I’m Totally Trying it – The April Edition Results

totally trying it april

Jessica Alba’s Book: I was overwhelmed… I can’t replace everything everywhere to be eco friendly.  Reading this book made me feel inspired and guilty at the same time.  This book did get to me buy a label maker (which Jessica talks about using) – and I organized my bathroom stuff.  I bought all the stuff from Target.


Find Leopard Flats: I love my new leopard flats!!!!  I purchased them on ebay from Funkykiwi.  I’ve found that their 6 1/2 flats fit me perfectly.


New Show on ABC: Well I gave How to Live with Your Parent’s For The Rest of Your Life a shot and I love it… I love the parents the most… and I just heard yesterday it’s going to be canceled.  Thanks ABC… you gave it like 6 episodes and pulled the plug.  Why do you put me through this!!!  Just cancel Happy Endings already, you’ve ruined Friday night TV for me lately.  AH I’m mad about this.

Boar Bristles: I got this brush and it’s fancy!!  I leave it in my gym locker.  It doesn’t really get out knots but it smooths my hair out!

Graze box review #6


Graze box is a box that comes weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or pretty much however often you want… it comes with 4 fun, healthy, creative snacks!  It’s only $5 a box (that includes shipping).  Totally worth it!  Go to Graze.com and use this code XDGNFDH.

  • Apple and Cinnamon Flapjack:  my first repeat.  I said that I “liked” this and now I will get it occasionally.  SO I just switched it to “try” because I didn’t fall totally in love with them.. they were just good ya know.  Just good that’s all.
  • Texan Corn Salsa: corn chips, salsa almonds, and roasted corn… the little corn chips were my favorite part.  They were like a tiny crunch and I liked eating them.
  • Tropical Daiquiri: pineapple, lime infused raisins, and green mango.  Well the dired pineapple was quite chewy and so were the green mangos – but they were okay.  It was the lime infused raisins that had me scratching my head… they were so weird.  This was just a chewy fruit mess in my mouth and I didn’t enjoy it.
  • Poached Pear: pear, raisins, vanilla pumpkin seeds and lemon infused raisins.  The pears were chewy and good.  The raisins had me a little confused, but I think I liked regular, mixed with a little lemon raisins more than I liked the lime ones.  The best part of this mix were to my suprise, the vanilla pumpkin seeds.  They were vanilla and sticky on the outside, and then a snap when you ate them but not chewy like some pumpkin seeds can be like.

Brichbox May review…

This is my Birchbox May review… I thought this was a pretty good box.  Nothing crazy great, but I wasn’t dissapointed.


sumita beauty sumita color

Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner: When I saw this in my box I was super excited.  I love half size eye liner samples because they fit nicely in my make up bag.  It wasn’t until I put it on that I realized it was “raina” a really pretty blue.  I used to rock the blue eyeliner in my earliest days of college… pretty much because I thought I was buying black at the drugstore and came home with navy.  I mixed this with some black and it was wearable.  It drew on very smooth, so I am thinking I might buy this in black.

beauty protector protect and detangle

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle: I don’t have a tangle problem.  But I think this will be nice to have in the summer time if I go swimming somewhere.  It’s 100% vegan.. which makes me think… other detangle sprays aren’t vegan?


COOLA Classic SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer for Face: This will be good for summer.  I’ll throw it in my bag and on one of those days I’m outside and can feel the sun beating on my face I’ll apply some.  I already use a moisturizer with spf 15 in it most days.


Folle de Joie eau de parfum: mmm this $98 / 3.4 fl oz parfum smells rich and fancy.  Calming citrus and light woodsy floral with a hint of… cognac?  I don’t get the cognac.. but okay.

pink pen

Pilot Corporation of America Acroball PureWhite: I do like this pen… It has a nice grip…  It was pink though… I dont know when I’ll have the use for a bright pink pen.  It’ll sit on my desk… I’m sure I’ll need a pen, and this will be the only one I can find, and then I realize it’s pink and scream… but that’s just life.