Birchbox July 2013 Review


My birchbox July 2013 Review…


Beauty Protector Shampoo and Conditioner:  I consider this one item, not two.  The samples are small and will be used together.  It smells good, like vanilla and honey.


Caldrea Body Lotion: I am excited to try these… once.  The samples are a one use sample, not my favorite kind of sample.


TheBalm InStain Long Wearing Powder Staining Blush: This is okay… I like the color.  I’ll use it… but I don’t think I’d ever by $22 blush.  The packaging is cool.


TanTowel: June’s box had a tan towel… and I even emailed birchbox about how I don’t like them.  Recieving ONE is sketchy… will it REALLY cover all I need it to?  Anyways, I don’t even want to chance it… it could be bad, and it could ruin my clothes, or sheets… not worth it to me.  I will not use this… OR my other one I got.

Overall… total dissapointment in this box… well not total but mostly.  I liked the shampoo and conditioner and the blush I guess… but I don’t think this is worth $10.  I was sad when I opened this at my parent’s… my mom gave me some samples she had from the mall to cheer me up!!  Soooo here they are…


Some lotions and a victoria secret gorgeous perfume which I really liked the smell of.  Thanks mama!


Thursday Thoughts


Today is Thursday and it’s time to link up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

big brother


I am totally cool with Elissa getting MVP 3 weeks in a row, keep them coming!  … I almost even voted for her, until I realized I had to sign in or something and that was too difficult on my kindle.  If Elissa wins this whole season…. and being MVP helped her… I don’t care either.  Merica is choosing Elissa sooooo if she wins that’s fine.

ginamarie ginamarie2

Did anyone else think it was hilarious/weird that Ginamarie carried around a pair of redshorts to cry/blow her nose into after Nick left?  Oh, and did you think it was hilarious/weird that she was acting this way after knowing Nick a couple weeks?


I have all of Teresa Giudice’s books (secret: I haven’t made anything from her books).  But I am dying to get them signed by her.  She has signings all the time but mostly in New Jersey.  Come on Tere come to a book store near me!  Maybe that should be in my totally trying August edition – to actually make one of Teresa’s recipes.


I was thinking of getting this headband – since Spencer Hastings wore it on PLL… and it’s $14 at Urban Outfitters…. but I didn’t….


Lastly, I want Melissa Gorga’s sweater from last episode to lounge in.  I read that it is or is very similar to Victoria Secret Pink Longsleeve V Neck Raglan Top.  I need to look into this.