Make Me Smile Monday


mother's day

Happy Mother’s Day!!  (day after).  NF was not in the picture taking mood but we took it anyways.  I’ll remember how squirmy he was forever now.  By the way, last week it was like 85 in NY and now it’s like 40’s.


I am a HUGE fan of the show The Chew on ABC.  Back in March 2012 Clinton Kelly shared one of his go to group breakfast recipes, Clinton Kelly’s Bacon Egg & Cheese Biscuit Casserole.  My sister made Mother’s day brunch and I suggested that she made this, and SHE DID!  They turned out terrific and we’d probably make them again.  They’re great for a bunch of people!


She ALSO made Donna’s Cream Puffs, another recipe from The Chew.  They were AMAZING!!!  Sometimes on the show they have 3 grandmas share their recipes and they call it Iron Grandma.  These cream puffs are from an Iron Grandma Brunch Battle.


And I leave you with NF and one of his best friends, Charlie.