So What Wednesday

Today’s Wednesday!  And I’m saying so what…

-if when I get my graze or goodies subscription box I eat everything in it within a few hours.

-if I put the air conditioning on last night and it’s October – I like a very cool room and my electric is included.

-if I hear the song “work bitch” and I decide I need a 2nd job and to go way harder at the gym.  Cause I need a maserati and a hot body I just DO.

-if am interested in seeing how many days in a row I can go without buying something… I’m on like 46 hours  no buying.

-if NF’s shorts are kinda tight and high today… we’ve got like what 4 more possible days of 75 degree weather… he can look like an 80’s tennis player this week in 18 month shorts… because then it’s ON to 24 month / 2T pants.

-if all I can think about is Christmas shopping since like two weeks ago.

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