Friday Letters…

Friday letters

Dear NF, There’s nothing like mother love.  (and I’m not talking about that lady on Forgive or Forget that called herself Mother Love).

Dear Family and Friends, thank you for being there all the time.  I really do have a great support system.

Dear Zoo, can’t wait to see ya!  And I can’t wait for NF to go and actually look at the animals.

Dear life, you’re a cold ass honky.  (I don’t even know what that really means).

PopSugar May Box Review…

POPSUGAR is a $35(ish)/month box…  you’ll recieve full size items of anything related to fashion, beauty, etc… some are celebrity favs… it’s pretty much a great suprise to give yourself every month.

POPSUGAR – you can sign up here…

My May Box…




A POPSUGAR tote bag… what will I use this for?  I have no idea.


Questions I Ask When I want to Talk About Myself: 50 Topics to Share with Friends by Mindi Kaling: ($13.45)  I am giving this to my sister for her birthday.  She loves Mindy Kailing, and so do I, but she probably did first.  I will be using them at her place though!!  I wonder if she’ll read this…


Pacifica Color Quench Lip Tint: ($7) I got sugar fig and it smells SOOOO good… except it’s REALLY dark… I got another really dark lip thing from popsugar before, and they’ll probably never be used.  Well, I might just sniff this from time to time.


Kooringal – Giselle Mid Brim Hat: ($27.99) I don’t have a hat like this.  I am glad I got the giselle graphite color – I think it’ll go with my stuff more than the blue, and the black just seems too dark for summer time.  The brim was bendy, which I liked… I can bend it to my sun shade needs.  I hope I end up wearing this at least once this summer.


 The Modern Cocktail Modern Margarita Set: ($8.29) This is fun!  I plan on bringing it to my next get together.  Maybe this weekend!!  I hardly drink, but these mini cocktail mixers are little and I’m excited to try!

face (2)

beautyblender Set: ($23.95) I don’t know about this… I get what the spongey thing does… but what is the liquid… can anyone explain this to me?  even reading it on birchbox I don’t get it.


Way Better Snacks: ($1) I’m just eh on this… I would rather get chocolate.  I’ll try it.


Charm & Chain Gift Card: ($30) I thought this was great and then I realized everything on there is like over $200.  I thought this necklace was soo cool and they have a picture of Jessica Simpson with one… but it’s $1,010.  A little out of my price range for a monogram necklace… even with $30 off… I don’t think so.

This may popsugar box came to $111.68 for $37.80.  I tried to cancel my subscription but didn’t in time and they auto renewed me for a box.  I am pretty happy with this box, so I know I’d be dissapointed if I didn’t get it.  I am sure NEXT month I’ll be kicking myself for not getting it.  I just need a break from popsugar?  I say this now I know.

Flash Back Friday…


st patricks day 2008

In honor of The Office finale yesterday, I have decided to flash back to March 15, 2008.  It’s the St. Patrick’s Day parade in NYC… and my roommate J and I stopped to have our photo taken with Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute bobble heads that look like giant ghosts in the background.  I thought it was a strangely perfect flash back for today.  So long Dunder Mifflin.