Pretttyyy much the coolest aunt ever…

Soooo I have a boy… not a girl… so when it comes to buying my total fashionista niece anything – I don’t want to be practical… I want to be trendy cool.

I frequent Suri’s Burn Book.  Basically it’s paparazzi pictures of celeb’s kids and Suri’s smug hilarious comments.  Obviously it’s not real… it’s someone making up what they think Suri would say.  For example I know she hates flats, the Aflack’s lack of style, and the Parker Broderick twin’s headbands.  It’s all in good fun.

ruby maguire

Here is a photo of Ruby Maguire (Tobey Maguire’s daughter).  Here’s what Suri had to say… “Ruby Maguire: great coat, great boots, great side-eye. (Those are the only three things a girl really needs, honestly. Plus red lipstick.) Do not get on this girl’s bad side.”

I THINK I found these boots on Zappos…


image credit: zappos

I HAD to get these Minnetonka boots for my niece for her birthday.  And since Ruby Maguire rocks them in NYC… basically they’re awesome.

Salt Market Syracuse


We went to the Salt Market today in Syracuse and it was great!  It had amazing vendors and was lots of fun.  This is our second year attending.

A couple of my favorite vendors…


Peppermint – handmade clothing and accessories with a store in Rochester, NY.  and I loved it so much!  My sister and I literally tried on like 10 different things and both bought a piece.  My sister actually went to college with the girl who has the store and actually lived with her in NYC for a summer.  Neither one of the pieces my sister and I bought are offered online so I don’t have a professional photo to show – and it’s actually really cool to think that I’m like one of the few people who own this… here is the shirt I purchased…

012 013

There was a romper I tried on and I told my sister seriously… I would rock this on a yacht, but I could no way pull this off in real life.  It was so fancy and rich feeling!


Photo from the 2012 Salt Market event courtesy of Joe Lingeman with artist is Laurel O’Brien.

Photo from the 2012 Salt Market event courtesy of Joe Lingeman with artist Laurel O’Brien.

Laurel O’Brien Metalsmith and handcrafted Artisan Jewelry – I went to college with Laurel and I hadn’t seen her in so long.  I saw her last year at the Salt Market and she was there again this year.  Her jewelry is very very nice.

Valentine’s day Bracelet


Growing up every year since I can remember on Valentine’s day my mom would decorate the kitchen table with valentine’s day themed presents and fun.  Now that my sister and I are out of the house – she still sends us a present.  I love this.  I will continue this tradition for my son.  So this morning I opened up my presents from my mom – this bracelet was one of the gifts.  I love it.

invest in expensive socks

nike socks

These Nike Dri Fit half cushion no show socks are $16 for a three pack… but you’ll fall in love.  They never slip.  They are comfy.  And they tell you which foot the sock goes on.  A right and a left sock?  Who knew!?  I have these in black and white.  Black to wear with my booties at work, and white to wear to the gym and where ever else.  I buy them from sports authority and get points on my rewards card.  Which then gives me money coupons for me to buy more Nike Dri Fit socks.  It’s a vicious sock buying cycle that I want you to join me in.  Size medium fits my size 6.5 woman feet.