flats fit me perfectly.


New Show on ABC: Well I gave How to Live with Your Parent’s For The Rest of Your Life a shot and I love it… I love the parents the most… and I just heard yesterday it’s going to be canceled.  Thanks ABC… you gave it like 6 episodes and pulled the plug.  Why do you put me through this!!!  Just cancel Happy Endings already, you’ve ruined Friday night TV for me lately.  AH I’m mad about this.

Boar Bristles: I got this brush and it’s fancy!!  I leave it in my gym locker.  It doesn’t really get out knots but it smooths my hair out!

Thursday Thoughts



Splash Finale… I’m thinking Rory will win.  Did you see the drama with Rory and Drake?!  I think it was planned… but it made me really not like Drake!  Do you think there will be a season 2?  I doubt it.  Like Skating with the Stars, I don’t think this will make it either.

brad and eliz

Elaine and Max Green… Have you watched How To Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life) on ABC yet?  Well the very best part of the show is Polly’s (Sarah Chalke’s) parents Elaine and Max Green (Elizabeth Perkins and Brad Garrett).  They are hilarious!!


I want Ken Jennings to replace Alex Trebek… So is it officially Matt Lauer to replace Trebek?  I feel like this will be The Price is Right all over again… just not the same.


Taylor Armstrong off RHOBH… I guess that it’s official.  She’ll be on the show as a friend like Camille.  My thoughts?  Eh, I guess I don’t really care.


Lil Wayne tweets he’s fine… but he was hospitalized for another seizure… come on lil wayne you’re scaring everyone!!


Miley… I get the short shorts – you have long lean legs.  Wearing the heels?  It looks ridic… is that the point?  She can’t actually think that looks good.


Nashville… Anyone see last night’s episode?  The finale is going to be INSANE!!!


I’m Totally Trying it – April Edition

totally trying it april

I’m linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for I’m totally trying it…

This is my first try at totally trying it… and it’s already almost half way into April… so I decided to start kinda small.

Jessica Alba’s Book: This was one of Jen’s picks.  I read reviews and it looks pretty promising.  I was planning on reading Caroline Manzo’s book next… but I read reviews on that and I was scared away.  I’m excited to read Jessica Alba’s book, The Honest Life, and finding out what the rest of you thought of it too.

Find Leopard Flats: I mean, I will find a pair, and then wear them.  I have zebra flats I love and I just think a leopard pair would be great… and I’m totally ready to try it?!  I guess this is sort of a stretch on trying new things…

New Show on ABC: So far I’ve seen two episodes of How to Live with your Parents for the rest of your life… and I am a fan.  I’m going to keep watching and really stick with this new show.

Boar Bristles: I was looking for a new hair brush on birch box and they only had like one.  And it was spornette luxury cushion… which has boar britles.  Sooo why not I’ll try it!  I have birch box points to spend!