Sunday Soical…


Did you sleepwalk as a child?

  • I know of one time and I was in high school.  I went down the hall way – said into my parent’s bedroom (the door was open) “I have to see the model cars on MTV.”  walked down the stairs (still saying that about the model cars on MTV) and into the living room – where I laid on the couch.  My mom came down stairs, sort of woke me up and guided me back to my bedroom and told me what happened the next day.  …. okay… what I really want to know is what are the model cars on MTV?  and why did I HAVE to see them?  I don’t think I’ll ever know.

Did you ever try to run away or sneak out of your house?

  • I would NEVER run away as a child.  Anyone remember that song, “Runaway Train” by Soul Asylum from 1993?  Well I was 7 then and that song and music video REALLY freaked me out.  I thought that if I were to run away, I would NEVER come back… (“runaway train, never comin back” were the lyrics).  I thought I’d dissapear like all those pictures of kids they showed in the music video saying “missing since…”  To this day, that song comes on, I get a bad feeling, and I immediately turn it.
  • As for sneaking out?  Oh yeah, did that all the time.  But I would wake up my little sister to tell her where I was going JUST incase there was some sort of emergency.  Poor girl, she probably had the weight of the world on her shoulders.

Did you have any imaginary friends?

  • Nope.

Did you ever go toilet papering?

  • Nope.

Did you ever sneak tv shows you weren’t allowed to watch?

  • Yeah.  I am pretty sure I wasn’t allowed to watch Real World.  Which started when I was 6 years old so yeah that makes sense.  My dad would watch it and I’d stand quietly in the hall way and watch it without him knowing.  It was fascinating.

Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear Nicky Flash, I love you!!!  But you’re pretty dramatic… I don’t let you run around with a soda can and you’re throwing yourself to the ground crying then you start laughing then you cry again??  I mean- I’ll help you, I’ll hide the can so you forget about it, I’ll let you work it out yourself, I’ll distract you, whatever you need.

Dear Smellen, I’m excited for you to run errands with Nicky Flash and me tomorrow – I know NF is excited too!

Dear Lady who almost hit my car, I was totally unaware of my incredible driving reflexes I demonstrated this morning.  Who backs up without looking at that speed?  I was able to swerve, avoid you smashing into my car, and a get a tiny toot honk in there (not too aggressive).  I could tell you were mortified.  That’s why I gave a little, ‘everything’s fine since nothing technically happened’ wave, and drove off.  The last thing you probably needed was some crazy lady screaming at you about how you ALMOST hit their car.  (I’ve had people do that to me, and it’s uncomfortable, embarrassing, and just plain terrible).  So it’s all good!  But I really hope that never happens again.

Dear Coffee, I really love you.

Dear NFL draft, WHO CARES.  I can’t stand college football, unless it’s Syracuse… so I pretty much don’t know who any of these guys are… and it goes on forever.  I can look up who my favorite NFL team drafted later, when it’s over.

Dear Fantasy Football, should I do you this year?  Will the boys allow me in?  I’ve won in the past, but maybe since the last season I played I had a BABY during it (and lost), they won’t remember how serious I am about it, they’ll let me back in, and I will win!  Or do I just want to seperate myself from all the FF and hide like I did last season?  I’ve got time to figure it out.

Dear TV shows we’re losing this year,

  • Dear 30 Rock, I’ll miss you.  You left at a good time.
  • Dear Don’t Trust the B, WHHHHHYYYYY you left me too soon!!!  Whhyy!?  And I’ll never know what happens!!
  • Dear Breaking Bad, you were one crazy show.
  • Dear The Office, I love you, I stuck with you until the very end.  I feel horrible saying it… you should have ended when Michael Scott left Dunder Mifflin.
  • Dear Private Practice, how did this grey’s spin off last so long?  Sorry, I didn’t ever watch you.

Dear ABC’s Nashville, 4 more episodes left in season 1.  I can’t WAIT for the finale!  Wait, yes I can… then I have to wait all summer for it to come back on again.

Dear Mindy Kaling, I think you’re great!

Flash Back Friday


This video was taken Halloween 2005.  I am 19, dancing to thriller (MJ was still alive back then!), in a rainbow brite costume.  We had a party at our college house.  Living off campus at 19 with older girls from Long Island (Hi Jillian if you’re reading) I thought I was pretty awesome.  I loved that I had that experience (and survived it).  Love those memories, crazy and all.


Thursday Thoughts…


The celebrity contestants for the upcoming ABC show 'Splash' film a promo at the Aquatic center.

Splash Injuries… Splash, the ABC celebrity diving show, is dangerous.  I’ve watched every week so far… and each week I’m more terrified for the contestants.  First Chuy basically breaks a leg standing by the pool(which they have recorded).  Then Rory Bushfield totally ruptures his eardrum.  At this point Kendra does the right thing and bolts off the show.  Nicole Eggert takes a terrible fall off the diving board trying to do a handstand in preshow practice… still on the show weeks later she was just hospitalized for back bruises?  Then Katherine Webb gets a back injury and leaves the show.  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar took a high dive and then was all confused and couldn’t really swim when he came up, and when asked if he was alright in the water, he hardly could get a “no” out (totally scary).  THEN last night Drake Bell smacked his body/face so hard in a messed up practice dive preshow he had a black eye during the taping!  Enough’s enough, I don’t want to see anyone else get hurt!!


Jenelle… whyyyyy!!  Your roller coaster reckless behavior is so frustrating.  You’re doing good, you’re doing bad, you’re doing okay, you’re doing extremely bad, you’re doing so-so, you’re in jail… over and over and over.  I see celebrity rehab in your future.


Face masks… I LOVE a good face mask.  Nothing like putting one on, and then doing absolutely nothing, AND still feeling like you’re doing something productive!!  I am interested in trying different kinds out.  I see that Ulta has a pineapple one, dead sea minerals, mint & lemon, chocolate and strawberry facial masks!!


Daenerys and her dragons… I watch game of thrones every week.  I’m not claiming to be a huge fan… I don’t usually get what’s going on all the time… but what I DO know is that Daenerys and her dragons are my favorite part of the show and this weeks episode was THE BEST EVERRR SO FARRR of her and the Dragons.  WOW WOW WOW I mean I frickin LOVED it!!  When she speaks Valryian and Kraznys realizes that she’s understood all his insults the whole time – I LOVED IT!!  Then she turns all the slaves on their masters… then the dragon burns Kraznys.  THEN all the slaves are free and follow Daenerys outta there!  AHHH!

What I’m loving Wednesday…

what Im loving wednesday


Nicky Flash: I can’t believe it’s been 6 months since he turned 1!!  We’re half way to 2!

Search Teresa Giudice: This is a random fun thing to do from time to time when you feel like you need some Teresa in your life– check out tumblr for some gifs… … or I like to check her website for her apperance schedule to see if she’ll have a book signing near me… (I have all her cook books, and I’ve never once made anything out of them… maybe that should be on my totally trying it May edition!!).


Home made pizza: C made chicken bacon ranch, and tomato spinach garlic pizza last Friday… AHH so so so good – he really makes like the best pizza!

bet on your baby

Bet on Your Baby: I love this show!!  And so does the little guy… he seriously sat and watched it with me, and CLAPPED when the babies came on.  He really enjoyed it!  I love that Barbara Jean (Melissa Peterman) is the host and that she’s 5’10 but just towers over some of the parents.


Salt Potatoes: I didn’t know that not everyone in the USA eats these until I got to college and my roomates from Long Island were like “what the f are salt potatoes?”.  WHAAAT?!!  Duhhh they’re like little potatoes that boil in really salty water… you eat them out of a styrofoam bowl filled with melted butter?  And we eat them ALLL Summer long.  It’s a BBQ side staple.  I was shocked when I learned that this was really a Syracuse (Central NY) thing.  I mean it makes sense though – we’re pretty salty around here.  We have a big history of salt production.  Oh and duh, we’re the “Salt City”.

Pop Sugar April 2013 review…

POPSUGAR is a $35/month box…  you’ll recieve full size items of anything related to fashion, beauty, etc… some are celebrity favs… it’s pretty much a great suprise to give yourself every month.

POPSUGAR – you can sign up here…

My April Box…


Tatcha Evening Aburatorigami Fresh Evening Beauty Papers: ($15):  Ehhh.  I’ll keep these in my gym locker.  I don’t think I have a shine prob… I wasn’t super pumped about getting these.


Dark Quinoa Chocolate Bar: ($3.99) YUMM!  I love dark chocolate, and I love quinoa!  I ate this in a day (I had plans to make it last longer than that).  It tased like a crunch bar but dark chocolate.


Black POPSUGAR Brand Green Garmento 4-in-1 Bag:  ($9.99) Other people I saw got blue or black… I got black.  I guess that’s okay.  I saw this on shark tank and I thought it was a good idea.  I like never get my clothes dry cleaned.  I can see myself toting a brides maid dress in this or something.  The material is like the recycled grocery bags, which I guess suprised me.  This isn’t a bad thing to own, it could come in use some day.


ShopShashi New Nugget Bracelet: ($30.00) mine is not a perfect circle like the photo… it’s like the “nuggets” are too tightly woven in that they bend, which could be cool, but I was spending too much time trying to make it more square… this bracelet is cool, but I could never see myself spending $30 on it.  I don’t know when I’ll wear it either.


KAI Fragrance Oil: ($48)  This was pretty fancy.  I liked the smell and I thought it was pretty cool the celebs it said that liked this.  It smells kinda flowery.

Overall I came up with $106.98 for a $35 box.  Not bad… except I wasn’t really that happy with this month’s box.  I felt like it needed one more item in it.  I think I’m going to take a break from POPSUGAR box and not renew.  Watch the May box is going to amazing now.

Sunday Social


What is your shopping weakness?

Yoga pants.  I will fork over a decent amount of money for some good ones and I can’t resist.  My favorite, Victoria Secret.

What is your food weaknessing ?

That’s easy.  Chocolate.  I will easily consume a whole bag (in about 3 days) of dove dark chocolate minatures I keep in the freezer.


What is your go to movie to watch when nothing is on?

I really like Thelma & Louise.  I can also watch Clueless a million times.

thelma and louise

What is your go to breakfast food?

Bagel or Cereal.  Boooring.

Do you drink coffee? If so how do you take it?

Only about 3 cups a day!  And I take it with a little half and half that’s all.