Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear Baby V,  I think I’ll have you on Valentine’s day ❤ … this is me, your mommy, at 39 weeks.


Dear NF, you’re TOTALLY ready to be a big brother!  You’re such a great helper, see you can even make cookies and banana bread!



Dear sinus infection and NF’s double ear infection, GO AWAYYYYYYYYYY!!!  We have better things to do than sleep on the couch with our mouths open because we can’t breath out of our noses!!


Dear top of the couch, I guess you’re pretty cozy?


Dear Broncos, you won because I made orange and blue m&m brownies.


Dear Teresa Guidice, I’d like to read your book

Dear OJ series on FX, I love love love to hate watch you.

Dear Grey’s Anatomy, I AM SO happy you’re back on!!!!!!!  Last night did not disappoint!!

Dear Lent, sorry I gave up fried food and then forgot 2 days later…  pregnant people don’t have to do lent do they?

Dear the gym, I can’t believe I am still attending you daily.

Dear smellen, please forgive me for how annoying I am to you right now.

Dear Kocktails with Khloe, I still don’t know about you, but I am still going to watch every episode… it’s super weird that you pretend that’s really your house and not a set…???



Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, I can’t even handle the funny things you say and do… please stay this adorable forever.  You told Santa that you thought he lived in the fire place and what are you doing at this shopping mall?  You did SOOO good, and I love this picture!


Dear Kourtney Kardashian, I NEED that avocado drink recipe.

Dear Joe Anglim, you gave it your best shot… GO Keith!!

Dear Christmas Shopping, right about now is when I start to get real nervous about you…

Dear yasso mint chocolate chip greek yogurt bars, I don’t know how I’d survive without you

Dear college, I sort of miss you.  I enjoyed a change of classes every 15 weeks, new subjects, new teachers and classmates… I think it’s Sue and Axl on the Middle that is reminding me of this…

Dear orange smelling hands, ahhh you smell so nice… the biggest reason I like eating clementines is that my hands smell like oranges afterwards

Dear winter finales, nooooooooo.

Dear Top Chef, I started watching this season since there’s only been 2 episodes… like all reality contestant shows there are just way to many people to remember anyone in the beginning…

Dear my bed, you are so comfortable and perfect… I am just getting too pregnant to ever feel just right sleeping..

Dear cannoli cake from biscotti’s, I need some of you asap

Dear Oprah, I know it’s been over 4 years, but I miss you on at 4 PM


Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, I love that you call flamingos “mingos”…. I hope your sports class today goes really well.  You’re the best!  I love on the weekends when you wake up at 7:15 AM to climb into my bed to sleep for another half hour.

Dear pregnancy belly, you have officially emerged… idk how I’ll manage getting even bigger than this and we’re not even at 30 weeks yet.

Dear Beak and Skiff, loved seeing you one last time before fall is over


Dear Owen on Grey’s anatomy, why do you dislike Nathan so much… is this what the winter finale is going to be all about?  eh it better be good.

Dear Jackson and April on Grey’s anatomy, ummm…. you’re stressing me out.

Dear Christina Yang on Grey’s anatomy, Oh how I miss you.  I never cared for Derek (YEAH I SAID IT) – but yang… yang I loved.

Dear Pie Night, I just keep thinking you’re next week!!  UGhhh.

Dear etsy, I can get lost looking at you.

Dear Smellen and Teevee, I hope to see you soon – but we have no plans.

Dear hunger, why do you sneak up on me… and I am usually not very prepared for it.

Dear Oprah’s book so far, I like you.

Dear peanuts (Charlie Brown) toys are mcdonalds, I like you.


Thursday Thoughts


Today’s Thursday and here are my Thursday thoughts…


I can’t even… he’s the best.  And that football ice cream birthday cake so good!


It still feels like there are 100 people in Cambodia playing survivor.  It seemed like every few minutes someone was giving the finger.  We have Kimmi, Wentworth, Joe, Wiglesworth, Keith, Ciera, Tasha, Savage, Spencer, Jeremy, Stephen, and Abi.  And I LOVEEEEE a #blindside!!  And I love when someone whips out a hidden immunity idol and shocks everyone.  Very good tribal council.


There was also a new modern family on last night… ughh I needed it.  It did not disappoint me either.  It had Cam and Gloria together, which is the best.  And it had just enough Dylan, but I can always have more!  (I am concerned we won’t see Dylan again for a while since they broke up this episode).  I did not care for Alex’s story line which is typical… and Luke’s wasn’t much either.


And I saved The Middle on my DVR… I hope it’s a good one.


Did I just freak you out???  I am probably half done with my Christmas shopping, I think?  I wonder if I will do some black Friday / cyber Monday shopping?


The tie dyed shirt I made at my sister’s bachelorette party came out pretty good!  A men’s medium v neck would normally fit me great for a night shirt… but being pregnant… it’s actually sort of tight.


I did a count down to how many more days until I’ll likely be in labor… we’re under 100 days left.


Does anyone else think that Tamar should have just quit before Alexa was eliminated?


So WHAT Wednesday


Today’s Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • when I accidentally record something not in high def the entire time I am watching I think ugh this picture is terrible
  • I have zero desire to watch any football until maybe the super bowl… maybe
  • I did not realize there is no mail today, I will probably forget later and look in the mailbox anyways
  • I am not into man buns (talking about hair not butts)
  • my sister told me about how people are mad about how the starbucks red cups is a war on christmas…. and I was just like what?  I instagramed it because I liked the red cup?


  • I watched Fresh off the Boat last night and liked it…. I think I will continue to watch it on Tuesdays…
  • Below the deck is ridiculous, but mostly only because of Rocky
  • I am trying not to care about other’s opinions on my chosen baby name but I lost probably 2 hours of sleep because of it… you seriously cannot please everyone (this is why people keep their baby names a secret)
  • I hashtagged this photo #26 weeks… when really I was 25 weeks and 4 days…


  • I sometimes bribe my child with dum dums
  • I am officially done spinning and switched to the elliptical – I am too big


Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, you’re everything to me… I can’t believe 4 years ago today I was baking Halloween cookies for a charity (best cookies ever and I should probably make them again in your honor) and by Sunday night I was having contractions ALL night – and you were born at 6:47 PM Halloween night.  You make me so happy and proud to be a mom.  It could be raining outside and you’ll still tell me it’s a beautiful day.  I can’t squeeze hug you enough!!

Dear hot chocolate, I’m kinda liking you lately, but as soon as I actually buy a box of you, I’ll probably be over it and throw the box out 2 years later when I realize it’s expired (has happened before).

Dear rain, stay far far away tomorrow PLEASE, thanks.

Leah Remini, I’ve always been a fan of yours.  Since like saved by the bell days (though it felt wrong, Zack needed to be with Kelly, honestly).  I loved you on the talk when I was on maternity leave… I am loving you filling in for Erin Andrews on DWTS the past two weeks.  Wasn’t I expecting a book Fall 2013 when you were a contestant on DWTS?  Is this the book that I’ve been waiting for?  Two years later… ugh I gotta read it.  I wish it came out Nov 1st instead of 3rd…. is it possible it would be early release like Orange is the New Black?  Leah, are you actually going to answer my Friday letter to you?

Dear pumpkins in the lawn, what animal has been terrorizing you and taking bites out of you at night?

Dear Fayetteville Target, why would you not have a Starbucks, I mean come on?  Super weird.

Dear holiday themed shower curtains, I think I wanna be that mom who does this.

Lamar Odom, k got it, you’re still in the hospital.  but why do I still read every update?  This is going to be a long recovery and I’ll know every detail, whether I want to or not.

Dear Smellen, I wish I was with you on your honey moon.  and I wish you weren’t missing Halloween.

Dear Grey’s and Modern Family, UHHH I wish I had a warning you weren’t going to be new this week.  and WHAT no modern family Halloween episode?  How disappointing.

Dear The Chew, I gotta see what you guys dress up as this year, GOT TO!

Dear Janman, I can’t believe you got a princess peach costume to go trick or treating with NF, you’re nuts, and I love it.

Dear baby in my belly, I can’t wait to hold you and I hope you’re a very good baby that sleeps a lot… like preferably from 8 pm to 8 am and then naps during the day.  Thank you!


So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I am tired… so so tired
  • NF told the lady who cuts his hair he wants it cut like Jack from Super Why… who is Jack from Super Why?  Do you mean Jack and the never land pirates (which until JUST now I thought it was Jack and the big Pirates because that’s what NF calls it).
  • C is in Arizona for another two weeks.. see ya
  • I have a headache right now
  • I keep complaining in my so what Wednesday which probably isn’t entertaining to read
  • I have a dentist appointment today and I hope I don’t still have a headache during it
  • I wish NF would go to bed before 10 PM… it is getting ridiculous
  • I love real housewives of ny more than oc but I love that I get to watch two housewives episodes in a week
  • I am so pissed at Scott Disick, but I am in denial of the break up, they’re not really over
  • I wish Ariana Grande was just like her character, Cat Valentine.  I was seriously disappointed when I found out she didn’t really talk like that.
  • I want to shout out to Frankie (Ariana’s brother) who was in the Big Brother audience last week
  • I think Audrey on big brother is so crazy… crazier than day.
  • I haven’t watched Sunday’s episode of True Detective yet… and I almost don’t care
  • My friend thought that cheerleader song was “jelly bear” not cheerleader… and I died… like what’s a jelly bear?  and she said like a big curvy girl?  OH I think that I found myself a jelly bear she is always right there when I need her…


So WHAT Wednesday


Today’s Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I stayed up until 11 TWO nights in a row because of ABC television finales and premieres
  • I can’t believe mad men is over
  • I am glad Kaitlin is the bachelorette
  • I can’t stop following the whole Bruce Jenner story
  • it went from hot as heck Monday to freezing Wednesday… and frankly I guess I prefer the freezing, it’s better for sleeping and I am not ready to stop wearing sweaters… yeah I said it…
  • both my boys got a hair cut and I feel tremendously better about being seen in public with them… or even just lookin at them at home…
  • I love Riker Lynch… I actually didn’t even know him before DWTS and now I am a total fan… but I am glad Rumer Willis and Val Chmerkovkiy won last night
  • Real housewives of NYC… I love it… but it’s like Bethenny show and then RHONY – the editors blend it as well as they can but it’s like Bethenny could have her own show for real… and Kristen Taekman could be a friend of the show… sorry I said it yeah
  • I think cousins are really important… and everyone should try to keep in touch with them
  • I need new clothes, but I feel like I have so much already
  • I am craving a frappachino mini
  • I am a huge Trader Joe’s fan like over night for real
  • I dream of being able to dance really well… like DWTS kinda good
  • I am proud of my accomplishments but I am disappointed in my failures so I forget about the accomplishments
  •  maybe I want a puppy… but I know that I don’t really want to deal with a puppy
  •  I am worried NF will not perform perfectly as a ring bearer in October… and that he really needs to be potty trained by then


Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, I can’t believe how personable and social you are… you’re bffs with anyone you see.

Dear Chris Soules, I am sad to see you off dancing with the stars… you were really improving.

Dear Bethenny Frankel, I wish I could pull of a jump suit like you do for my birthday…


Dear Smellen, thanks for making me the lunch i want for my birthday… it better be amazing, thank you.

Dear C, I want my car washed and cleaned perfectly for Mother’s day… and pancakes with blueberries.

Dear Janmanisabobalogadingdong, please visit again soon.  NF talks about how Jan gave him those remote control cars and one still needs batteries.

Dear Magz, your baby is perfect.

Dear Grey’s Anatomy, I love you.  I hope everyone doesn’t gasp and die when I say this but, I never really liked Derek… he was kind of an ass…..  sorry… may mcdreamy rest in peace.

Dear Teen Mom OG, I have to admit, glad Farrah’s back… but I don’t think I’d trade in Bentley to get Farrah.  And Amber… my intuition red flag gut is screaming that you should not marry a super fan 20 years older than you… at least not this soon.

Dear Tyler Fredrickson, I wanted YOU to win survivor… you were the best and my favorite.

Dear Starbucks gift cards, can’t wait to try the s’more frap ❤

Dear Teevee, NF loves you… thanks for sharing your lemon water.

Dear Orange is the new black, I can’t WAIT!!!!!


So WHAT Wednesday


Today’s Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • NF kissed a girl at the park last night and I wrote it down in his baby book
  • I stayed up way too late watching the Baltimore riots on fox on Tuesday night
  • I was too upset about Willow Shields being voted off Dancing with The Stars… she had high scores!!!  She cried and it broke my heart, I kept forgetting that she was 14 (only remembered when they kept reminding you).  So I REMEMBERED to vote.  I kinda think that ABC purposely places a shocker elimination around week 7 to hype up the show… but I so desperately want to believe the voting is real… the voting IS REAL!
  • The DWTS 10th Anniversary Special was a nice surprise for a Tuesday night
  • I want Robert and Kym OFF DWTS already (is ABC secretly keeping him on to promote Shark Tank UGH)
  • Bethenny on Real Housewives of NYC…. I loveeee but she is RUDE!  So rude.
  • I can’t handle that there are only two more episodes of Mad Men left
  • WHAT is Shonda Rhimes DOING TO ME with Grey’s
  • I can’t believe that survivor is on their 30th season… and I am sad Jenn Brown is out
  • I’ve been trying to drink 100 oz of water a day for over a week now… and I pee ALL THE TIME… I don’t feel or look any different either
  • my car really needs to be washed
  • I am not hungry but I just want to keep eating
  • I buy more things than I need to at target to get the gift cards
  • I am trying not to be but I am fascinated by Bruce Jenner
  • Tyler Fredrickson will probably win survivor this season
  • SO glad Jon Bones Jones was fired by Reebok… good