So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday so what!…

So what if…

  • Baseball playoffs start tonight for my son’s little league team…  I know it would be exciting if they won… but I think I’d be just as happy with the relief it’s finally over if they lost.  12 weeks of games and practices 3-4 nights a week while watching his little brother at every one… we’re ready for a break.
  • With so much baseball we haven’t been out to the YMCA in for-ev-er… finally went last night and it was GLORIOUS… that yoga was JUST want I needed…  so what if I am looking forward to yoga over 2 hour long little league practices
  • I haven’t had a long run since the mountain goat race May 5th
  • I get pretty jelly when people who haven’t run in months and months can just pull off an 8 min pace for 3-4 miles, like oh nice run bro… that would’ve been my PR
  • I eat VB’s snacks and I can’t stop won’t stop get it get it
  • I only like to read books when I am laying in the sun and I can’t really see my phone screen well…
  • I pretend I am on a balcony of a resort when laying out on my back porch this time of year
  • I’ve considered doing a colonic before my cousin’s wedding to shed a couple lbs – did some research and I am still interested but also mortified
  • I think all these special days at elementary school are annoying, especially when the specific class already choose something and then the principal chooses a contradicting thing – and I can’t keep it all straight… how are you going to have PJ day, and then get a text message 8:15 PM on a Sunday to the whole school that it’s dress your best day on Monday…
  • NF’s charger part on his tablet has been broken for over a month – and I don’t really want to get it fixed (or even worse, buy him a new one)… he’s been living without it just fine
  • no body reads this




I’m linking up with Jennifer from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom… even though this isn’t a link up.


Currently readingThe Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware … technically I haven’t started but this is the book on my nightstand… I need a hot day to lay out and read this…


Currently in my parenting life…  My son’s writing assignment topic was what was your favorite part of 2nd grade, and he wrote about fuzzys.  When his classroom is well behaved they get fuzzys put in the jar… when the jar is filled they get a reward (15 min extra recess etc.)  So we decided to do one at home…. and it’s been working out so well.  NF last night took a bath with no assistance (filled and drained himself- washed his hair and rinsed it out, dried off and got pjs on).  I was so proud of him, and it was nice to lessen my multitasking load while getting everyone ready for bed and packed for the next day.  NF will also get the mail on his own, make his own snacks and is motivated to be independent and impress me enough to earn fuzzys.  It’s not all good days, I don’t think he earned any for about 5 days straight last week ugh…. but when he does earn them, we’re both happy.  I plan to take this jar on vacation with us!


Currently watching… Outlander… I shouldn’t have just googled this picture I think I saw some spoilers!  I am on season 1 episode 8… I only thought there were 2 seasons because that’s all there is on netflix… turns out the 5th is coming out in the Fall.


Currently watching too… Big Little Lies season 2 on HBO…. ugh I love it.  I love it!!!  My favorite cast seriously.


Currently loving… these babies with all my heart.


Currently loving to eat… that steak in the back of the picture




Hello!  I made this recipe back in April and I loved it so much.  This is the link to the Crispy Brussels Sprouts Tartine with Caramelized Onions from How Sweet Eats website.