Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, I am really sorry if I traumatized you more with the car washes… see I know you’re terrified of them… I just thought that maybe if we tried it again that you’d see that they are not that scary… but I think I might have made it worse, I hope I didn’t.  I promise no more car washes with you in the car… at least for a while?

Dear Giuliana Rancic, I can’t wait to read your book.  Going off Script: How I survived a crazy childhood, cancer, and clooney’s 32 On-Screen Rejections… April 7th!!!


Dear Smellen, Thank you for introducing me to Repeat After Me… the funniest show ever right now… really helps with the February blues.

Dear TeeeeVeee, Do you even check this anymore?  You were like my #1 fan for like a week!

Dear Carolyn Rivera on survivor’s white collar tribe, I *THINK* you’re my favorite white collar player… you really showed them!!


Dear Mike Holloway on survivor’s blue collar tribe, you are my favorite on the blue collar tribe because you ate a scorpion for no reason and that is good television.


Dear Joe Anglim on survivor’s no collar tribe, you are my favorite because you could make fire… and said that you practiced making fire before coming on the show…. WHYYYYYYYYY doesn’t everyone do that?  Like why wouldn’t you practice making fire before going on the show?


Dear the dress, you’re blue and black and I don’t understand why people see gold and white….

the dress

Dear C, you’re goin on day 9 of being sick… I may be a terrible person but I can only be nice to someone who is sick for 3 days (I think it’s scientifically proven that someone can only have sympathy for a sick person and care for them for like 72 hours before they get annoyed).  Sooo your time is up mister, GET BETTER NOW… you’re disgusting snot coughs snoring is driving me crazy (yes I am sure it is driving you crazy also and for that I feel bad).

Dear Disney world, I miss you.


Thursday Thoughts


Today is Thursday and I am linking up with Jennifer from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts…


Long story short, Giulana poked fun at Zendaya’s dred locks on Fashion Police, Zendaya wrote a lengthy defensive statement about hair and stereotypes, Kelly demands Giulana apologizes or she’s leaving the show, Giulana apologizes acceptably on E! and on twitter.  OK… First of all, I love Giuliana Rancic.  I think Zendaya couldn’t take a joke… and I think Kelly wants to be BFFs with EVERYONE.  If Kelly threatens to leave Fashion Police over that, it’s only a matter of time before she leaves… and I hope it’ll be on good terms, but it probably won’t be.  JUST my prediction.  OHH I miss Joan Rivers.  Oh and Zendaya, I like you, I like your hair and I love that you change it up.


Madonna yanked to the ground!  MY goodness that was a nasty fall!


The announced the DWTS cast!!!  Who am I most excited to see… well…. I guess Rumor Willis?  and Suzanne Somers?  And the shark tank guy… I guess.  My sister told me that someone from Shark Tank was going to be on it and asked me who would I want to see the most… I said… well Lori Greiner.. and Mark Cuban… and then Kevin O’Leary and Barbara Corcoran.. and Daymond John… basically every person before Robert Herjavec, who I can’t ever remember his name I call him the Canadian guy on the right.  And it’s Robert.  Sorry Robert!!  I hope you change my mind, really I do!!


So I watched the first episode of survivor last night.  I wouldn’t have if it hadn’t been for my DVR that automatically taped it.  It’s white collar vs blue collar vs no collar…. my thought so far… the blue collar people are the most interesting.  I can’t believe he ate a scorpion.


The show Repeat After Me on ABC is SOOOOOOOOOO funny.  I LOVE Wendi McLendon-Covey.


So we are coming to the end of Bachelor season 19.  Who is he going to pick?  I think Whitney… but everyone I talk to thinks Becca.  My sister also said it’s pretty clear that Chris is going to be a surprise cast member of Dancing with the stars… she’s likely to be right.


I JUST discovered these at wegmans.  Snyder’s Peanut butter pretzel sandwiches… they are REALLY really good.


What I am loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday

I’m bringin it back again… what I’m loving Wednesday…


NF: Always loving my baby!

soshsweater sosh sweater

Sosh’s star sweater on girls: I love when you can actually find things online that they wore on shows, but it’s like always sold out… and this was reasonable too… I totally would have bought it.  $30 at Macy’s heck yes… but sold out, of course it is.


Clorox wipes: I just like them!


So WHAT Wednesday


Today’s Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I swear something is wrong with my furnace and I really REALLY want spring to come BAD… -19 windchill weather is really not good for anything
  • I was fairly uncomfortable when Jade showed Chris her nude pictures on The Bachelor.. I kinda wish she told him earlier so he could have gotten rid of her earlier, and the boat singer coulda been on longer (cruise ship Carly)!
  •  I want a remote starter for my car – and I am worried, I am forgetting where I came from?  an apartment here I could not see my car and didn’t have 2 keys to start my car and get back into my apartment etc… so am I getting spoiled where I am like harrumph I wanna remote car starter mmmaaaaaahhhhh I love dvr mahhhhhh.  WHO AM I TURNING INTO!?  I appreciate all of it.  I swear!
  • the treadmill I recently inherited (is that the right word even if no one passed?) needs to be adjusted/fixed… I have to have it on an incline of at least 4… speed at least 3.5 and just socks or it sticks/skids.  I’ve googled this…. and just like my furnace I am like whaaaaaaaaaaa someone please come and fix it??
  • NF said to me this morning… “NOT to say no to pretzels DON’T say no have to eat it.”  ohhhh you.
  • Fashion Police is basically one of my favorite shows… but it’s just not the same without Joan Rivers… rip
  • I was extremely disturbed by the video of afroman punching that girl on stage… I wish I never saw it
  • I am thinking what the heck songs do wiz khalifa even have out besides black and yellow?  am I just not in with the rap scene?  I know I’ve researched this before… I just wish he was still with Amber Rose.
  • the last episode (AKA the finale) of the celebrity apprentice is boring to me
  • I am not eating meat today
  • I am terrified to get sick again like I did in December
  • I love the song I’m in love with the coco
  • I’m obsessed with diamond candles


Make a Meme Monday