Hey Day Day

Happy Birthday to meeee (yesterday)…
We celebrated my birthday starting Thursday… NF and I went over to my parents house and they ordered Bangkok (thai food). My mom got an amazing cake from Wegmans (what the name of it was I can’t remember)…
My sister got me some things from Lush – and I have to post my face mask photo… cupcake face mask.
I got a bunch of other things including a butter dish from anthropologie which I love and so needed/wanted one.  And I got $100 in Starbucks cards!!!  WHhhattt!!! That is so much Starbucks!  I also got sunglasses, underwear, flowers, cards, dark chocolate, lock and locks and more.
On Friday I went to small plates with most of my book club and had a GREAT TIME!
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My birthday was great!!  Thank you to everyone!!

A Sunday in February

Well it’s 70 degrees today… IN MY APARTMENT (and 31 degrees outside right now, which actually is warmer than it has been)  Today is ground hog’s day and … 6 more weeks of winter.  When I heard the news this was my reaction…

6 more weeks!  Can I handle it?  Is anyone else suffering from some sort of cabin fever?  Also, I need to bring up the fact that Christmas is much too early in the winter months.  Everyone wants a white Christmas… but no body says anything about wanting a white Martin Luther King jr Day (did that sound racist?), Valentine’s day, or St. Patrick’s day… Really after Christmas I’m mostly over the snow.  I’m not in school or am I a teacher, so snow days just do not happen for me.

What can cure this cabin fever?  Some March Madness maybe?  I have to wait a whole month for that!  Seriously though, let’s talk about March Madness.  I live in Syracuse… and we JUST beat Duke last night.  Now we’re #1.  I’d say we have a pretty good shot at making it far if not all the way this year – and that just brings the entire city together.  It’s normal to wear an SU t-shirt to work, when normally it’s business attire only.  I also get to break out my orange sweaters and feel full of pride.  Most of winter wardrobe is black, white, gray… and orange.  If I have to decide between a color in a sweater – I always go with orange because I say to myself, “Oh I can wear this on Syracuse basketball game days.”  Am I boring you with the sweater story?  K, now go watch the Super Bowl!!!!

My trip to Montreal

Last weekend I went to Montreal, Canada for my cousin’s 30th Birthday.

001 002

The first place we stopped at once we got into Canada was St. Huberts which to us looked like a fast food restaurant.  It had a drive through and this is their logo…logo_petit …. we go inside and… I was expecting los pollos hermanos from breaking bad and whoa… not a fast food restaurant… more like a fancy Red Robin, but more chicken?  We do not speak French (I did take french in high school and college – but I can certainly not say that I can speak French).  We told the waitress we’d like what was in the picture and we loved our drinks.  We also ordered a sampler type appetizer with onion rings, chicken wings, and spring rolls.  It was good but the chicken wings were the tiniest chicken wings I’ve ever seen in my life.

For dinner we went to Restaurant Icone.  We were a group of 10.  The restaurant was empty (with the exception of about 4 other middle aged woman dinning).  This was surprising to us for a Saturday evening.  They told us that they were re-opening that weekend and their menu was limited in terms of their house made juices (I think that’s what she said?).  We were all very hungry and waited probably 45-60 minutes for our food.  They sat us by the window and we started to get cold.  They gave us white and olive bread while we waited.  She did tell us that the fried chicken entree would take 25 minutes.  Our food was very good.  The best meals ordered were the Contre-filet 10oz / 10oz Sirloin and the Demi-Poulet Frit / Half Fried Chiken.  People were not fans of the Papardelles au Lapin de Stanstead / Papardella with Stanstead Rabbit.  The price was reasonable and the atmosphere was fun and hip.  I recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Montreal.


Demi-Poulet Frit / Half Fried Chiken (my meal)


Contre-filet 10oz / 10oz Sirloin (my sister’s meal)


Papardelles au Lapin de Stanstead / Papardella with Stanstead Rabbit (both of my cousin’s ordered this)

After dinner we went back to the hotel to get ready and have a few drinks.  Then we went back out to a club.  It was SO cold.  We waited in line to get into a club – we had no idea what to expect when we got in.  I just was really hoping it’d be worth waiting out in the cold, and it was (mostly).  The music was great!  The dancing was so fun!  I ordered a drink, pineapple and vodka and she gave me a tiny tiny glass with mostly ice for $7.50… that was the only drink I ordered.  Later I was dying for water but they were $5 – so I did without.  We had a blast!  But the entire place stunk like body odor and strong cologne.  I also have no idea what the club was called.  We got home at like 3 AM… which is insane for this mama.


The mother clock in me awoke at 8 AM sharp.  Weird.  Why can’t I sleep in?  I got dressed and went down to the complimentary breakfast… and I found THIS!


I pressed a button and so fast two pancakes popped out the other side.  SO COOL!  After breakfast we walked around Old Montreal.  So beautiful.






I stopped at this outdoor shop and ordered hot cider and this stuff… that she poured on ice and I was totally confused.  I had to ask… umm what do I do?  She told me to roll the stuff onto the stick.  All the other girls from Vermont were like oh yeah and knew exactly what it was and what to do… I even told my mom about it (who is from Vermont and she was like oh yeah that and she knew too)….(obviously I wasn’t listening closely and didn’t learn anything because I still can’t tell you what it was)


After that we went to China Town and had dumplings that were SOOO good.  I really wanted poutine too – but our trip was short and we needed to head back to the USA.  The weather was so terrible once we got to New York – and it took us an extra hour getting home.  It was SO good to be home and sleep in my own bed!  NF missed me but I think C missed me more!  It was wonderful for the two of them to have a boys weekend, and really good for me to get away too.

It’s so WINDY!

It was super windy last night… and today.  We had wind gusts over 40 mph – and it was difficult to sleep.  I kept thinking about the trees falling on our apartment building – and we’re on the top floor.

We didn’t nearly get it as bad as the mid west with all the tornadoes.  Hoping everyone stays safe!

Here are pictures of what it looked like in the morning…

003 002001


This giant branch could have easily flown at our window – but didn’t quite make it.  I don’t know if you can tell but I’d say that branch is like 15 feet long.