Friday iPhone Dump


I don’t have an iPhone but these are some images from today…

We started off the morning taking a picture with Mickey and Minnie!  He wouldn’t take his thumb out of his mouth though.
My car was totally plowed in at 6:30 AM.  C warned me when he left from work – so I ran outside at 7 AM and a kind neighbor shoveled my car out…this is after I was shoved out.  We had got like over a foot last night!
I dropped NF off at Maria’s and she had gotten him Valentine’s day gifts!  A magnadoodle AND this frog from Hallmark that sings, hops, and dances.  OMG he LOVES these things!
This photo looks mostly white… because there is SO much snow!  The mountains are getting higher!
I get to work and my dad left these gifts from my mom!  (plus my birch box that gets delivered to their house)
A QVC Ireland dish with a lid.  I still haven’t figured out what I’m going to put in it.  My sister got one too.  Her’s has a pink flower (because she likes flamingos my mom said) and mine’s blue (everything I get is blue).
I love peanut M&Ms and immediately ate half the bag.
My dish was wrapped in this red kitchen towel.  My mom’s so thoughtful.
She also got NF a gift too… in it was pretzel goldfish, letters chez-its, a green polo, and a card with $$$!
My gifts from C.  (not included in the pictures: a rose, 2 Syracuse basketball tickets, and Thai take out dinner).
It was a pretty good Valentine’s day!

Friday iPhone Dump

I don’t have an iPhone but these are some pictures I took with my old school digital camera from this week…
It’s difficult to get a normal photo of this guy, so silly!  He’s so happy to be wearing his dada’s hat and watch.
Gotta have a selfie!
In the morning while I get ready I let Nicky Flash brush his teeth while watching Good Morning America.  One morning he wouldn’t get up and I asked, “do you want to brush your teeth and watch GMA?” and he scrambled to his feet from a fake sound sleep… I was shocked this worked!  And it’s become our newest routine.
Last Saturday was our cousin Patrick’s surprise going away to the military party… and he surprised us and proposed to his girl friend!!  Nicky Flash saw the love and he wanted to get in the middle of it stat!  This photo was taken moments after the proposal!

Friday iPhone Dump

Linking up with Jen from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Friday iPhone Dump!  Even though I don’t have an iPhone…
NF on his new horse!  He got it from his god father for his birthday and he got the hang of it pretty quick!  Even flew off the front of it a couple times.
Sneak peak at NF’s cookie monster crafts that I made for his birthday party!

Friday iPhone (except not) dump

I by NO means have an iPhone.  I have a really old phone and I do occasionally take photos with it.  These are the four I took this week…


1. This is my niece… and she’ll tell you, “I love fashion.”  She wore this to softball Monday… yeah those are up to the knee converse chuck taylors with rainbow laces…. hot pink leggings… and a t-shirt that says, “you should see me dance”.  She owns it.

2. Sunday I made orange chicken in the crock pot.  I found a recipe on pinterest.  IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE that has been fooled by the same recipe?????  I put chicken breast, ginger, garlic, a carrot, green pepper, and a can of orange juice concentrate…. and let it on low for 6 hrs.  It was not edible.  Did I do something wrong or did this recipe seem way too good to be true.  It was horrible.

3.  Instead of the kids salon with cartoons, and music, and a toy at the end…. I went to a random hair salon I walked by with NF instead.  She didn’t have a kids seat with a strap… she seemed pretty nervous about cutting a toddler’s hair (they are wild cards ya know)… but it turned out great and it cost $9 compared to $20 at the kids salon.  AND I think this hair cut is much better than the other ones he’s had.   but she didn’t use a cape on him and he was covered in hair, so we immediately ran home for him to take a bath.

4. This is parenting… napping while your toddler sits on top of you eating a bowl of plain cheerios.