Saturday Morning Fun

This morning I called my sister and at the exact moment she was calling me at 7:51 AM… we both had the same thing in mind… out to breakfast!  We had free meal coupons from a terrible experience last time we went to Friendly’s… so we went there… and we had a GREAT experience this time.  So glad we went back and it was free!  The food wasn’t amazing but the service was right on!
What’s a Saturday morning without Target???  Sure I’ll buy 3 boxes of tampons for a $5 target giftcard!  And Nicky Flash is always checkin the prices!!
A final stop at the playground just to get out that last amount of energy to ensure a good afternoon nap!!

A Cookie Monster Birthday Party!

NF’s birthday party post!  We had about 50 guests at a local delicious pizza restaurant.  It was the same venue as last year.  I have to give a ton of credit to our waitress, Lisa, who basically takes care of everrrrything.  Honestly, she takes the hard part out of throwing a birthday party…… and we’ll have her every time we do anything there.


His Birthday cake was from Wegmans.  I ordered it a week ago and I asked them if they made cookie monster cakes.  They didn’t.  But they did make Elmo and Big Bird cakes (big bird but not cookie monster??)… so I asked her to make it white and blue and asked if they could put chocolate chip cookies on it.  I was surprised when it arrived (my mom picked it up) to see one giant cookie when I was thinking there would be like a bunch?  I think it turned out just great though and I loved it just the way it was with ONE giant cookie on it.  OH, and it tasted great!


The gift bags and party hats!!!  The hardest part about making them was cutting out the mouths… I cut out 65 mouths and it took like two hours.  I never estimated that it’d take me that long but it did… idk like 2 minutes a mouth?  Oh, and my thumb was going numb randomly for a WEEK after that.  (uh yeah I made these way ahead of time, I am like the opposite of a procrastinator).  Inside the bags were chips ahoy cookies, recces, twix, butter fingers, and kit kats… ya know my favorite candy.


The balloons!  (thank you Tiffany)


The party hats!!  They were really fun.  I made 10 so each table had one as like a center piece (8 tables) and then two on the gift bag table.  Then everyone started using them for photos.


Our little family!!!  (I can’t believe C wore the hat!)  Also – see the background?  My talented sister made a video of pictures and videos of Nicholas from 12-24 months old and added clips of cookie monster!!  I loved it!!  It was so cool.


The boys.

So we were worried NF MIGHT freak out when the birthday cake singing happened like he did on his actual birthday (and we never figured out what was actually making him freak out)… so this is the video of it this time (with 50 people singing it, lights NOT off)… and he didn’t like it, but he didn’t have a melt down… whata champ!

Blowing out the candles!

Eating the cake… I think only a mother could watch this all the way through.. and then again and again… so I understand if you don’t really watch it haha.







Being silly with Grandma!

And that’s it!  He got SOO many presents… I’m overwhelmed but I LOVE it.  Some moms don’t like sitting and opening presents in front of everyone, but I’ve gotten the hang of it and I enjoy it.  I feel like the gifts are for me still and I do 95% of the opening.  I get so mad when people text me what they got him before hand and I’m like STOPPP I want to be surprised!!  I was shocked he didn’t get any doubles of anything either!