Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, it’s pretty cute that you love being in the dog cage… but once you’re in – you don’t want to leave!  I also want to know how you have no problem eating dog food… but you refuse a lot of people food.  Is my baby turning into a puppy?! (we don’t GIVE him dog food, he just b-lines it to dog bowls where ever we are to try some).

Dear Smellen, I probably should come up with a better name for you on here.  I can’t believe you’re turning 25 on Saturday.  I am pretty excited for you to open all the random gifts I got you!  You’re like the best sister ever!!

Dear Target, You really got me hooked.  I get coupons and gift cards after I purchase things, it just makes me want to go back and back and back.

Dear season finales, it’s a sad time of year… the beginning of the Summer TV starts now… reruns, odd shows, a confused television schedule.  So you better make it worth it finales!!  So far I was pleased with Nashville…

Dear weather, you really had to make it interesting didn’t you.  May couldn’t have been mid 60’s… it had to be 80’s or 40’s.  I’m freezing one day, I’m sweating the next.  Let’s make June a month of 75 and Sunny… thanks!