So What Wednesday


-if I’m not married. Though it would be nice if I could easily say, “Sorry I’m married” when I’m awkwardly asked out.  Maybe if I had a ring they wouldnt ask in the first place?  I should see it as flattering, but it’s totally unwanted.

if I keep up with celeb gossip.  SO WHAT.  It’s harmless and doesn’t make me stupid.

-if I am about to quit candy crush because I can’t beat a level for like a week… I might just finally be over it.

-if I’m considering joining a pitch league or something to keep me busy in the winter time.  Bowling would be more realistic… but why not pitch?  Can’t I round up some home bodies lookin for a reason to get out and play a safe game of pitch once a week?  And so what if I sound like an 80 year old.

-if I am making crafts for NF’s birthday…. and I’ll play a slide show of pictures of him of the past year, and mini clips of Cookie Monster on the big screen tv… if there are complaints to put on football, I will no joke drop kick you out of that party room and into the bar and ban you from coming back in.

-if I cry.  I can cry if I want to.  I can cry during the movie Rocky.  I can cry because I broke my glasses.  I can cry because I’m tired.  So what.  Let a girl cry.

What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday


NF: I love a sleeping baby.  He’s ALMOST 2… in 15 days!  I can’t believe it!  So, Monday we were watching Wheel of Fortune… and at the end when the contestant does the final puzzle and there is the time clock.  NF went right up to the TV when the timer started, and shouted out letters, “A, E, O, M, R, O, E, A, B, E, B” and the timer ran out and he said, “OHHH MANNN!!”  (like he didn’t guess it right in time just like the guy on tv) I was floored.  I couldn’t believe what I just saw!  It was adorable and hilarious and I loved every second!!


Parenthood: I’ve never missed an episode.  I absolutely love how realistic they’re making the new baby.  The scene where Jazmin is trying to relax in the bath, and Crosby is trying to feed the baby with a bottle, and tells her to keep relaxing, even though she can hear the baby crying.  I am so glad they are showing this stuff, and not just poppin out a baby and then life’s back to normal, because that’s not real and TV does it all the time.

American Heart Association's 2012 New York City Go Red For Women Luncheon

Snooki dancing to Britney’s Work Bitch: Amazing!  I love the mom Snooki I really do.  I love the week where the contestants do a dance inspired by their most memorable year.  Monday’s DWTS was my fav!


Yoplait Whips: I’ve only tried the orange and the chocolate… and I really love them.  They’re such a treat!  They’re under 200 calories and that’s good with me…. not that I’m really counting but if they were over 200 I might reconsider having one.