I’m linking up with Jennifer from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom… even though this isn’t a link up.


Currently readingThe Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware … technically I haven’t started but this is the book on my nightstand… I need a hot day to lay out and read this…


Currently in my parenting life…  My son’s writing assignment topic was what was your favorite part of 2nd grade, and he wrote about fuzzys.  When his classroom is well behaved they get fuzzys put in the jar… when the jar is filled they get a reward (15 min extra recess etc.)  So we decided to do one at home…. and it’s been working out so well.  NF last night took a bath with no assistance (filled and drained himself- washed his hair and rinsed it out, dried off and got pjs on).  I was so proud of him, and it was nice to lessen my multitasking load while getting everyone ready for bed and packed for the next day.  NF will also get the mail on his own, make his own snacks and is motivated to be independent and impress me enough to earn fuzzys.  It’s not all good days, I don’t think he earned any for about 5 days straight last week ugh…. but when he does earn them, we’re both happy.  I plan to take this jar on vacation with us!


Currently watching… Outlander… I shouldn’t have just googled this picture I think I saw some spoilers!  I am on season 1 episode 8… I only thought there were 2 seasons because that’s all there is on netflix… turns out the 5th is coming out in the Fall.


Currently watching too… Big Little Lies season 2 on HBO…. ugh I love it.  I love it!!!  My favorite cast seriously.


Currently loving… these babies with all my heart.


Currently loving to eat… that steak in the back of the picture





I’m linking up with Jennifer from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom… even though this isn’t a link up


currently reading… The tattooist of Auschwitz.  Well I haven’t started… but it’s the book club book we picked and I better start.  Maybe today.  I have it sitting next to my bed now for almost a week.


Currently watching… The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley  I just happened to turn on my tv last week late like after 10 PM probably on a week night.  It immediately grabbed my attention because this blonde woman had the deepest voice.  It was about 25 minutes into the documentary and I WAS HOOKED.  I stayed up to watch the rest, and the next night watched the first 25 minutes I had missed.  Seriously very interesting… and I am totally looking forward to a movie staring Jennifer Lawrence as Elizabeth Holmes.  If you haven’t watched it I recommend it so you can know what everyone’s talking about.


currently eating… lately I’ve been ordering salad out with steak… and I find it pretty satisfying.


currently wearing… this random trench from H&M I wear probably once a year with a dress and boots…


currently loving… these two boys with all my heart ❤


currently inspired by… modern family… he wanted to do this picture after watching the beginning of modern family…




I’m linking up with Jenn from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom… even though this isn’t a link up I just really love it!

a million little things.jpg

currently watching…

A million little things on abc… and it’s awful.  (It is no where close to as good as This is us).  I’ve watched all 8 episodes so far and it’s just getting worse.  It’s completely unrealistic with predictable plot twists that are not so shocking.  I will go down the cast and tell you what I think…

Eddie Saville – the stay at home dad / retired rock star / adulterer / guitar teacher… there is nothing likable about him to me, I really can’t stand any scene with him in it.

Rome Howard – I think Romany Malco is a good actor.  I think there are some weak spots in his character… he suffers from depression which is supposed to be relate-able, he doesn’t like his job, so he quits and peruses his dream to make a movie… ehh, he’s growing on me.  I like Rome.

Gary Mendez – The funny friend that does romantic things.  I will admit I don’t mind him, but I also wish I hated him.  The entire show is filled with cliches and annoying moments where you’re like this would never happen in real life.  But I guess Gary is the kind of character you like and wish you were friends with.

Regina Howard – Rome’s wife, who I like.  She’s a chef who is opening her own restaurant.

Katherine Kim – Eddie’s wife (or was), the lawyer mom who struggles the work/home balance and was cheated on.  Her acting is hard to watch without thinking, ugh this is on ABC… it’s painful.  You just feel bad for her… and I really hate Eddie for her.  It’s very awkward she’s still part of the friend group.  Their child is also pretty annoying, they give him these needy quirky qualities, that seem to have been created by their weird modern ish parenting.  I cringe.

Maggie Bloom – Gary’s love interest refusing to get chemo to save her life… she’s an outsider of the friend circle, but the friend circle refuses to let her go to die.  She’s a convincing actor and I actually really like her character… when they’re not making her do cheesy dream scenes.

Delilah Dixon – The widow of everyone’s best friend that commits suicide in the first episode.  But she was having an affair with Eddie and spoiler, is pregnant with Eddie’s baby but is going to say it’s John’s (her deceased husband).  She has a faint accent and appears frail.  I don’t get her relationship with Eddie.

Ashley Morales – John’s assistant, who I do NOT understand why she’s still lingering around and was invited to their friends only restaurant party.  Who gets it on with Gary (WHYY GARY?!) and no body knew it was her birthday.


currently reading…

Food: WTF Should I Eat? By Dr Mark Hyman… I DO recommend this book.  It makes a lot of sense to me…. but it’s all pretty overwhelming when you’re trying to change your perception of foods you’ve categorized as good/bad in your mind – I think this book does a good job explaining a lot of the foods I was questioning.


currently wearing…

well not exactly right this minute… but I DID wear this ugly Christmas sweater this weekend 😉


currently wanting…

This dog.. and the sweater…


Currently happy about…

that the salads are BACK at the grocery stores… this last week had me so confused!


Currently loving…

My cute little boys and my Christmas tree


Currently craving…

these bacon wrapped brussels sprouts… who knew I’d love them SOO MUCH!


Currently last watched movie…

Saw the Grinch (well 70% of it) at the Movies!  V didn’t last through the whole thing – so for some of it I was in the hallway negotiating with a 2 year old about going back into the theater and being quiet.  I liked it, very cute movie!



I’m linking up with Jenn from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom… even though this isn’t a link up I just really love it!
Currently Burning… Macintosh Spice Yankee Candle.  I like these currently posts because they MAKE me burn a candle.  Otherwise I hardly ever.  In this photo you can see part of a baby monitor.  Last night I had it on the wrong channel?  I think NF switched it in his room… and we slept past 8:30 AM!  Whattt… I THOUGHT it was too quiet all night!!  Oh, and question for ya’ll mamas (I don’t really talk like that)… when do you stop using a baby monitor?  I feel like I’m spying sometimes!!
Currently Watching… The Amazing Race All Stars… C just burst into the bedroom on me (which is very annoying and startling) and asked what I was watching and I told him The Amazing Race… he said it’s not even amazing… go away C go AWAY.  I promised him I’d bother him during Game Of Thrones tonight for that.  Oh and I am pretty happy that Rachel is still on…. but I am still sad Natalie & Nadiya were off the first episode.
Currently Excited About… Well Friday is my birthday… and I requested take out from Bangkok… the BEST Thai Restaurant everrrrrrrr.
Currently Anxious About… WELLLLLLLLL…. I bought a house.  YES I DID IT!  And I am pretty anxious about it.  We won’t close until June… pretttty much freaking out.  ALSO we have 4… yes 4 weddings from now until then…

Currently Obsessed With… Dark Chocolate Kit Kats… C’s Aunt went to Hersey Park and took requests… of course I said Dark Chocolate Kit Kats… and boy did she deliver… she brought me back 6 at Easter and I just finished my last one last night during SNL… and ommmmmmmmgggggggggg I love them.
Currently Curious About… you know those splat balls that kiosks (spelling) in the mall sell.  How do they work?  I could google this but I am too lazy?  Or do I like the mystery?  oh and I also wonder HOW DIRTY those gross things are splatting on the mall floor all day long GROSS.
Currently Loving… NF duh!  I love that he eats the m&ms off cookies at Panera.
Currently Buying… Panera’s Roasted Turkey Avocado BLT.  SO GOOD!  I love avocado.


I’m linking up with Jenn from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom… even though this isn’t a link up I just really love it!
Currently Burning… Sweet Cinnaroll from Gold Canyon.  I tried to find this on the Gold Canyon site and I don’t believe they make it anymore.  Why is this the case with like ALL of my candles… they’re discontinued.  It makes me sad to burn them… like they are a collectors item or something.  OR it’s a sign I don’t burn them often enough.  I think I “finished” like two candles in my life.  Anyway, this scent is amazing.  I got this candle at a Gold Canyon party in like 2010.  I felt pressured to buy SOMETHING and this was that something.  I think I want to buy a new candle soon!
Currently Watching… The Amazing Race All Stars Season 24.  So I turned the TV on as I was putting laundry away… normally I have the TV on ABC but it was on CBS because C was watching college basketball earlier.  I wasn’t really paying attention but I thought, Oh, The Amazing Race… on a Saturday?  Weird.  Then I noticed the Sri Lank twins, Natalie & Nadiya, and thought COOL they’re replaying that old season.  THEN I realized that NO this is an ALL Star Season.  I googled it… and (spoiler alert) BOOM I find out they are the first to go home.  Well since Natalie and Nadiya were my favorite duo ever on Amazing Race I was very excited but that was immediately over and ruined after reading the news.  Love these girls!
Currently Excited About… THIS is a photo of a cow from my family’s farm in Vermont BORN with the shape of Vermont on her forehead.  It was on the news… view it here.  NF and I will be heading to Vermont this month and I am pretty excited to see Monty in person!
Currently Curious About… What time it’ll be when I wake up… tonight is the spring ahead and I’m all confused.  I always am about these time changes.  At least they do it on a weekend?
m&ms almond
Currently Obsessed With… Almond M&Ms.  OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG… so good.  I thought my fav were peanut m&ms… NOOO THESE are my fav.  Love!
Currently Anxious About… new windows.  Our apartment has needed new windows for probably… EVER, wayyy before we moved in Sept 2011.  Ugh they are the worst.  They are currently replacing ALL the windows in every building… and I am anxiously waiting for it to be our turn (they started in like November… it seems like they do one apartment a week).  How much notice will they give us?  Will there be no more mold problems?  And why am I so anxious about this when we’ll hopefully be moving at some point?  (maybe I’m in denial about that).
Currently Plotting… a pretend wedding.  Oh no I’m not engaged or anything.  But with all these weddings C and I have coming up I can’t help but pretend plan a wedding.



Though it wasn’t technically a link up I am still linking up with Jen from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom with a currently post.

Currently Burning… 

Yankee Candle Autumn Celebration.  It was a gift from Christmas, with the $12.99 Christmas tree shop price tag still on it.  But hey!  I like a good deal, and $12.99 for a giant Yankee Candle is pretty good!  This scent doesn’t really fit March 1st but I like it.


Currently Watching… 

The Social Network on ABC.  I’ve never seen this movie!  And I’m only like 10% paying attention to it now.


image credit:

Currently On My “To Do” List…

Grocery shop… isn’t it always?  We don’t have any bread or eggs and almost out of milk… yeah I better go.

Currently Excited About…

Sesame Street Live!!!  OMG CAN’T WAIT!  So excited to see NF’s little face light up when a giant Elmo appears on stage.


image credit:

Currently Annoyed About…

Can I say gas prices?  Am I allowed to be annoyed about that?  Or is that like being annoyed about the weather… it’s just the way it is and there’s nothing we can do to change it.  Yeah I hate when gas goes up and then up some more and pretty soon has creeped up to like way too high.

Currently Obsessed with… 

Pretzel Shake and Bake… I’ve made it twice now and we love it!!  Here’s the honey dijon recipe.


Currently Anxious About…

I wasn’t anxious about this until I READ IT on Jen’s blog… spring forward is March 9th!??!  Should I be excited about this or anxious?  Time changes make me so anxious!!  Will it mess up all our sleep?

Currently Buying…

The Spornette Zhu Bamboo Large Rectangular Paddle Brush… with my birchbox points.  My wooden paddle brush I’ve had and used daily with my hair drier 10 minutes on high for 5 years is finally starting to tear and die.  So I decided to get a really nice new one to replace it.  I hope this one lasts just as long!


image credit:


Though it wasn’t technically a link up I am still linking up with Jen from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom with a currently post.
Currently Burning… Bath and Body Works 3 wick candle White Barn collection Renew and Refresh.  I love this scent it’s so clean… I guess you could say it’s just like the name, renew and refresh.  I can’t find it on the bath and body works website sooo I’m worried it is discontinued?  I take forever to go through candles though so I’m not that worried.  I’ll find something else I like next.
Currently Watching… Teen Mom 2 from last Tuesday.  I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to watch this episode!
Currently on my “to do list”… Laundry is always on my to do list.  I did all of it except for my delicates and work clothes… which I hang dry.  I will have to do that and grocery shop tomorrow.  NF was not a fan of our Target trip today, I am hoping he’s not the same for our grocery shopping trip tomorrow.
Currently I’m excited about… Syracuse basketball!!  They just had another incredible win tonight!  I didn’t get to watch the 2nd half though.  It was on our regular antenna TV and C went out for the game.  I did get to see basically play by play run down on FB sooo a win is a win is a win!!  I can’t WAIT for March Maddness!!!
Currently lusting over… Olivia Pope’s work wardrobe on Scandal.  I…just…LOVE ITTTTT!!!!  Ugh so amazing.
Currently loving… My little boy!!!  I’m loving my Nicky Flash!  Most pictures I take of him look like this…
Currently anxious about… Just the normal stuff I’m always worried about.
Currently buying.. a little rug from Target that says “I’m a wee bit irish” which I can’t find a photo of for the life of me!  I’ll add it tomorrow since it’s in NF’s room and he’s sleeping now…