Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, I’ve seen you every day of your life so far (19 months old today!!)… and this Saturday, I won’t see you at ALL!  I’ll miss you!  Oh, and I think it’s adorable you’ve discovered your belly button.

Dear Lake Placid, I’ll be seeing you later tonight!!  Can’t WAIT!!!

Dear Cdaddy, A weekend together!?  Let’s have a great time… and no Phish CDs on repeat in the car PLEASE.

Dear Smellen and mom and dad, BE GOOD TO MY BABY!!!!!!!!  jk I know you will.  Have fun and don’t teach him anything too bad!

Dear bathingsuit bod, you’re not exactly what I want you to be… but at this point whatever… I’ll keep working on you – but I’m still going to eat a lot of chocolate and have fun.

Dear new air conditioner, wow… you have a remote?!  wow.  I am SO glad you arrived before June… and before last night!  We all slept amazing!!  (maybe too amazing because someone over slept ((not me))).

Dear summer time TV, you don’t have to be terrible… so why are you?!  I also have no idea what’s on every night.  I can count on my wheel and jeopardy… but after that I’m like what???  What’s on what???  Do I really want to bother with whatever that is??  So far I’ll watch American Baking Competition… I can’t see myself really getting into so you think you can dance, but maybe… I will be so mad at myself if I get attached to big brother, but I can see it happening… I refuse to watch more than 5 minutes of wipe out a day.  Not going to watch bachelorette… and I am SO glad bachelor pad is not on.  (Sorry if these are your favs).  Without cable my shows come from FOX, NBC, CBS, and ABC… anyone see anything good this summer on those stations???