What I’m loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday




Cousins!  I am loving cousins… It makes me so happy to see my boys with their cousins.


I am not really loving that NF is done with school… so far he’s full of energy when I’m done with work, and I think school tired him out.  But I do love this picture!


I’m loving that baseball is over and this picture of NF and his trophy.


I love eating this for dinner…


and I love these two!



What I’m loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday


I am loving that the sun doesn’t go down until 8:46 PM and we can play at the park for so long!


I am watching Parks and Recreation straight through and I am loving that season 2 goes on for-ev-errrr… like 24 episodes whaaa?  I love Andy and April.


I am loving that it’s basically summer time and I have so much planned!!  So excited!


What I am loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday

I’m bringin it back again… what I’m loving Wednesday…


NF: Always loving my baby!

soshsweater sosh sweater

Sosh’s star sweater on girls: I love when you can actually find things online that they wore on shows, but it’s like always sold out… and this was reasonable too… I totally would have bought it.  $30 at Macy’s heck yes… but sold out, of course it is.


Clorox wipes: I just like them!


What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday

I’m bringin it back baby!  What I’m loving Wednesday!!!


NF: First and foremost I’m always loving NF.  He looks thrilled to be up at 7:30 am in 2 degree temperatures.


Diamond Candles: I am obsessed.  Diamond candles are candles that have a ring inside that can be worth a lot of money.  These are the pictures my cousin sent me of the candle and ring I sent her for her birthday.  I also got my friend one, Honey Citrus.  I want everyone I know to have one.  I really would like to own and smell the cherry almond cookie ring candle.



This name plate necklace: I just love it ok.


Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturizer: I bought it from birchbox and I’m almost out… and I really like it.


Giuliana Rancic: love love love her… and so happy Fashion Police is back on because she is my favorite ever.


The Flat White at Starbucks: I haven’t tried it yet, so I can’t say I love it… but I love that I am going to try it soon.


One Piece at Target: ladies and gentlemen I did it… I bought a one piece and I couldn’t be happier.  THE PRESSURE of only having revealing bikinis is gone.  I don’t give a f if C thinks I should wear a bikini… I think I should wear THIS and be comfortable and appropriate… I still have the bikinis and I can wear them sometimes (like in the dark alone at night at home).  Loved the price of this too!


cast reveal for new Ghostbusters: OMFGGGGGG…. I love everyone!  Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.


What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday

I know I KNOW I know it’s been too long.  I got it I got it (in a Gru voice).


NF: I am totally always loving my little boy.  Yesterday we had all that plant fuzz stuff (what is it?)  I mean it was just floating in the sky everywhere and collecting on the ground.  NF said IT’S SNOW!  IT’S SNOW!!  oh… and I gotta tell you all this… NF sings “STOP in the name of love before you break my heart think it ooohh ohh vverrrrr”  That is the longest sentence (that I can understand at least) he’s ever said.  I HAVE to get it on video.


Being a home owner: uhhh yeah that’s right folks… I did it.  I bought a house… like I didn’t just put an offer in… I went all the way and everything closing and done and done and all mine (well ya know with a mortgage) it’s official.  Am I living in it yet?  No……. do I still have an apartment for a few months?  yes…. soooooo we need to figure some things out (is this too much info for the internet?)…. but omg I have a HOUSEEEEEEEEEE.  And I need to buy a lawn mower and a washer and drier and a GRILL!!!  And a rake and a hose and furniture… omg… this is so expensive… I am pretty much either not sleeping at night nervous and thinking or sleeping so deeply because I am so tired…. it’s one or the other not in between.  K enough about the house stuff, if you’re still reading this paragraph.


Orange is the New Black Season 2: I watched it all… I finished it… in less than a week.  It was SOOOOO good.  I kind of wish I was forced to wait a week for the next episode instead of binge watching all of them in 5 days (when I was so busy so idk how I did it).  When is season 3 coming out??!!!


Guacamole pre made at the store:  I’ve been meaning to find out where this was located at the grocery store… for probably 2 years and finally I remembered to find it WHILE I was actually there… I ate the whole container in like 2 days and I was in love with it.  I want to try the other kinds… spicy, homestyle, etc


What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday
Today is Wednesday and THIS is what I’m loving!!
NF:  Ohhh I love him SO much.  I can’t get enough.  You crack me up everyday.


image credit: starbucks.com

Skinny grande vanilla macchiato:  I got $100 bucks in starbucks gift cards from my birthday ok… I can drink like 24 of these things!!!  The description says… freshly steamed milk with vanilla-flavored syrup, marked with espresso and finished with vanilla drizzle.  mmmmm.
WHY is I Wanna Marry Harry is on TV: Okay okay maybe I’m not “loving” this show… actually no I’m not loving this show… but I think I love to talk about it.  Explain this to me…. so there are girls that want to marry prince Harry… and they go on this show to marry prince Harry and it’s a prince Harry look alike… but the girls STILL THINK IT’S PRINCE HARRY!?  Then they just get drunk and fight with each other??  At the end they’ll just be like hey dummies… his name is actually Matt.  Did these girls like sign everything under the sun promising not to sue FOX for humiliating them?  It’s insane?  I am positive I’d know it wasn’t actually prince Harry.  I can’t believe this concept actually made it to TV.

What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday
Today’s Wednesday and though, this is no longer a link up, I am still doing it…  I should make my own banner button thing huh?
I am loving…
My Boys: Yes I’m always loving the C and NF.  Softball season has started!
Wedding Season: I can complain but really it’ll be fun.  4 weddings coming up and NF was measured to be in one!  More motivation at the gym to look my best!
Flats: Yes… it’s finally warm enough to wear them!  Ohhh soo much more comfortable than heals at work!  (and yes I own this exact pair!)

Myerl and Danica Dance to I Luh Ya Papi: this song is sooo stuck in my head.  I like this version better than J Lo’s… now try to sing I luh ya papi I luh ya papi I luh ya luh ya luh ya papi… it’s really hard to sing!!!  Or maybe that’s just me?  I want to hear this on the radio and I haven’t yet.  OH and Maks and Val dancing together in matching white open shirt outfits OMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGG.  Love.  And can we just talk about Myerl and Maks… whaaa??  Are they really together or is it for votes?

What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday
Today’s Wednesday and though, this is no longer a link up, I am still doing it…  I should make my own banner button thing huh?
I am loving…
NF: I’m always loving this guy.  He’s talking more and more.  He actually whispers to me, “mom, it’s fine” I think when he senses I am stressed out.  I mean really, sooo cute!  but I feel bad too… don’t worry about me baby!!  You are right.. it is fine.
Frozen: I’ve seen this movie a few times now… and the first time I watched I was all like what the heck she just meet this guy!  And how did that snow man just appear!!?  But once I got to the end I realized it was a good movie… and then the 2nd time I understood it even better…. Watching with NF I don’t catch 100% of the movie… usually the first 30 I get and then it’s down hill from there.  I’m sure you other moms out there know exactly what I’m talking about.
Miranda Lambert: I loved her style at the ACM Awards.  She is totally cool.

What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday
Today’s Wednesday and though, this is no longer a link up, I am still doing it…  I should make my own banner button thing huh?
I am loving…
NF: I am always loving this little guy.  This morning while carrying him down the stairs of our apartment (yes I still do that, it’s much faster than letting him climb them himself) he yelled, “MOM MOM MOM MOM” I said, “what?” and he whispered to me, “mom, it’s fine.”  Oh is it Nicholas!?  Oh and he is officially OBSESSED with Despicable Me (1 & 2) and Finding Nemo.. obsessed.
Makeup remover cleansing towelettes: I am in the habit of using one of these every night.  I cut them in half so they last twice as long.  I wear black eyeliner every day… and I never used to remove it.  Last night was the first time in a while I didn’t and I woke up and I felt like my eyes were angry at me!  I feel so much better removing it and I think my eyes are feeling better from it too!
Debbie Weaver (Jami Gertz) on The Neighbors: I just love her!  I really do!

What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday
It’s Wednesday and THIS is what I’m loving today!
NF: Not the best photo I know… my phone is from 2009 ok!  But this is NF in the bath… and he’s no longer afraid of the faucet… he actually loves it!
DWTS: SO excited for Dancing the the stars!
Pur Minerals Dirty Girl Detoxifying Mudd Masque w/ Pascalite Clay: I’m loving this face mask!  It really feels like it’s working hard to detoxify my face!
Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah: This is our book club’s book of the month… and I can pretty confidently say that we all are loving it!  Very good book.  I recommend it!
Goldfish baked original: Our whole little family likes gold fish… but my favorite goldfish are the baked original… 2nd fav the baby ones.  I like to buy the original, baby, and pretzel and mix them up!  Fun snack!