What I’m Loving Wednesday!

what Im loving wednesday



NF: Today you are 21 months old exactly.  I can’t believe you’re almost 2!  I absolutely love how when we go for walks – you wave and say “hi hi hi hi hi hi” to ANYONE you spot until they finally say hi back and then you throw yourself back laughing.  You really are super friendly!


Rosie’s expressions when the Joe’s start getting feisty:  Rosie’s basically one of the Joe’s on Real Housewives of NJ… and I absolutely love her expressions when she can sense a fight.  They cut to Rosie and her eyes are huge just staring into space.  I have no idea if this is her actual expression or if it’s all Bravo’s editing but it’s hilarious.


Aria’s comic book dress from last night’s episode:  I love how Aria just wears whatev as ridiculous as it can be she can just pull it off like nbd.