Dancing With The Stars Finale


I predicted what would happen on Dancing With The Stars back on September 4th… you can view the post here.  Here is how I did…

Eliminated 1st – who I predicted Bill Engvall… who actually went home Keyshawn Johnson

Eliminated 2nd– who I predicted Bill Nye… who actually went home Bill Nye

Eliminated 3rd – who I predicted Valerie Harper… who actually went home Valerie Harper

Eliminated 4th – who I predicted Jack Osbourne… who actually went home Christina Milian

Eliminated 5th – who I predicted Snooki… who actually went home Snooki

Eliminated 6th– who I predicted Brant Daugherty… who actually went home Brant Daugherty

Eliminated 7th – who I predicted Elizabeth Berkley Lauren… who actually went home Elizabeth Berkley Lauren

Eliminated 8th – who I predicted Leah Remini… who actually went home Leah Remini

Eliminated 9th – who I predicted Keyshawn Johnson… who actually went home Bill Engvall

Eliminated 10th – who I predicted Corbin Bleu… who actually went home Jack Osbourne

Eliminated 11th – who I predicted Amber Riley… who actually went home Corbin Bleu

And the winner – who I predicted Christina Milan… who actually won Amber Riley

I would say I did pretty good!!  50% of my predictions were correct in order!

Dancing With The Stars Finale

WELL tonight is the NIGHT!  I thought it was on at 8 but it was on at 9… and I painted  my toe nails during agents marvel of shield… That’s just not my kinda show… and I anxiously waited for it to be over.



Last night during the show I used all my votes on Bill Engvall… I wanted him to win and the show to freak out!!  I KNEW the second I’d vote for him and get on board he’d go home… and yup I was right.


Enrique Iglesias had his mole removed 10 years ago???  He’s 38 years old???  Oh he is such a beautiful man!!


I was glad they did the What Does The Fox say dance.


I felt like 1 hour was just not enough to cram in everything… but I am glad that this season was once a week and they kept it more to the point than ever before.  THEN at 9:57 PM I realized… they can’t wrap this up in 3 minutes??  AHH it goes until 11 PM.  Don’t they know people need to go to sleep!?

Snooki danced to Work Bitch!!!!  I loved it!!!

….more to come

I just want it!

So many email deals are pouring in and this caught my eye!!


image credit: julep.com

The Gem Collection 2013… I DO want it… 12 for $67.20… that’s $5.60 a polish… not too bad right??  and I think I love every color!!


image credit: julep.com

Then there is this… I want this too!!

Prices are TODAY only with code HOLIDAY20

I have a feeling they’ll be having amazing deals until Christmas!!!

***UPDATE**** I GOT THIS… but the black friday deal for $49!!!  PLUS a $1 nail polish AND free shipping… that’s like $3.92 a nail polish!!!!!!!!!!!!  (so those of you shopping for me for xmas… I already got it for myself).

A few thoughts about the AMAs…

Well the American Music Awards were on last night and I have some comments…  and they are in no particular order.

#1 – Miley’s outfit was disappointing.


… but then she did this at the very end… and no one saw it because they were watching the patriots broncos game.

Miley Cyrus

#2 – When Nelly sang Ride Wit Me I felt 14 again!!


#3 – Zendaya had ridiculously long hair (extensions)


#4 – Ke$ha is sooo catchy… but is anyone else over pitbull??? Every time he yells Dale!!  I say what?  Dolly?  Bali like dance?  Dale?  What?  I finally just looked up the meaning… trust me it’s more fun when it was a mystery.


#5 – Rihanna wore 3 diamond bobby pins


#6 – Anything R Kelly is weird… but you can’t look away


#7 – I want Lady Gaga’s horse…


#8 – Taylor Swift makes me STOP eating whatever snack is in my hand when she comes on TV… I think you know why… thinspiration!


#9 – Kendall Jenner presented an award… all I could think about was season 1 of the Kardashians


#10 – I never heard this Say Something Christina Aguilera song but I liked it!


#11 – the hottness that is Jlo will never die


#12 – What is the attraction to Harry Styles?  Anyone?  Can anyone explain this to me?


That’s all I’ve got to say for now… I’m sure I could go on forever though…

Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, you make me laugh every day all the time.  You just found out that you can make that step down on the sidewalk all by yourself… and you must have stepped up and down about 20 times before you were ready to come inside yesterday.  Really it’s a big deal!

Dear trivia last night, We won!!  and I actually even gave some answers that no one else knew!!  So we won, AND I contributed (they don’t necessarily go hand in hand).

Dear everyone that wants to watch Catching Fire with me, well well well – who knew I was so popular… or maybe it’s… who knew that I was the first person people thought of when figuring out who to go with to a young adult book movie….

Dear Smellen, ohhh sister… I have to write to you because you read this!  I really don’t think anyone reads this blog – but when I don’t post I get texts, “why haven’t you posted?” — well what I WANT to know is, why haven’t you commented to know you’re reading!?

Dear darkness outside, you are turning me into a hobbit starting at 5:10 PM every frickin day…. and the days are STILL getting shorter!

Dear Chris Brown, wtf is your deal throwin rocks at your mom’s car?  I am tired of you!

Dear Thankgiving, my mouth is watering at the thought!!!  (I am also so excited for left overs and the fact that I wont have to cook or buy food for at least a few days!)

Dear Lamar Odom’s crack rap video, you can view that here.  Now, I don’t think this proves that you cheat on Khole… but I think it does prove you have been under some kind of influence – and it’s not pretty.

Dear Christmas Shopping, they say the average person spends like $700 for Christmas??  Is that right?  Or am I just making that stat up, I swear I heard that number on the news…  IF I can STAY under $700 when we’re all said and done I think I can be happy with that.  Right?

Dear pot belly, why do you feel so huge at this exact moment.

Dear Halloween candy, you can seriously go away now… I can’t look at you without feeling guilty.

Dear Scandal, OMGGGGGGG you were incredible last night!!