Friday’s Letters

Friday letters

Dear C, what if I got a dog while you’re away for work… maybe a french bull dog (any color) named Boogotti… oh and Ray J did steal my dog name, everyone reading this better not steal it too.

Dear NF, Thanks for throwing a rock at my car yesterday.  You did say “I’m sorry, I doesn’t mean to” (while crying)… how could I resist that?  I am glad you went to bed ok last night, after 4 nights of not good… let’s hope tonight’s a good night too.

Dear shopping, C’s right… he told me not to lonely shop… and I have.

Dear parents, Happy 33rd wedding anniversary!

Dear Orange is the New Black, early release!!! I was so happy to watch an episode last night at 9 PM when I wasn’t expecting it to come on until midnight.

Dear rain, just stop… you’re ruining my living room ceiling until I can get it fixed.

Dear fitbit, I think your battery is starting go?  I feel like I have to charge you for an hr a day… and when I do, i can’t move because it won’t count.

Dear Teeveee, NF loves you.

Dear Smellen, can’t wait for you to take NF bowling.


What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday

I know I KNOW I know it’s been too long.  I got it I got it (in a Gru voice).


NF: I am totally always loving my little boy.  Yesterday we had all that plant fuzz stuff (what is it?)  I mean it was just floating in the sky everywhere and collecting on the ground.  NF said IT’S SNOW!  IT’S SNOW!!  oh… and I gotta tell you all this… NF sings “STOP in the name of love before you break my heart think it ooohh ohh vverrrrr”  That is the longest sentence (that I can understand at least) he’s ever said.  I HAVE to get it on video.


Being a home owner: uhhh yeah that’s right folks… I did it.  I bought a house… like I didn’t just put an offer in… I went all the way and everything closing and done and done and all mine (well ya know with a mortgage) it’s official.  Am I living in it yet?  No……. do I still have an apartment for a few months?  yes…. soooooo we need to figure some things out (is this too much info for the internet?)…. but omg I have a HOUSEEEEEEEEEE.  And I need to buy a lawn mower and a washer and drier and a GRILL!!!  And a rake and a hose and furniture… omg… this is so expensive… I am pretty much either not sleeping at night nervous and thinking or sleeping so deeply because I am so tired…. it’s one or the other not in between.  K enough about the house stuff, if you’re still reading this paragraph.


Orange is the New Black Season 2: I watched it all… I finished it… in less than a week.  It was SOOOOO good.  I kind of wish I was forced to wait a week for the next episode instead of binge watching all of them in 5 days (when I was so busy so idk how I did it).  When is season 3 coming out??!!!


Guacamole pre made at the store:  I’ve been meaning to find out where this was located at the grocery store… for probably 2 years and finally I remembered to find it WHILE I was actually there… I ate the whole container in like 2 days and I was in love with it.  I want to try the other kinds… spicy, homestyle, etc