Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, you’re all ready to go, coat on, sneakers on, cookie monster in your arms… I open the front door and you fall to the ground like one of those animals playing dead staring up at their predator.  We’re on day 3 of this.  It’s sort of adorable, sort of terrifying if you decide to do this in public.

Dear Breaking Bad, I finished you.  You were amazing but I am really glad you’re done and over with because – I just could not handle it anymore.

Dear Pretty Little Liars, I feel like I was just preparing for the withdrawals I was going to have from you not being on but with all the new tv I hardly noticed you were gone.  Now you’re back next week!

Dear cold, cough, upper respiratory infecwhatever you are, go away you’re not welcome in my home!

Dear Bruce and Kris “split”, this isn’t even news?  So Bruce got his own home in Florida?  If I had Kardashian $ I think I’d have a home in Florida too… ya know just mine… no big deal.  If they really got divorced divorced then I’d be more surprised.  Oh and I know Brody is probably everyone’s fav Jenner boy… but I kinda think Brandon is cute?  Yes? Anyone?

Dear Smellen, thanks for dealing with my “Sheldon”ness.  (Last night someone in our cooking class said I reminded him of Sheldon… which would make my sister Leonard).

Dear Celebs read mean tweets, I laughed SOOO hard watching you.