27 things I’ve learned in 27 years…

For my birthday I decided to write 27 things I’ve learned in 27 years… they are in no particular order.  I got this idea from Carly at the Pinot Project.

1.    Nothing good comes from easy.
2.    Stay active.
3.    Always make the bed in the morning.  It’ll stop you from getting back into it.  It makes your room look clean.  It’s nice to climb into a made bed at the end of the day.
4.    Don’t get on an elevator alone with someone you don’t want to.  It’s not worth being “nice” – if you have a bad feeling, don’t do it, just walk away, they don’t know why you didn’t get on.
5.    Write things down – but don’t go overboard.  Keeping a planner is supposed to help you, not stress you out that you haven’t added everything in there.
6.    Bad things can happen to anyone, even you.
7.    I will never tell someone to breast feed or not.  I’m staying out of it!
8.    If you love a pair of shoes and you’re absolutely certain you love them buy more than one pair.
9.    Dance – just dance!!
10. Being a picky eater is stupid.
11. If you like your hair color – don’t dye it!
12. Take pictures.
13.  Don’t speed.
14. Respect yourself, respect others, respect materials.  (One of my teacher’s list of rules when I was little, it pretty much covers everything).
15. Don’t go tanning.
16. It’s okay not to drink alcohol if you don’t want to.
17. Sex and the City is not and could never be real life.
18. Deal with yourself and where you’re going and your goals.  Don’t compare yourself to everyone else.
19. Tell the truth.
20. Eat.  Don’t starve to lose weight.  I found it doesn’t work and I hate being hungry.
21. Don’t turn the microwave on with nothing in it.
22. Look at the moon.
23. Never shoot a gun and not know what you’re shooting into.
24. Taking a deep breath can really help a situation.
25. Separate your laundry.
26. Look people in the eyes.
27. A good laugh is the best medicine.


Thursday Thoughts…


right hand

Today’s my 27th birthday!  Look closely at the photo, it’s NF’s right hand!  The lady who watches NF got me a card from him and traced his hand to sign it.  I almost cried!  I’ll keep it forever.


Tonight I am going out to eat with Cgrizzly.  I told him I wanted my favorite salad.  I just pulled it from the menu (see above).  $7.95 with some water… hello I’m a cheap date.

This morning I went to bk drive thru because we were early and I wanted a fun drink for my bday.  I thought BK had caught up with the other fast food places with their coffee drinks, but they haven’t.  This is how the convo went…

BK guy: hi can I help you?
Alison: yeah, I’d like a small vanilla latte with non fat milk.
(The menu board says lattes are made with 2% or non fat milk)
BK guy: uhh our lattes are just like powder, they’re packets and we put in hot water, so there’s no milk.
Alison: that sounds terrible.  I don’t want anything anymore bye.
(and I drive away and went to tim hortons to get a TINY hazelnut cappuccino for $2.15)

I am so disappointed in the packets for lattes!!!!  I wonder if other places do that too and I don’t know about it!  I don’t think so, I am pretty sure dunkin, tim hortons, and starbucks do their coffees justice and actually make them – not add hot water.  I can see that being messed up so easily – like getting hot water flavored latte…gross!!


Ummm Nashville?!  I don’t want it to end!!  Only two episodes left.  Don’t continue to read if you haven’t seen the show and still want too… *spoiler* I’ve figured from the very beginning that it was likely Maddie was really Deacon’s daughter, and I was right (there still could be some crazy twist where that’s not right but I am pretty sure it is).  When or will Rayna tell Deacon?  I don’t know how anyone could keep a secret like that (this is television so don’t think about it too hard, Alison).  WHY is Gunnar being so lame, he’s going to lose the baby deer Scarlett eventually.  When is Will going to be off the show, this is a character that should be gone by now.  And some how Avery just happened to be in all the right places at all the right times to play with Juliette.  Oh this show is too much.