I’m Totally Trying it – The June Edition Results

totally trying it JUNE

My results…

1.  Read Jacyee Dugard’s Book – A Stolen Life
This was a tough book to read.  Not tough in that it wasn’t interesting, or that it was too hard, no not in that way at all… it was tough because wow Jacyee Dugard’s life was actually really stolen at age 11 for 18 years.  The explicit details of her kidnapping and sexual abuse and life in captivity were horrific.  The first night I started reading this book I got to about 20%  in (I read on my kindle and it goes by %).  I thought, how can I stop here, I will have nightmares, and I for sure did.  I thought about not reading on after that – it wasn’t helping me sleep (I read before I go to sleep).  I decided that no, I had to read on because I knew it ended – that she is free today.  I am glad that I did finish this book.

2.  Cook with Shrimp
I never did this.  Total totally trying this June edition fail.

3. Buy pants from Target
I totally did this!  I purchased gray capris for under $25.  I do recommend trying pants on when purchasing them anywhere.  You just never know.

4.  Watch the new show Save Me on NBC
I LOVE this show!  I am sad though that it probably won’t have another season.

5.  Read Amanda Knox’s Book – Waiting to be Heard
Before reading this book I had some knowledge of the story – but not really.  Now I feel like I know enough to talk about it… but I do feel a little weird that I know it specifically from Amanda’s perspective.  I found it interesting to learn what prision was like in Italy and learn the details of the trial and how it’s unfold.  I will continue to follow this story… and yes, I guess that I do believe that Amanda is innocent after reading this book.




The Story of the Double Fudge Oreo Crunch Cookies

It was Sunday, October 30th 2011  I was almost 38 weeks pregnant.  I looked a lot like this (taken October 15th 2011 36 weeks pregnant)…


I was making cookies for a Halloween bake sale happening the next day.  I found the perfect recipe – Double Fudge Oreo Crunch Cookies from one of my favorite recipe blog sites EVER http://www.howsweeteats.com/.  This site has amazing photos and is extremely descriptive and funny… oh and has really great recipes.

I went to the store, got everything I needed, I was really excited because I was going to make them with the orange Oreos for Halloween.

orange oreos halloween

I made 3 batches of this recipe making like 90 cookies.  I bagged them 2 per bag with a little card that had the recipe on it.  At this point in the afternoon I was feeling tired.  But the cookies came out great!

Double Fudge Oreo Crunch Cookies for a Make a Wish Foundation bake sale. (with orange Halloween Oreos)

Double Fudge Oreo Crunch Cookies for a Make a Wish Foundation bake sale. (with orange Halloween Oreos)

We had friends over to watch Sunday Night football and have tacos (I don’t even like tacos).  By 6 PM I offically realized I was having contractions.

By 11 PM I was really having contractions.  Called the doctor and he said to wait for them to get even closer together.  I laid in bed writing down every time they came in a notebook next to me until about 6 AM… if I knew any better I would have tried to SLEEP!!  But I didn’t.  It’s funny to look at that notebook now and see the handwriting getting more and more frantic.

We went to the hospital early Halloween morning and I grabbed the big tupperware of my cookies for the bake sale.  They weren’t going to make it to the bake sale but I made sure they were eaten.  I gave half of them to the nurses and they loved them… the other half were for visitors I had!

I will always link these cookies to child birth.


Thursday Thoughts


Today is Thursday and it’s time to link up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom


I framed NF’s first painting last night.  I love it!


image credit cbs.com

Big Brother started last night and I wasn’t intending on watching it… but since it was on when The American Baking Competition usually is on – I watched it.  Annddd that’s all I need is one episode and I’m hooked.


image credit: cbs.com

My early favorite is Rachel’s sister, Elissa.  Rachel is from one of the only other seasons I’ve seen.  I watched that season while I was pregnant.


That’s Rachel, Elissa’s sister.  The most entertaining person on big brother ever (at least that I know of).  And they look A LOT alike.

american baking comp

LAST night, after big brother, was The American Baking Competition… my newest favorite summer time show (I hope they have another season!!!).  My three favorite contestants right now… (yeah I have three)…


Elaine Francisco, James Reddick, and Francine Bryson.  I would be happy if any of these three won the competition.  Ah even Darlene Pawlukowsky winning would make me happy.  So the show’s down to  5 people and I just realized that I’d be happy with anyone winning except Brian Emmett.  Sorry Brian if you’re reading this (the contestants have been finding my blog).

Last night James Reddick made a chocolate souffle in the technical bake challenge.  The recipe for it is here.  He had never made one before and he won the challenge… I was SO happy for him!  He would have been star baker if he hadn’t totally screwed up the show stopper.  You can find all the recipes that CBS.com puts up here.


On the Bachelorette this week… Ben was sent home.  Bye bye Ben!



Anyone read the Real Housewives blogs?  The comments are BRUTAL!  I read the blogs sometimes and then think about commenting… then I read some of the comments and I think whoaaaaaaaaa… don’t really wanna jump into that cyber cat fight!  Why are they so harsh and crazy?!  People are wayyyy to into Teresa’s drama.

What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday


NF: it’s been so hot!  But you’re handling it like a champ.  You don’t know it yet but I’m getting your hair cut really soon!


BINGO: Every so often it’s necessary to spend 5 hours playing bingo… cause you MIGHT just win… but we didn’t.  I thought for sure this time we would, we had two trolls and a Tiki Barber bobblehead (that I used to have in the car – and the sun turned him lighter).


My Dinner at Peach Blossom: Had dinner at the casino at Peach Blossom.  I googled peach blossom and it’s a moth… so that’s not so cool for a resturant name… but whatever, it was very good!

cap it

Cap it: I recieved a few of these to sample at the race I was at.  I am trying one out now – I like it!  What you do is… use any bottle of water (I have a 20 oz Aquafina) put this cap on and push down, and the flavor powder mixture goes into your drink… and then you can drink from the new cap.  I like it because it’s like the squirt bottle caps.  I totally just downed 20 oz of this wildberry pomegranate drink.  Zero calories, sugar free.

Firecracker Red White and Blue Cake

I discovered this cake searching for something to make for 4th of July 3 years ago…  The Firecracker Red White and Blue Cake


It was really easy to do – and people seemed pretty impressed by it…



I even made it with different colors over the past few years for different occasions – Orange, Blue, and White are for Syracuse basketball games…


Here’s how you make it…

1 box Betty Crocker Supermoist white cake mix
vegtable oil
egg whites
food coloring
frosting and toppings

Step 1: Heat oven to 325. Grease bunt cake pan. Make cake batter like the box tells you. Pour the cake batter into 3 bowls. Mix your food coloring into you bowls making your colors (one should be white).

Step 2: Pour one color into cake pan. Pour white into cake pan. Pour second color into cake pan.

Step 3: Bake as directed on the box. Let cake cool.

Step 4: frost and decorate your cake after it cools.

Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, you’re obsessed with the computer.  I get you dressed, you scramble to your feet, and sprint to the computer – you roll/throw yourself up onto the chair and immediately put the headphones on your head and start clicking/typing away (even if it’s off)!  It’s sort of cute, but why don’t you run out of your room and play with YOUR toys?


Dear Smellen, we’re going to win at bingo – I can feel it!!!!!!

Dear first day of summer, thanks for feeling like the first day of summer and not the middle of winter!

Dear people who stand at registers doing lottery ticket things, whether you’re the person scratching, or buying 20 scratch offs listing them off one at a time, or disputing a winning amount – whatever… every single person waiting behind you, is annoyed.  I am purchasing MILK… this milk is more important than your gambling habits.  You’re holding up the lines!

Dear Sam Champion, I know you’re married… and to a man… but I must say, you’re the handsomest guy on Good Morning America and I LOVE your smile!