Thursday Thoughts


It’s THURSDAY!  and I’m linking up with Jen for Thursday Thoughts.


that tote is really orange.

So NF likes to play in the bright orange totes.  He’ll relax in there, watch some tv, and then go back to playing.  I am feeling better about the orange color since it’s close to Halloween – and it’s Syracuse’s color… but really C?  You couldn’t have come home with a more neutral color?


I am pretty close to finishing season 5 of Breaking Bad.  So far I think I know something I wish I didn’t know… but I’m not sure if I’m right… so I will still be surprised by the ending.  I can’t believe I’ve been able to stay away from spoilers this long!


NF’s 2nd birthday party is coming (Halloween!)… and the theme is Cookie Monster.  There are SOOO many things I can do with that.  I mean seriously, google cookie monster party… go on pinterest… you can spend forever looking at the amazing creative crafty things moms do for birthday parties… it’s actually overwhelming.  I need to pick a few things and do them well and not freak out.

hot bean sauce

hot bean sauce

Tonight is my last night of my Chinese cooking class!  I wish it was more weeks.  I really loved doing it and I think I’ll be taking more cooking classes in the future.  That picture is a jar of hot bean sauce… secret to deliciousness.

lg env3

Am I the only one with this phone still?  Besides my cousin and my sister… The LG enV3?  I might even have the 2 I’m not even sure.  I got it December 2009… and it’s still working well for me.  I just CAN’T do it… just like I refuse to get cable… I refuse to get a smart phone.  I just don’t want to spend the $ every month.  My 13 yr old nephew said to me a few weeks ago, “you still have that phone?  I had that phone like 4 years ago.”  Really??!