Let Christmas BEGIN!

It’s our first Christmas in a house.  The past 3 Christmases we were in an apartment and we had a tiny tree that was given to us.  We accumulated about 6 total ornaments and we had 3 stockings my sister made me that we hung from a shelf.  We did the best we could (eh we probably could have done better)… but this year it really feels like a Christmas home.

Mid October we bought a real sized fake tree.  That was step 1…. since then I’ve bought items from Target to decorate the mantle (Peace stocking hooks and fake poinsettias).


I love that we have TWO fire places in our house… ya know for Santa.

I went Black Friday shopping at Kmart (sorry Target)… and bought things to trim a tree (can I just say decorate?  trim sounds so pretentious).  I bought the Sandra Lee stuff – I had NO idea she had a tree trimming (decorating) line!  I loved it!  But I was totally stumped… do I go gold?  silver?  purple blue red green omg I had no idea that you can like really really decorate a tree… I went for gold… and then red and green to match the tree skirt my grandma made me.  THEN… I actually googled how to do it… like what order?  I thought Sandra Lee would have like a video tutorial on how to do it… but I didn’t find one.  Better Homes and Gardens had a 4 step tree decorating guide and it all was common sense.. I was just nervous.  I probably could have called my mom… but ya know I felt it was a “no I do it” kinda thing.


Plain Tree with lights


The decorations


The gold ribbon wrap


beads and bows


All the ornaments


The angel and the NF


A-frame house on the river

This weekend my sister and I went to an open house that was featured on Syracuse.com as the house of the week.  It is an A-frame located on Onedia River.  Two bedrooms, deck, waterfront… besides being an A-frame on the river – it is decorated like something I’d see on pinterest, and I got to see it in real life.


Outside of the house…

front houseback house



Front Room…

front room

Master bedroom…




2nd bedroom





So I was reading birch box reviews on random blogs. I came across this blog…

This link is to her subscription box list. I read through them all. I also read her reviews on them. I was overwhelmed with how many boxes there are out there other than birch box. I ALMOST joined a baby box… but I went another direction.

I am going with PopSugar. The blog author seemed to be fond of this box. Since she’s subscribed to so many boxes I’ll guess her favorite and go with that one. I really value this ladies opinions, she’s taken the time and money to really know her stuff. The box will have full size products worth over $100. I signed up for $95 for 3 months ($31.66 / month).
I will be sure to update my blog on the items I receive. I am pretty excited!

Bistro francais oh la la


If I have these Bistro Francais kitchen items from Williams-Sonoma – do you think my 14 month old son will grow up just automatically knowing the french words for cheese and butter?

Also, I’ve been eyeing these for almost a year and now they’re on sale… I MIGHT buy the butter dish, but do I really want to awkwardly call my butter beurre.  It’s like the weirdest french word of them all.  I like to say fromage, but who keeps their cheese out like that?  Sel and Poivre.  French is such an embarassing lanugage to speak if you’re saying the words correctly.