Thursday Thoughts


Today is Thursday and it’s time to link up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

Where to start… well… NASHVILLE!! oh mmmm geee. (spoiler alert)… I’ll do this like Friday Letters…

Dear Rayna Jaymes, I love that you’re back with Deacon.  I wish you always were with Deacon and there wasn’t a Teddy Conrad, but that’s just not how it is… we’ll have to deal with annoying ruining everything Teddy.
Dear Juliette Barnes, I cried for you this episode.  RIP Jolene.
Dear Scarlett O’Connor, Thank you for being strong.  You really handle yourself with class while Gunnar’s being a dummy.  Stay focused and level headed… but please don’t go back to Avery… I can see this happening.
Dear Teddy Conrad, you’re so annoying.
Dear Deacon Claybourne, I saw previews of next episode and wow wow wow… you’re in for a huge suprise… please don’t go back to drinkin cause of it.
Dear Avery Barkley, so strange that you just happen to be pals with Juliette now… and you’re showing a better side of yourself… I’m NOT supposed to like you Averyyyy!  and the wisk to Scarlett, smooth.
Dear Gunnar Scott, WHAT are YOU DOING!?  You’ve been messing everything up for too many episodes in a row now.  I’m tired of you being stupid… do you want me to switch to team Avery?!!  Get it together!!
Dear Lamar Wyatt and Tandy Wyatt, I don’t understand or really feel like following your story line and something about a baseball field, now they’re droppin hints that daddy’s losing his memory (how convenient).
Dear Will Lexington, that was pret-ty easy for you to just end up at Scarlett and Gunnar’s house, then sneak your way into Rayna’s music  stuff… I really thought you were a few episode character – but you’re sticking around?  Even after tryin to smooch Gunnar?
Dear Maddie Conrad, I love when you sing… I really really do!!  And don’t be so upset that Teddy’s not your dad… I mean I get it… but Deacon for a dad is so awesome too!
Dear Jolene Barnes, RIP.
Dear Dante Rivas, PEACE OUT BEOTCH.

Nashville mom

RIP Jolene Barnes

The Middle… Adventures of Sue Heck!

sue heck1

Axel tells Sue she should skip school… that she needs to live life!!

sue heck 2

Sue can’t sleep thinking about how she should skip school…

sue heck 3

Sue skips school…

sue heck 4

Sue does basically this all day…

sue heck 5

Sue actually gets sick from skipping school…

OHHH I love Sue Heck!!

So long shows I liked.  I will miss you.  RIP 2013.
Shows that have lived a good long life30 Rock, The Office, Breaking Bad, Dexter
Shows that were gone too soonBen and Kate, Don’t Trust the B, Family Tools, Go On, How to Live With Your Parents, Malibu Country
 Shows that I’m okay with never seeing again…. Animal Practice, Bachelor Pad, Guys with Kids, Happy Endings, The Mob Doctor, Up All Night, Whitney

If you don’t agree with my list, or you do, or you have any comments at all leave a comment!  If I put your fav show on the don’t care list I apologize.