Birchbox July 2013 Review


My birchbox July 2013 Review…


Beauty Protector Shampoo and Conditioner:  I consider this one item, not two.  The samples are small and will be used together.  It smells good, like vanilla and honey.


Caldrea Body Lotion: I am excited to try these… once.  The samples are a one use sample, not my favorite kind of sample.


TheBalm InStain Long Wearing Powder Staining Blush: This is okay… I like the color.  I’ll use it… but I don’t think I’d ever by $22 blush.  The packaging is cool.


TanTowel: June’s box had a tan towel… and I even emailed birchbox about how I don’t like them.  Recieving ONE is sketchy… will it REALLY cover all I need it to?  Anyways, I don’t even want to chance it… it could be bad, and it could ruin my clothes, or sheets… not worth it to me.  I will not use this… OR my other one I got.

Overall… total dissapointment in this box… well not total but mostly.  I liked the shampoo and conditioner and the blush I guess… but I don’t think this is worth $10.  I was sad when I opened this at my parent’s… my mom gave me some samples she had from the mall to cheer me up!!  Soooo here they are…


Some lotions and a victoria secret gorgeous perfume which I really liked the smell of.  Thanks mama!


4 thoughts on “Birchbox July 2013 Review

  1. I basically got the same things in my Birchbox too. I did feel it was a little light on what they sent. Not their best box. Also I did take a risk and tried the TanTowel but my experience was it wasn’t enough product for both my legs. It says its for half the body but that isn’t really true for me.

    • I wrote to birchbox to tell them I recieved a tan towel two boxes in a row and they credited me 100 points. I’m happy with that. I am still not going to risk trying the tan towel.

      • yeah I don’t blame you for not trying it. I didn’t have good results with it and ended up scrubbing off the color it gave me. it was uneven and actually not enough product for half the body anyways.

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