Thursday Thoughts


It’s Thursday and I’m linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom….  She’s been doing give-aways like crazzzyy and I want ALL of them… unfortunately it seems like so do a ton of other people and I have a very slim chance of ever winning… but that doesn’t stop me from trying!!

The 2nd part of the winter season finale of Scandal is on tonight and I CAN’T WAITTTTTT!!!  AHH last weeks episode was SO good it could have ended there!  BUT NO!  There is another one!!!
Nashville’s winter season finale was last night… and I gotta say I am soo losing interest in the show.  Nothing crazy happened until the last minute and a half and it didn’t shock me.  Ohhh Nashville… I had high hopes for you but you’re fading.
He needs a hair cut… but sometimes it looks good… like Harry Styles good.. like you’re thinking does that look good?  I can’t tell but I think it does??  I’m thinking he needs a hair cut before he sees Santa Sunday?
This is how NF leaves his “hubby” (hubby means horsey but yes I know this is a giraffe) when he’s done with him… why?  It’s so awkward.
I made NF a book on called The People You Knew When You Were Two.  I originally wanted it to be for his 2nd birthday.  I am so glad I waited because I received a coupon code in the mail – then I found a coupon code online and I was freaking out because the book I wanted to have made was up to like $63… BUT with the coupon codes it came to like $21?!!  WhAT!  No way.  I was so excited I had two mugs made!  Bad part… I just realized the shipping says it’ll come by Dec 20th – 24th… that MIGHT not be in time!!!!

Thursday Thoughts

So I wasn’t going to dress up for Halloween at all… but my friend invited me to a party and said she wanted to be red coat from PLL… and I said I wanted to be Mona… and… I’m doin it!
I had a 25% off coupon code for American Eagle and there’s free shipping… I got this for $20 which isn’t that bad… and I’ll probably wear it all the time.  AND I can be Mona in it.  I just have to make a Radley ID badge and some black gloves.
Now I just wish season 4 would start up again!  Oct 22nd!
Is anyone still watching Nashville?  I am… and my favorite part… when the two girls sing.  I love it!  But sadly… I’m tired of Rayna’s story line and her “losing her voice”.  And I hate the lady who is pretending to be pregnant (Nashville is really good at making you like or hate characters and then change it up on you… like Avery is growing on me, and I would never think that from the beginning of season 1).
What is everyone thinking of all the new Fall TV?  Loving anything?  Hating anything?

Thursday Thoughts


It’s Thursday so I’m linking up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

There is just way too much new television for me to keep up with right now… and they all seem to be bunched together on the same nights.  I will catch up though.  I had to watch The Middle and the 1 hour Modern Family last night – therefore missing Survivor… and then I was too tired to watch Nashville (I know right, WHAT happened to Rayna James, no no don’t tell me for real).

DON’T tell me what happened… I didn’t watch it yet.


NF is crazy.  He is the FASTEST little guy ever.  Last night I took him to the mall to get his feet measured… because I suspected he’d out grown his sneakers?  (AHH he only wore those Jordans for 4 MONTHS!)  And he was sprinting around the store full speed, only to stop and give him self a kiss in the mirror?  He acts as if we keep him in a cage… oh wait… NO we don’t REALLY… but we do block him off to a play area in our apartment, otherwise our recyclables, garbage can, toilets, cabinets, bookcase, etc etc would be destroyed in under an hour.  And unfortunately his blocked off play area we named “the cage” – I have to be careful using this phrase around people who don’t know about “the cage”… because I’m sure they imagine like an animal crate… NO we do NOT keep our toddler in an animal crate, I promise.

Okay, so I’m brand new to this buying kids sneakers thing.  I’ve found that the Jordans are like… by far better quality than the other brands… and they have that back loop… which is KEY to me getting NF’s sneakers on…. so that’s how I justify spending like twice as much on these.  I just had no idea that he’d out grow them so quickly!  I decided I’d better have another boy, so he can enjoy all these toddler size Jordans.

Looking back I probably could have gotten his feet measured… and then went online to shop around for a better deal in his size… ugh… next time mama.  I learn as I go.


Jordan TR ’97



SO… I just learned what  PSL is.  I’ve been reading it… and thinking WHAT is that, and I think I need one too since everyone seems to be saying they need one.  I have to thank Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for quickly answering my question.  It’s a pumpkin spice latte… duhhh.  Someone should make a blog acronym list… I’d love it.

salted caramel


Oh, and I just found out after checking the starbucks website… that a Salted Caramel Mocha Frap, tall with nonfat milk and no whip cream… is only 200 calories… here I am walking around target thinking I’m drinking half the calories I should have in a day… and I WASN’T!  This could be dangerous knowledge.  I think I’m going to start calling this the SCMF… do you think that’ll catch on?

OH… and I start my Chinese cooking class tonight.

TV shows Fall 2013

As Big Brother 15 slowly approaches it’s  inevitable summer season end… I should start figuring out what NEW shows will be starting soon – and if they are worthy enough to be added to my TV watching schedule.

Some new shows:


The Blacklist: I’m just not interested.  James Spader is great – it’s just not my kinda show.

Sean Saves The World: I don’t think this will be on my line up, unless there is nothing else on Thursday.  It reminds me too much of The New Normal, which I invested my time into and it was cancelled.  I think I’ll have a difficult time picturing Sean Hayes anything but his character from Will and Grace, and then when he ISN’T Jack from Will and Grace I’ll be disappointed.  I’m feeling pessimistic about this one.

The Michael J. Fox show: My mom LOVES Michael J. Fox.  I might just watch this because I know she will and then we’ll have something to chat about.  MJF worked/works as a news anchor but stopped and has Parkinson’s Disease (and does in real life).  It reminds me of the local meteorologist we have in our town who has MS and still does the weather.  His hands tremble and his speech is affected but no one is bothered by it… he’s an inspiration!  And I think this show will probably make me cry with happiness and remind me to appreciate the little things and to really love the people I love.

Ironside: No interest in another NYPD show.  Only interesting thing I have to say about this is Michael Caleo is an executive producer / writer and he was a writer for The Sopranos (and was nominated for an Emmy).

Welcome to the Family: Ummm Mike O’Malley is a funny guy… but the plot… young pregnancy before marriage and an unhappy dad that will obviously will fall in love with the idea later (this hits close to home for me)…  will I find it relatable and funny?  Or will I find it inaccurate and annoying?  I’m thinking the latter.  I don’t think this show will last long enough for the babies to be born, which is fine because then the plot falls apart anyways.

Dracula: Vampires were SOO 4 years ago.  Over it.


Mom: A Chuck Lorre comedy… I love Allison Janney (ever since Juno).  But this show will probably be ridiculous… and I don’t think I’ll watch.


The Millers: I’m going to go out and say it right away… Will Arnett = Gob… and NOTHING can top Gob.  Just STAY GOB!  Running Wilde, Up All Night, and now The Millers… I do not want to say it but I think we’re doomed for another failed sitcom.  (However the mom, Margo Martindale, seems to be pretty funny from the previews).

The Crazy Ones: Uhhh… Robin Williams… returning to television… I was JUST thinking, where has Robin Williams been?  And BOOOM the TV genuineness snag him for a new TV show with…. WHAT!  Sarah Michelle Gellar (another disappearing act).  Yeah, I’ll be watching this…. pretty much because of the two MAJOR stars.  I just can’t imagine this pair wasting their time on a flop… it’s gotta be good, right?


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: No thanks.

Back in the Game: Isn’t this sort of like Family Tools?  Except it doesn’t have Leah Remini in it.  My kids are going to grow up at the softball fields (they play pretty much every day of the week seriously)… but does that draw enough interest for me?  There are SO many shows about a single mother moving back in with their parent’s.  I just don’t think this is going to be a home run (haha get it…).

Betrayal: Ohh another one word named sassy drama… like Scandal, Revenge, Mistresses… It comes on Sunday at 10 PM… maybe I can get into it… maybe it’s just on too late.

The Goldbergs: I want to love this… I really really do… and Wendi McLendon is hilarious… I just think this show could fizzle out quickly once they run out of 80’s jokes

Super Fun Night: I 100% want this to be the best show ever… BUT… how much fun can Rebel Wilson be over and over… will I O.D. on her funniness after 4 episodes and say… ugh I have a Rebel hangover and I want out.  I will REALLY give this show a shot – I am expecting some laugh so hard I’m peeing moments… so if it’s anything less I’ll be disappointed.  That’s some high expectations.  (Wouldn’t this make a better movie than tv show?)

Lucky 7: Why do they have to win the Lottery… why can’t it just be about 7 people who work at a service station in Queens…. maybe I’m weird but I’d like that better.

Trophy Wife: I thought this was a movie?  Eh maybe I’ll watch it… I do like Marcia Gay.


almsot human

Almost Human: I started reading the descrip of this and I nodded off.  Not a good sign.  So it’s the year 2048 and he’s a cop and he was in a coma after a catastrophic snooooorrrrree.  Am I the meanest?  Sorry, it just takes a lot for me to get into any sci fri…. for some reason I decide it’s too much effort for me to imagine the future with androids and ridiculous technology.


Brooklyn Nine Nine: I want to want to see this but I don’t.  It just looks like a rip off of Reno 911?  But I LOVE Andy Samberg!!  This show has a really good chance I watch it since it’s right before New Girl.


Sleepy Hollow: nope.


Dads: Old man/young bachelor man humor.  Inevitably they get gfs and their dads or sons cramp their style?  idk I’m just not that excited about this one.


Enlisted: I have no interest in this exceppptttt… they are extremely hot.  Sold.  (am I shallow???)  Parker Young was my favorite part of Suburgatory… and now he’s in camo?  Enlist me in Enlisted!!! (I’m hilarious right?  Maybe I’ve been reviewing too many shows in a row that I’m deliriously writing nonsense… is anyone still reading this blog post?)


Us & Them: who doesn’t love Rory from Gilmore Girls??  Except her MOM from Gilmore girls, Lorelai, DATED Jason Ritter on Parenthood…. it’s a little weird… if you followed all that…. then you understand..

That’s all I’ve got for now…. as for the regular season shows I’m pumped to have back on…. Modern Family, The Neighbors, New Girl, The Mindy Project, Nashville, The Big Bang Theory, Parks and Recreation, and Parenthood.  (I’ve given up on Glee … yeah I admit it… no more Glee…. oh and Grey’s… they’ve been out of my life for some time now also ).  I might watch Survivor this season…. and Dancing with the stars… who am I kidding.

Thursday Thoughts



Kellie Pickler wins DWTS Season 16: Tuesday night, 8 PM, I’m all settled in to watch the DWTS finale and nooooo it’s the Bachelor’s Funniest Moments!!!  I watched it.  I’ve only really watched one or two season of the Bachelor – so I wasn’t like really into it, but it wasn’t as horrible as I thought it was going to be when I realized it was on and DWTS finale didn’t start until 9 PM.

OKAY so DWTS season finale starts.  I’m watching.  I realize it’s almost 10 PM…. and they’ve only booted Aly Raisman…. how are they going to wrap this up in less than 3 minutes?  and then a commerical comes on… impossible!!  Does this go on until 11 PM noooooooooo it doesssssss.  I was tired.  But I stuck it out.  I watched Kellie Pickler win!

Honestly, I am SOO DWTS’d out.  I do not want to watch the ABC morning after after party.  Wait, so they film the finale live… then immediately get on a plane to fly to NYC, which has an earlier time zone – and then party on ABC GMA all day?!  Insanity.

you know what else is crazy… the bleeding mess Val was when Zendaya elbowed him… he’s still lookin good though!



Alternators: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  You really know how to f up a week dontcha.  Car repairs are the worstttt.  They cost a ton, it’s never easy to bring them in, cause ummm like they’re taking your transportation.  Then when you have a baby that requires a car seat so you’re lugging that thing around or trying to coordinate rides with someone else who has a car seat – it’s just so much!!  I need a new car, suggestions anyone?


The Billboard Music Awards: Let’s talk about this for a minute.  3 major things happened (in my opinion as major)…


#1 Miguel takes girls out by landing on them when jumping off stage into the crowd.  Whattt?!


#2 Justin Bieber won an award and the audience boo’s him.  I was watching this live.  I thought he was just taking FOR-EV-ERRR to accept his award.  I was like come on biebs just say thank you already.  Then he says, “I’m 19 years old…. I’m 19 years old…. I’m 19 years old… I’m 19 years old…” (maybe it was one or two less than that)… and I was like okay SO WHAT?!  Next year you’ll be 20 years old, and then you’ll be 21 years old.  Oh Bieber, yes you’re 19 years old, and you’re doing pretty good for yourself, we got it, haters gonna hate.  It wasn’t until the next day when I read about it that I found out he was so awkward because they were booing him.


#3 the late performance by Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne…… okay… first of all… that behind is large and I couldn’t stop staring at it.  I was hypnotized.  Then she gave lil wayne a lap dance and I snapped out of it… I was like WHAT what what what are you WATCHING!?!!!  What is this on network television!!  Good thing the kiddos are sleeping but WHAT ABOUT THE WEST COAST!  They are still seeing this!  Please someone tell me they saw this too.

the middle

The Middle Season Finale:  The Middle is one of my favorite shows just for the few omg that’s me moments that happen every episode.  This episode… I was Frankie Heck.  Axl is graduating, and I saw my future self (hopefully not) when my first born son graduates high school.


Frankie tackles Axl to the ground when he refuses to wear black socks to his graduation – and tries to put them on him.  That reminded me of chasing NF around trying to get socks on him now.  I can see this happening in 16 years.


She’s so mad at him she says she can’t wait for him to leave for college – then he walks across the stage and she loses it.  She has an amazing cry face.


I wonder if NF’s graduation photo with me years from now will look a little like this one.


Nashville Finale: Spolier alert if you haven’t watched it yet…  Here’s a list of my “WHATTTTTTTTT I CAN’T BELIEVE I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL SEPTEMBER TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENSSSSSSSSSS!!!” end of the episode moments…

  • Rayna and Deacon are in a car accident… I didn’t see THAT coming… well I did once they kept going back to clips of Rayna driving and them arguing – I thought, “oh no not a car accident.” and CRASH.  car accident.
  • Peggy’s pregnant with Teddy’s Child… ughhhhhh whyyy???  I was so ready for Peggy to be gone.  Maybe it’s a lie.
  • Gunnar proposes to Scarlett… umm huh?  Now’s not the time Gunnar… I mean Scarlett wouldn’t even accept flowers from you that day… do you think she’s going to accept an engagement ring?

Some other things that were not so shocking, Will see’s an ex lova at a bar and he looked pretty protective over his lady playa style… I feel he’ll be a star soon and a scandal coming on.  Tandy quit working for her dad… and I so don’t even care.  And Avery and Juliette are friends now?  I really am sticking to being an Avery hater, he’s just using everyone to get to the top – you think he’s been humbled by being a rodey, no, I’m still anti Avery.

Thursday Thoughts


Today is Thursday and it’s time to link up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

Where to start… well… NASHVILLE!! oh mmmm geee. (spoiler alert)… I’ll do this like Friday Letters…

Dear Rayna Jaymes, I love that you’re back with Deacon.  I wish you always were with Deacon and there wasn’t a Teddy Conrad, but that’s just not how it is… we’ll have to deal with annoying ruining everything Teddy.
Dear Juliette Barnes, I cried for you this episode.  RIP Jolene.
Dear Scarlett O’Connor, Thank you for being strong.  You really handle yourself with class while Gunnar’s being a dummy.  Stay focused and level headed… but please don’t go back to Avery… I can see this happening.
Dear Teddy Conrad, you’re so annoying.
Dear Deacon Claybourne, I saw previews of next episode and wow wow wow… you’re in for a huge suprise… please don’t go back to drinkin cause of it.
Dear Avery Barkley, so strange that you just happen to be pals with Juliette now… and you’re showing a better side of yourself… I’m NOT supposed to like you Averyyyy!  and the wisk to Scarlett, smooth.
Dear Gunnar Scott, WHAT are YOU DOING!?  You’ve been messing everything up for too many episodes in a row now.  I’m tired of you being stupid… do you want me to switch to team Avery?!!  Get it together!!
Dear Lamar Wyatt and Tandy Wyatt, I don’t understand or really feel like following your story line and something about a baseball field, now they’re droppin hints that daddy’s losing his memory (how convenient).
Dear Will Lexington, that was pret-ty easy for you to just end up at Scarlett and Gunnar’s house, then sneak your way into Rayna’s music  stuff… I really thought you were a few episode character – but you’re sticking around?  Even after tryin to smooch Gunnar?
Dear Maddie Conrad, I love when you sing… I really really do!!  And don’t be so upset that Teddy’s not your dad… I mean I get it… but Deacon for a dad is so awesome too!
Dear Jolene Barnes, RIP.
Dear Dante Rivas, PEACE OUT BEOTCH.

Nashville mom

RIP Jolene Barnes

The Middle… Adventures of Sue Heck!

sue heck1

Axel tells Sue she should skip school… that she needs to live life!!

sue heck 2

Sue can’t sleep thinking about how she should skip school…

sue heck 3

Sue skips school…

sue heck 4

Sue does basically this all day…

sue heck 5

Sue actually gets sick from skipping school…

OHHH I love Sue Heck!!

So long shows I liked.  I will miss you.  RIP 2013.
Shows that have lived a good long life30 Rock, The Office, Breaking Bad, Dexter
Shows that were gone too soonBen and Kate, Don’t Trust the B, Family Tools, Go On, How to Live With Your Parents, Malibu Country
 Shows that I’m okay with never seeing again…. Animal Practice, Bachelor Pad, Guys with Kids, Happy Endings, The Mob Doctor, Up All Night, Whitney

If you don’t agree with my list, or you do, or you have any comments at all leave a comment!  If I put your fav show on the don’t care list I apologize.

Thursday Thoughts…


right hand

Today’s my 27th birthday!  Look closely at the photo, it’s NF’s right hand!  The lady who watches NF got me a card from him and traced his hand to sign it.  I almost cried!  I’ll keep it forever.


Tonight I am going out to eat with Cgrizzly.  I told him I wanted my favorite salad.  I just pulled it from the menu (see above).  $7.95 with some water… hello I’m a cheap date.

This morning I went to bk drive thru because we were early and I wanted a fun drink for my bday.  I thought BK had caught up with the other fast food places with their coffee drinks, but they haven’t.  This is how the convo went…

BK guy: hi can I help you?
Alison: yeah, I’d like a small vanilla latte with non fat milk.
(The menu board says lattes are made with 2% or non fat milk)
BK guy: uhh our lattes are just like powder, they’re packets and we put in hot water, so there’s no milk.
Alison: that sounds terrible.  I don’t want anything anymore bye.
(and I drive away and went to tim hortons to get a TINY hazelnut cappuccino for $2.15)

I am so disappointed in the packets for lattes!!!!  I wonder if other places do that too and I don’t know about it!  I don’t think so, I am pretty sure dunkin, tim hortons, and starbucks do their coffees justice and actually make them – not add hot water.  I can see that being messed up so easily – like getting hot water flavored latte…gross!!


Ummm Nashville?!  I don’t want it to end!!  Only two episodes left.  Don’t continue to read if you haven’t seen the show and still want too… *spoiler* I’ve figured from the very beginning that it was likely Maddie was really Deacon’s daughter, and I was right (there still could be some crazy twist where that’s not right but I am pretty sure it is).  When or will Rayna tell Deacon?  I don’t know how anyone could keep a secret like that (this is television so don’t think about it too hard, Alison).  WHY is Gunnar being so lame, he’s going to lose the baby deer Scarlett eventually.  When is Will going to be off the show, this is a character that should be gone by now.  And some how Avery just happened to be in all the right places at all the right times to play with Juliette.  Oh this show is too much.

Thursday Thoughts



Splash Finale… I’m thinking Rory will win.  Did you see the drama with Rory and Drake?!  I think it was planned… but it made me really not like Drake!  Do you think there will be a season 2?  I doubt it.  Like Skating with the Stars, I don’t think this will make it either.

brad and eliz

Elaine and Max Green… Have you watched How To Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life) on ABC yet?  Well the very best part of the show is Polly’s (Sarah Chalke’s) parents Elaine and Max Green (Elizabeth Perkins and Brad Garrett).  They are hilarious!!


I want Ken Jennings to replace Alex Trebek… So is it officially Matt Lauer to replace Trebek?  I feel like this will be The Price is Right all over again… just not the same.


Taylor Armstrong off RHOBH… I guess that it’s official.  She’ll be on the show as a friend like Camille.  My thoughts?  Eh, I guess I don’t really care.


Lil Wayne tweets he’s fine… but he was hospitalized for another seizure… come on lil wayne you’re scaring everyone!!


Miley… I get the short shorts – you have long lean legs.  Wearing the heels?  It looks ridic… is that the point?  She can’t actually think that looks good.


Nashville… Anyone see last night’s episode?  The finale is going to be INSANE!!!


What I’m Loving Wednesday…

what Im loving wednesday

nicky flash

Nicky Flash: I’m always lovin my baby!  He’s playing in the closet with his cousin at the great grandparent’s house here.  The closet is deep and has steps inside- I can totally imagine pretending it was my little harry potter home if I was little.


Nutmeg: I like nutmeg.  I like it in rice pudding, coffee, eggnog, cookies etc.  I feel terrific after I google a spice I’ve added to a food or drink and I find out that it’s doing some random good things for my body (like boosting your mood, preventing alzheimer’s, or reducing inflamation).  It’s so interesting to see what else a spice is doing for you other than just making things tastey.


Scarlett O’connor’s hair: Still my favorite character on Nashville… even though some people are starting to get annoyed with her little girl voice and timid / scared but assertive nature.  My two favorite things about her, her amazing singin’ voice, AND her flawless hair – when she wakes up it looks like she spent hours making it look like the best wake up hair ever (which they might do, since it’s television).


Free self defense classes: Warning predators I TAKE THESE.  We’ve had some pretty sketchy ish go down around here and now we’ve got self defense classes poppin up all over the place, and we’re all getting trained.  I’m loving free self defense classes.


Aly Raisman on DWTS: I’m really liking Aly Raisman on DWTS.  It’s so impressive when she just starts doing floor routine flips.  I do not like Mark Ballas – but since Aly is short so she was put with him.  I just looked up Mark Ballas and found that we’re almost the same age (I’m 15 days older than him) and we’re pretty much the same height.





Chelsea Houska’s hair: My favorite part of Teen mom 2 (other than the adorable little ones) Chelsea Houska’s HAIR!  I love it.


Last night I recieved a text message at 10:48 PM from my friend Tiffany saying, “Poor Gunnar!!”.  I was asleep and didn’t read it until 6:05 AM this morning.  NOW  I have to find out what happens to Gunnar about 3/4th of the way into the episode!

Everyone knows I dislike Avery Barkley (who doesn’t?).  I enjoyed the moment where he happened to go to the Blue Bird for open mic night – but it was closed for a private event (Deacon’s suprise birthday party) – he looks through the red blinds and sees Scarlett and Gunnar perfroming.  HA HA!


Annnd… I know why my friend texted me “Poor Gunnar”… his brother died.  This is going to sound TOTALLY insensitive (but it’s A TV SHOW)… Gunnar’s brother dead is actually a good thing… now he won’t drag him into trouble.