Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear VB, You are the best baby.  I can’t complain about a thing.  I love you SO much.

Dear NF, Thank you for being a good big brother to VB.  You amaze me all the time.

Dear blog, yep.  I’m back.

Dear blog readers, comment so I know you read this.

Dear Ozzy and Sharon, you are breaking MY HEART!

Dear Prince, RIP.

Dear Kylie, GOOD.  Be done with Tyga.  Get it gurl.

Dear Thai, Aubry, Michelle, and Cydney, I am pretty happy with this final 4  this season on survivor.

Dear coffee, I wish I could have unlimited amount of you… but my breast milk would be crazy and VB would never sleep.

Dear Jan Man, Let’s go to Vermont.

Dear Smellen, are you reading this… are you excited… I hope I see you this weekend.




So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I ate an entire (well ALMOST) pineapple to induce labor Monday night and it didn’t work


  • I keep thinking if I bake I’ll go into labor… and it doesn’t work… but NF likes it…


  • I was really pumped about this ceramic container I found at wegmans for $5.99 so I can heat up a whole can of soup… it’s perfect!


  • I am still pregnant and tomorrow is my due date
  • Everyone I see asks me when my due date is and when I say, “tomorrow” they look at me like I am absolutely insane… maybe that’s because they’re asking me at the gym or at work… yeah I went to the gym and work 39 weeks 6 days pregnant…
  • fashion police is just NOT the same without Joan or Kelly…. and Nene hates everything… unless it’s Beyonce.. you’re unoriginal Nene… branch out girl
  • I keep waiting for my water to break or contractions to start and… nothing
  • I packed my hospital bag Monday… I should have weeks ago seeing as NF was born 2 weeks early… but turns out I really didn’t need to anyways!
  • I started following the mom on Fresh Off The Boat and to my surprise she loves bunnies
  • I am 9 months pregnant and I still average 12k steps a day… take that people who sit too much!!!!
  • I really am disliking this weather… like seriously, this weather I am SO over it
  • my friend who was due March 4th had her baby on Monday… WTF……. I was expecting to have mine back on Feb 4th and her to have her baby later in March and this just went totally NOT how I thought it would… my baby is technically OLDER than hers, but not any more because she was born first… so weird to think about isn’t it?


Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear Baby V,  I think I’ll have you on Valentine’s day❤ … this is me, your mommy, at 39 weeks.


Dear NF, you’re TOTALLY ready to be a big brother!  You’re such a great helper, see you can even make cookies and banana bread!



Dear sinus infection and NF’s double ear infection, GO AWAYYYYYYYYYY!!!  We have better things to do than sleep on the couch with our mouths open because we can’t breath out of our noses!!


Dear top of the couch, I guess you’re pretty cozy?


Dear Broncos, you won because I made orange and blue m&m brownies.


Dear Teresa Guidice, I’d like to read your book

Dear OJ series on FX, I love love love to hate watch you.

Dear Grey’s Anatomy, I AM SO happy you’re back on!!!!!!!  Last night did not disappoint!!

Dear Lent, sorry I gave up fried food and then forgot 2 days later…  pregnant people don’t have to do lent do they?

Dear the gym, I can’t believe I am still attending you daily.

Dear smellen, please forgive me for how annoying I am to you right now.

Dear Kocktails with Khloe, I still don’t know about you, but I am still going to watch every episode… it’s super weird that you pretend that’s really your house and not a set…???