Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear VB, You are the best baby.  I can’t complain about a thing.  I love you SO much.

Dear NF, Thank you for being a good big brother to VB.  You amaze me all the time.

Dear blog, yep.  I’m back.

Dear blog readers, comment so I know you read this.

Dear Ozzy and Sharon, you are breaking MY HEART!

Dear Prince, RIP.

Dear Kylie, GOOD.  Be done with Tyga.  Get it gurl.

Dear Thai, Aubry, Michelle, and Cydney, I am pretty happy with this final 4  this season on survivor.

Dear coffee, I wish I could have unlimited amount of you… but my breast milk would be crazy and VB would never sleep.

Dear Jan Man, Let’s go to Vermont.

Dear Smellen, are you reading this… are you excited… I hope I see you this weekend.




Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear Baby V,  I think I’ll have you on Valentine’s day ❤ … this is me, your mommy, at 39 weeks.


Dear NF, you’re TOTALLY ready to be a big brother!  You’re such a great helper, see you can even make cookies and banana bread!



Dear sinus infection and NF’s double ear infection, GO AWAYYYYYYYYYY!!!  We have better things to do than sleep on the couch with our mouths open because we can’t breath out of our noses!!


Dear top of the couch, I guess you’re pretty cozy?


Dear Broncos, you won because I made orange and blue m&m brownies.


Dear Teresa Guidice, I’d like to read your book

Dear OJ series on FX, I love love love to hate watch you.

Dear Grey’s Anatomy, I AM SO happy you’re back on!!!!!!!  Last night did not disappoint!!

Dear Lent, sorry I gave up fried food and then forgot 2 days later…  pregnant people don’t have to do lent do they?

Dear the gym, I can’t believe I am still attending you daily.

Dear smellen, please forgive me for how annoying I am to you right now.

Dear Kocktails with Khloe, I still don’t know about you, but I am still going to watch every episode… it’s super weird that you pretend that’s really your house and not a set…???



Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, You amaze me every day.  You’re going to be the best big brother ever!

Dear Baby V, soooo I’m ready when you are!

Dear the truth, “the truth will set you free, but first it’ll piss you off” – Gloria Steinem AMEN!  yes.

Dear life, you are so sweet.  I am so happy to have what I’ve worked so hard for.  I am grateful for each day.  I appreciate the good people who support me.  I appreciate my health and peace.

Dear fitbit, what 38 week plus pregnant lady do you know gets over 100k steps a week, that’s right.

Dear ABC’s original movie, Madoff, I loved it.

Dear Super Bowl, I just hope I get to watch you!

Dear crane that fell in NYC, I have a huge fear of something dropping out of a window high up down on to me (like in cartoons)… a massive crane falls and kills someone UGH… so scary.

Dear Phish coming to town, thumbs downnnn.

Dear J lo dubsmash without make up, I’ve watched you like 100 times.


Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear knobs, you’re impossible to find!!!!!  I can’t find the right ones for baby V’s dresser!!!


Dear Mom, Thank you for painting that dresser for me in 4 days… and delivering it… and for putting up with me

Dear Smellen, it’s sad when I call you the first thing you say is, are you having a melt down or are you in labor.  Today it was neither…. but there’s still hours left in the day…

Dear baby in my belly, I think I’m ready for you to come out now…


Dear donuts I ate Saturday, I still feel guilty about you.


Dear new bassinet, I think you’re exactly what we need for baby v…. I really hope you work out perfectly…


Dear Kourtney Kardashian, I get your #fbf I do.

Dear phone, I can’t stand when you don’t do a back up because I am not on wifi and you tell me every 45 seconds, like how do I fix that

Dear NF, you are the very best and I’ve missed you while you’ve been at Disney World… I am jealous but I know you’re having the BEST time and I am getting a LOT done (I’ve relaxed and rested too).  Can’t wait to see your happy face very soon!

Dear Rob Kardashian, wtf is going on with you and Blac Chyna, this can’t be for realz

Dear inspiration/motivation to make kale smoothie, you’re slowly fading away as I am more more hungry for some actual food

Dear lay down bike thing at the gym, I tried you for my swollen ankles… I didn’t find it that great and I didn’t get steps on my fitbit for using it… sooooo you’re out.

Dear going into labor bag, I should probably pack you right?


Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear Friday, it took FOR-EV-ERR for you to come this week…

Dear NF, last night you told me about bears in the desert…. now… was this from a tv show you saw??? orrr… Idk I googled it and saw that there’s the gobi bear… are you really talking to me about gobi bears?  Or am I looking too far into this?

Dear Scandal and Grey’s, it feels like forever since you were on… and american crime is just not good like I thought it’d be…. I need my ABC dramas back

Dear shoveling, you were a bad idea….

Dear Hobby Lobby, so glad I chose to visit you over target last night….

Dear Top Chef, it still feels like there are 10433 contestants on… can we get a double elimination or something to move things along?

Dear lindor chocolates, why can’t I just eat ONE of you!?

Dear sprinkle, I can’t believe you’re tomorrow!  What am I going to even wear?

Dear current wardrobe, ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  LIMITEDDDDDDD.

Dear Smellen, I hope you are making tiramisu cake because I need everyone to try it.

Dear sinuses, WTF.  It’s been WHAT 21 days?!!!  I just want to breathe normal!!!!!

Dear life, you scare the bajeezus outta me…. sooo I think I’ll listen to bob marley’s 3 little birds (every little thing gonna be alright).

Dear Powerball, can’t win if you don’t try… I didn’t try…

Dear Kylie, you’re currently in my opinion the most annoying kardashian(Jenner).

Dear making a murderer, I am on episode 10 ughhhh.


Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear hair, goodbye.  I donated 8 inches last night… I had no idea it was really THAT long…


Dear NF, I could not believe when I tried to wake you up this morning you kept your eyes closed like you were sleeping and said to me, “I don’t have time for this.”

Dear sickness, ok…I’ve had enough, seriously, I surrender… omgggg

Dear How to Make a Murderer, I could watch all 10 hours of you in a row… instead I am trying to make it last

Dear Smellen, miss you.

Dear fitbit, every body thinks I’ve slowed down because I am so pregnant… nooo it’s because I’ve been so sick!  I’ll be back don’t you worry

Dear 34 weeks pregnant, omg.  next week… I am only like maybe 3 weeks away… omg… I am not even ready for this

Dear tastebuds, I haven’t been able to taste food in over 2 weeks… blahhhhhhh, you’re ruining my last days being pregnant… I want to taste things!



Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear my breakfast, though I did not eat all of you…. yet… I love you.


Dear tacos I ate last night, you were 100 times better than whatever it was I ate at Chili’s on Wednesday.

Dear I can do it chart, Wow.  Thank you… you’re really making chores fun for NF.  He’s usually pretty enthusiastic but he is like over the top excited to floss and put his clothes in his hamper… it’s amazing.

Dear Then and Now with Andy Cohen, I only knew to DVR this show from a promo instagram post Andy put up recently… SO glad I did.  I love it!  So far I’ve only watched 1989 but I have 1994 and 2000 set up to record in the future… I just researched it and that’s all of the dates he’s doing… WHYYY I want ALL the years!


Dear Fashion Police, FIRST I must say NO ONE compares to the legend, Joan Rivers.  Okay, that said… Margaret Cho is pretty funny on the show and I guess I’m good with her officially joining.  I am totally fine with Kathy Griffin being out, and Melissa hosting.  Melissa keeps the memory of Joan alive I think.  I miss Kelly Osborne but her best moments were her reaction to Joan, which no longer exists.  Giuliana is a staple to me… you can’t lose her.  I am waiting for Khole to guest host!  K done.

Dear Smellen, hope you’re reading this and it entertains you.

Dear Christmas, you’re sneaking up on me.

Dear Oprah, I am loving you book, What I know for Sure.  LOVING it.

Dear Kourtney Kardashian ap, I still don’t know exactly what is in your avocado shake…  pudding… drink… whatever it is… if it’s just avocado, milk, and a little sugar I will be disappointed.


Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear Target, A free icee or JamboGO or soda every time I visit your store because I have a red card?  Thanks!!  (Totally stole this letter from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom)

Dear Charlie Brown, NF really REALLY likes you.

Dear NF, I just bought you a behavior chart that’s coming in the mail… I hope you love it!

Dear #OOTD, I had no idea you meant outfit of the day.

Dear Tyga, there is just no way you’re good for Kylie…

Dear Kourtney Kardashian’s avocado pudding, I’ve had like 8,000 views to my blog just because I wrote about this… sorry people I don’t have the official recipe, I didn’t buy her ap.

Dear Brandy Snaps, I’d like someone to make these for me please.  I saw them on The Great Holiday Baking Show.

Dear Nia Vardalos, you’re great on The Great Holiday Baking Show.  I hope you got to eat a lot of food.

Dear Eddie Downs, you did amazing at your brandy snaps and then what happened to your ginger bread house!!  Ohhh Eddie.

Dear Abi on survivor, you are crazy town.

Dear Brandi Glanville, Haters gonna hate, actually glad you’re not on this season of BH trashin it up.

Dear Smellen, I can’t wait to eat garlic bread…

Dear 61 degrees, this is weird.

Dear Teresa Giudice, I can’t believe you’re like almost out!


Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, I can’t even handle the funny things you say and do… please stay this adorable forever.  You told Santa that you thought he lived in the fire place and what are you doing at this shopping mall?  You did SOOO good, and I love this picture!


Dear Kourtney Kardashian, I NEED that avocado drink recipe.

Dear Joe Anglim, you gave it your best shot… GO Keith!!

Dear Christmas Shopping, right about now is when I start to get real nervous about you…

Dear yasso mint chocolate chip greek yogurt bars, I don’t know how I’d survive without you

Dear college, I sort of miss you.  I enjoyed a change of classes every 15 weeks, new subjects, new teachers and classmates… I think it’s Sue and Axl on the Middle that is reminding me of this…

Dear orange smelling hands, ahhh you smell so nice… the biggest reason I like eating clementines is that my hands smell like oranges afterwards

Dear winter finales, nooooooooo.

Dear Top Chef, I started watching this season since there’s only been 2 episodes… like all reality contestant shows there are just way to many people to remember anyone in the beginning…

Dear my bed, you are so comfortable and perfect… I am just getting too pregnant to ever feel just right sleeping..

Dear cannoli cake from biscotti’s, I need some of you asap

Dear Oprah, I know it’s been over 4 years, but I miss you on at 4 PM