Birchbox February 2014

Birchbox February 2014 review…
This month’s theme was: Step. Pose. Repeat. It’s awards season.
Serge Normant Meta Revive Dry Conditioner: I guess I’ve only heard of dry shampoo.  I probably have more use for dry conditioner than I do dry shampoo.  I am wondering if I use this after the gym if it’d help get the snarls out for the remainder of the day?  It’s going in my gym bag.  This item was my favorite out of the box.
Benefit It’s Potent!  Eye Cream: Also a favorite from this box.  Love an eye cream.  I like this sample size too.  This little box was so cute!  I tried a little.  I never know if they actually work ya know, but it can’t hurt right?  (unless it makes you break out in a rash or something awful, it can’t hurt…)
Juicy Couture Couture La La Malibu: can’t go wrong with a perfume sample.  I like the smell it’s a little citrus-y which I like.
W3ll people universalist multi use color stick: I can’t think of anything I’d want to make more red right now.  I am SO pale from it being winter and everything… my nose is red from blowing it from being sick.  I just was not into this sample.  Maybe in a few months.
Benefit Big Easy: it’s kind of cool that this isn’t available in stores yet… but I don’t consider these things a real sample.  It’s good for one use and who really likes to open these things and use them?  They are in magazines.  The actual full size item looks promising though.

My Julep Gem Collection 2013

It Arrived!! My Julep Gem Collection 2013!!! I got it black Friday super on sale for $49 plus was able to add another polish for $1 (which was originally a $14 polish) and then my shipping was FREE! WHAT WHAT WHAT! I figured that out to be like $3.84 a polish and I LOVE THEM ALL!!  The packaging was outstanding – the presentation incredible… I think $50 was the right price for me… right now it’s $84 and that’s kinda pricey, right?  I swapped one of the nail polishes in the collection for my $1 one to gift. But the set of 12 is ALLL mine… Merry Christmas to mama!

I just want it!

So many email deals are pouring in and this caught my eye!!


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The Gem Collection 2013… I DO want it… 12 for $67.20… that’s $5.60 a polish… not too bad right??  and I think I love every color!!


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Then there is this… I want this too!!

Prices are TODAY only with code HOLIDAY20

I have a feeling they’ll be having amazing deals until Christmas!!!

***UPDATE**** I GOT THIS… but the black friday deal for $49!!!  PLUS a $1 nail polish AND free shipping… that’s like $3.92 a nail polish!!!!!!!!!!!!  (so those of you shopping for me for xmas… I already got it for myself).

Julep Golden Mystery (Version 3)

I decided to try the Julep Golden Mystery box after reading about it on Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.  I used a coupon code and got 30% off – they charged me $24.98…. I think it was worth it for all the fun things I got!

My camera broke, and I am sending it in to Samsung… so for now these are taken on my awful camera phone.  It sucks I know… but I am too anxious to put this up!

Here’s the first look at the box…


belina hair ties

Belina hair ties ($9) – I love these and I’ve never bought them for myself (I’ve always gotten them from subscription boxes)


Dolles Salt Water Taffy ($1?) – Strawberry, Chocolate, and Lime.  These were a fun touch to the box… I ate them immediately after taking this photo.

oxygen nail treatment

Oxygen Nail Treatment ($18) – Love this!  I am so excited to try it.  I’ve been giving myself mani pedis now for a long time and can’t wait to add this to my routine.


Julep Everyday SPF Hand Cream ($13) – I was really happy to get this!  SPF for hands?  but why?  BUT WHY NOT!?!  This tube is 3 fl oz and in the sub box world… that’s huge.  I used this and yeah it was a little greasy, and it said it wouldn’t be… but I’ll just use less next time I apply it.  The smell is like, nothing, but something, like lotion with spf in it.  So I guess not bad, but no surprise, and not that fun.  But not everything needs to be scented, right?  Right.

 (((totally side note…. I’ve been spelling surprise “suprise” for…forever… and I am PRETTY sure I’ve been saying it “sup-rise” … after doing a spell check… I caught this… and my mind is blown.)))

nail polish


Sheryl – this was my fav out of the 4.  Sheer butterscotch shimmer with a hint of golden bronze.


Drew – this has to be a nail polish staple.  A fuchsia pink… love it and I don’t have a color just like it either!


 Layne – a french mani staple!  a sheer french pink.


Bunny – I’m not into white nail polish… and I have one from my birchbox.  BUT… this one has a little gold shimmer in it so that makes it more fun.  I would have rather gotten a different color though for sure.

Julep Golden Mystery Box SAID that I’d get $100 – $200 worth of stuff in this box….. I paid $24 for the box… and the total worth of the box that I came up with is about $80 and I’m happy with what I got for what I paid… I just don’t know why they would say $100 – $200.

What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday

beachy5 beachynf4 beachynf3 beachynf2 beachynf

NF and the Beach: Ohh sweet baby Nicky Flash.  I am loving you and you at the beach.

amiels amiels2

Amiel’s Original Submarines: MMmmmmM!!!! Delizioso!!  Besides Wegman’s Subs (Obvi #1 beats anything)… this is the 2nd best sub place there is!  They butter their bread and they sell day old bread… mmm mmm I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Amiel’s I love you.


Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics: So I come across this store at a mall about an hour from me (I was visiting my cousin)… and AHHHHH…. FACE MASK HEAVENNNNNNN!!!!  I could not believe it.  I love love love face masks… and this place had them… ohhhh b did they have them.  The lady working at the store offered to give me a facial and a skin assesment, I was like I am in a hurry, and I am dying to do all this, but I gotta go but not until I buy like at least two face masks and I promise I’ll be back some time soon for more more more!  (and let me tell you I was not interested in the soaps or any thing but the face masks… and the store stunkkkk like a bizillion soap perfumes).

brazened honey

I got the Brazened Honey… this face mask needs to be refrigerated.  Fresh range eggs, honey, lime oil, rosemary, ground almonds… I used this one the same night I got it.  My face felt fresh, clean, bright, soft.  I loved it!  It was like my skin was brand new afterward!  It did smell pretty strong though, but I didn’t care.

mask of magnaminty

I also got, Mask of Magnaminty.  It’s a face (and back!) mask that’s supposed has clay and peppermint and reaches deep down and pull debris from your pores (sounds good so far!).  There are aduki beans to exfoliate flaky or dry skin, vanilla absoulte to calm redness and honey to soothe (WHHAT!?  sounds amazing).  I used it Monday night and loved it.  I will probably use this mask like once a week until it’s gone.


Teresa Giudice: Despite everything in the news – I still love Teresa Giudice

New Birthday Face Mask!

My blog friend Gyps over at They Call Me Gypsy Queen recommened a face mask to me from Farm House Fresh.  I immediately emailed my mom and sister to get it for me for my birthday.  WELL… They BOTH bought it for me!


The one she told me to try is Splendid Dirt- Nutrient Mud Mask with Organic Pumpkin Puree.  It’s made with organic pumpkin puree (smells really pumpkiny).  I have it on now and it tingles!  I really like it!


Thanks Gyps!

PopSugar Review – February

My very first PopSugar box!


Hanky Panky Lace Original Rise Thong ($20)

This was a fun February suprise.  I love a good pair of underwear and this one size will fit me just fine.  I know I read on some other blogs that woman were unhappy with this because they wouldn’t fit them.  I happened to get the green color (see in the picture)… not exactly what I’d choose for myself, but that’s what make it more fun!


MarieBelle Chocolates Tresor Box ($12)

This should be called “crack in a box”.  Oh M Gee.  I love chocolate and I REALLY love dark chocolate – I recieved the dark chocolate pearls and I couldn’t be happier with this item.  SOO good!


Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain ($8)

This was fun because it was a full size item.  (I’m used to little things from birch box).  I didn’t try this yet, but I have a feeling I won’t really use it.  I’m a more natural lip color look kinda girl – chap stick is my thing.


Sweethearts Conversation Hearts ($1 ?)

I don’t like these.  I don’t really have much more to say about them than that.


Safe Haven book, bookmark, and song download ($10)

I’ve read most of Nicholas Sparks’ books… so I wasn’t really sure if I had read this one yet.  When the previews play on TV for the movie I always think, I have to figure out if I’ve read it.  (I haven’t – it came out in 2012 and it’s been about 2 years since I’ve read a Sparks book)… I decided to ask friends to read this book too, and then when the movie comes out we’ll rent it and have snacks.  It’ll be like a book / movie club.  (We’ve done this with The Help, Water for Elephants, Hunger Games, Twilight).  I’ve been reading from my kindle since last Christmas… so this will we weird reading a book again.  I love that it came with a book mark.


Connoisseurs Quick Jewelry Cleansing Gel ($7.92)

This was a fun suprise!  I’ve never owned my own jewelry cleaner.  I don’t think I’ve ever really cleaned my jewelry… now I will.

spa wrap

Brokedown Spa Wrap ($84)

This wrap is like the softest thing I’ve ever touched.  I love it!  I feel like it could be a little longer… but it’s just SO soft who cares.  The price is ridic – I’d probably be willing to sepnd $20 on this.