Dancing With The Stars Update


So I did a prediction post for the order I thought the dwts contestants would be off the show.  Dancing With the Stars 17 Elimination Predictions.

My 1st elimination pick was Bill Engvall… he wasn’t eliminated first, Keyshawn Johnson was.

My 2nd elimination pick was Bill Nye.

Thoughts on tonight’s show… Amber Riley and Derek Hough… I don’t care what the judges said, that was the most entertaining dance of the NIGHT (other than Bill Nye)!  I really think Amber is going to win the whole season.

And Bill Nye dancing like a robot… LOVED IT!  I can’t believe I cried – I love this man!  (But how can he continue like that – I still voted for him though!)

anyone else liking that it’s one night now?

The results… the 2nd contestant going home… Bill Nye.  NOOOO!!  But my prediction was correct.



Axel’s Roommate “Kenny” on The Middle

the middle
I felt the best part of the season premiere of The Middle was “Kenny”, Axel’s roommate at college.  THEN I found out I KNOW HIM!  Well sort of.  It’s my friend’s friend’s brother… who I have met.
There he is!  They don’t show his face.  More to come after the next episode… I’ll be following Kenny.

Friday’s Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, it’s official… you’re going to be Cookie Monster for Halloween/your birthday!!!!  or as you like to call him, “key”.

Dear C, I am SO happy you won a lap top today!  You told me, “I have 3 mules in the raffle.”  (I had no idea what that meant), and then I told my friend you had, “6 goats in the pot”…. then I went back to check the message you sent me to make sure I was saying that correctly… because I didn’t even know what that meant…. I was cracking up when I realized I had it wrong… where did I come up with 6 goats in the pot?

Dear Smellen, SO jelly of you right now getting your nails done today and having a me day before you attend a wedding tonight.  Have tons of fun!  And yeah, dark purple polish, so in.

Dear sweater weather without a coat, I love you.

Dear Chinese cooking class,  I SOOO love you!  It’s a great class.

Dear Michael J Fox, My mom loves you.

Flash Back Friday



Like around March 2006…. I’m 4th from the left…  I was going through the phase where I didn’t smile for photos (I glared).  I think I thought it made me look bad ass but now I think it just made me look like I wasn’t ready for the picture to be taken.

Thursday Thoughts


It’s Thursday so I’m linking up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

There is just way too much new television for me to keep up with right now… and they all seem to be bunched together on the same nights.  I will catch up though.  I had to watch The Middle and the 1 hour Modern Family last night – therefore missing Survivor… and then I was too tired to watch Nashville (I know right, WHAT happened to Rayna James, no no don’t tell me for real).

DON’T tell me what happened… I didn’t watch it yet.


NF is crazy.  He is the FASTEST little guy ever.  Last night I took him to the mall to get his feet measured… because I suspected he’d out grown his sneakers?  (AHH he only wore those Jordans for 4 MONTHS!)  And he was sprinting around the store full speed, only to stop and give him self a kiss in the mirror?  He acts as if we keep him in a cage… oh wait… NO we don’t REALLY… but we do block him off to a play area in our apartment, otherwise our recyclables, garbage can, toilets, cabinets, bookcase, etc etc would be destroyed in under an hour.  And unfortunately his blocked off play area we named “the cage” – I have to be careful using this phrase around people who don’t know about “the cage”… because I’m sure they imagine like an animal crate… NO we do NOT keep our toddler in an animal crate, I promise.

Okay, so I’m brand new to this buying kids sneakers thing.  I’ve found that the Jordans are like… by far better quality than the other brands… and they have that back loop… which is KEY to me getting NF’s sneakers on…. so that’s how I justify spending like twice as much on these.  I just had no idea that he’d out grow them so quickly!  I decided I’d better have another boy, so he can enjoy all these toddler size Jordans.

Looking back I probably could have gotten his feet measured… and then went online to shop around for a better deal in his size… ugh… next time mama.  I learn as I go.


Jordan TR ’97



SO… I just learned what  PSL is.  I’ve been reading it… and thinking WHAT is that, and I think I need one too since everyone seems to be saying they need one.  I have to thank Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for quickly answering my question.  It’s a pumpkin spice latte… duhhh.  Someone should make a blog acronym list… I’d love it.

salted caramel


Oh, and I just found out after checking the starbucks website… that a Salted Caramel Mocha Frap, tall with nonfat milk and no whip cream… is only 200 calories… here I am walking around target thinking I’m drinking half the calories I should have in a day… and I WASN’T!  This could be dangerous knowledge.  I think I’m going to start calling this the SCMF… do you think that’ll catch on?

OH… and I start my Chinese cooking class tonight.

Just some Real Housewives of NJ TV thoughts


Season 5 Episode 17 – Hair We Go Again

Did anyone notice little Joey Gorga with lip stick on!  So cute!


Teresa Giudice: “I think camel toe’s sexy right?”  OH I love her.


Does Kim D. never looks like she’s up to any good…


Joseph turns 17!  He’s so cute!  Obviously they get him a car.


Kathy Wakile looks extra tan… I STILL can’t believe she shook my hand last month.


Teresa meets Victoria Gotti for lunch… I saw the season Teresa and Victoria were both on Celeb Apprentice.  I bet Bravo was thrilled this lunch happened.


Hearing/watching Melissa Gorga sing is awkward…. I do love that Joe supports her.


ROSIE!  I love a Rosie Cameo… when is she just going to be a reg cast member already???


I LOVEDDD Caroline’s glasses loved them.  and her hair… so good.

If ANYONE can pull off a leopard blazer and look perfect it’s Teresa Giudice.

Is that Albert Manzo shedding a tear!?  Aww the family is so happy for Chris and Albie and their new restaurant!

Juicy Joe get’s his eye brows plucked!

Penny arrives… ugh.  Her and Kim D. have the same scratchy voice.

AND the show ends on what like the 3rd time with a Penny ending?

What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday


NF: I’m loving NF.  He’s saying more and more!  He even says doorway… not door… doorway.  I love when he stops and gives his stuffed animals a kiss randomly while he’s playing.  He’s just too adorable.

Apple picking at Beak & Skiff:  If you’re in Central NY this is a terrific place to go apple picking.


Reese’s Chips Ahoy:  These last 48 hours tops when I bring them home.


Apple Pie: So everyone’s all pumpkin crazy… no no it’s the APPLES in September… Pumpkins are for October… then TURKEY for November and cookies in December.  That’s how it goes.


Caroline Manzo’s Black Glasses: How stylish was Caroline Sunday night on episode 17 season 5?  I loved this look!!  And her hair!  Never better.

So What Wednesday

Today I am saying so what…

  • if I look at the Coach outlet website daily and basically drool and never buy anything.  I just always know the price will go lower next sale and wait…usually too long and it’s gone forever.
  • if the college I graduated from calls me and asks me for money and I always say no.  AND I don’t really feel guilty about that.  No… I will not donate “20 dollars and 9 cents”  how random is that number they ask for?  OHHHHHH I get it, it’s because I graduated in 2009…. wow.  Seriously JUST figured that out now.
  • if the college I graduated from personally invited me to a homecoming dinner, cocktail hour, and a comedy show by B.J. Novak… and the only thing that caught my attention was B.J. Novak… then I remembered the gym he’d probably be in and the bleachers… and the time I saw Wanda Skyes there and nearly had a panic attack from old college memories.  No… I don’t think I’ll be making that trip.
  • if I bought shoes on ebay from someone with a bad rating (you know those stars, they should be yellow, not red)… and I read the bad reviews… but I bought them anyway because I REALLY wanted Style & Co. high high heal booties.  ANNDD they sent me some random brand flats…. not…even..close… to what I ordered.  UGH.  Then I contact them, and they say they don’t have the shoe I ordered.  At least the shoe they did send me was the right size… and kinda cute…
  • if I do not like Mindy Kailing’s short hair.  I know that it happened the end of last season… but I REALLY thought that it’d magically be long again for this season… and then after some research… I found out it’s a wig… so if it’s THAT easy to change back… why?  why haven’t they?


Buffalo Chicken Nachos

It’s football season and I’ve been asked to make game day meals/snacks for Sunday.  We’ll take turns every other week we’re in charge of a new kind of nachos (C’s idea not mine)…. soo C made breakfast nachos for week 1.  Week 2 came and I made….. nothing.  I know I’m TERRIBLE!  So I had to redeem myself week 3.  I decided to make Buffalo Chicken Nachos!!!  And I’ll tell you how I made them…

First take 3 thawed chicken breasts, 1 bottle of franks redhot buffalo sauce, and a 1/2 package of ranch seasoning mix.


Put this all in the crockpot on low for like 5 hours.

It’ll come out like this after you shred it with two forks…


Now put it over nachos and sprinkle mozzarella cheese over it.


Put it in the oven on whatever temperature until the cheese melts (I know that’s not very specific but trust yourself, you can judge it).


Have some blue cheese and celery sticks to go along with it and you’re done!