The Amazing Race Season 22

Well The Amazing Race season 22 is officially over.  I like to write my predictions down at the beginning of elimination shows – and then when it’s over review them.

This was the post I wrote at the beginning of the season

bates and athony

Bates and Anthony – the pro hockey player brothers.  They won the entire race… and I wrote next to them, “yawn” in my predictions.  I am happy that they won, but I really wanted Max and Katie to win.

The Amazing Race

Max and Katie, the newly weds from Buffalo, NY, made it in 2nd place.  I said that they MIGHT be my fav.  They actually were my favorite.  I wanted them to win.

mona and beth

Mona and Beth, the roller derby moms, came in 3rd place.  I originally said, yawn.  They were pretty entertaining… but not that exciting.

The show just sort of ended.  I didn’t think the finale was that crazy compared to any of the other episodes.  I don’t know if I’d invest my time into another season of Amazing Race, but if nothing happens to be on Sunday evenings… I guess I would again.