What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday
Today’s Wednesday and though, this is no longer a link up, I am still doing it…  I should make my own banner button thing huh?
I am loving…
NF: I am always loving this little guy.  This morning while carrying him down the stairs of our apartment (yes I still do that, it’s much faster than letting him climb them himself) he yelled, “MOM MOM MOM MOM” I said, “what?” and he whispered to me, “mom, it’s fine.”  Oh is it Nicholas!?  Oh and he is officially OBSESSED with Despicable Me (1 & 2) and Finding Nemo.. obsessed.
Makeup remover cleansing towelettes: I am in the habit of using one of these every night.  I cut them in half so they last twice as long.  I wear black eyeliner every day… and I never used to remove it.  Last night was the first time in a while I didn’t and I woke up and I felt like my eyes were angry at me!  I feel so much better removing it and I think my eyes are feeling better from it too!
Debbie Weaver (Jami Gertz) on The Neighbors: I just love her!  I really do!

Some TV thoughts…

So here’s some thoughts on TV lately…  Hopefully I hit some / all / at least one… of the shows you watch and you can tell how you feel too..

First off… The View… all I have to say about The View right now is that it’s WEIRD without Joy Behar and Elisabeth.  and it’s WEIRD to see Elisabeth on Fox and Friends (which I do not watch purposely, it’s just on the TV every morning at our Italian, Catholic, Republican, woman I LOVE that watches NF).  I also NEED to mention, Jenny McCarthy has perfect hair…


Jenny McCarthy’s hair… does it get any better???

Next I need to discuss The Chew.  I was SO excited to watch this live on the day off I took for NF’s 2nd birthday.  I was going to pretend to be a stay at home mom and watch The Chew when he napped.  Unfortunately C got out of work early and came home and ruined my whole plan and put sports center on.  AHHH so I asked him if I could watch The Chew, and he pretty much said yeah whatever, and took a nap.  So it turned out fine and I was able to watch.



THEY DID NOTTTTT disappoint!  Daphne had the idea going as the Spice Girls for Halloween and it was perfect.  Everyone fit their spice girl amazingly!!  I didn’t care about the food they made at all – I just loved the costumes.

The Middle… the very best part of The Middle is Sue Heck.  If you don’t watch the show… you just should because Sue is amazing.  This week Sue holds a seance with some friends and calls for the ghost of Christopher Columbus and swears she sees the Santa Maria.  I died.


Calling Christopher Columbus!!!


Telling everyone what she saw…

And now… I CAN’T forget to mention… LAST NIGHT ON DWTS….. OMMMMMMGGGGGGGGG CHER!!!!!!!!


I love you Cher.

It was amazing.  I loved every minute of her being on the show.

ohhh the girls of bh

Sooo Real Housewives of Beverly Hills started last night – and I still haven’t decided if I’ll watch…

Everyone knows how I feel about The Neighbors… it’s like my favorite show.   My fav quote from this episode is, “Oh Reggie, love actually doesn’t exist in this house between September and Super Bowl Sunday.  There is no love.  There’s only Lovie Smith.  Lovie Smith was the head coach of the Chicago Bears and there’s no surgery that can make me un-know this.  The only thing that I do know is that one day you’re a love struck 16 year old girl who’s boyfriend calls you every other night at exactly 8 PM the next thing you know it’s 20 years later and your marriage has taken a back seat to ALL THINGS NEW YORK GIANTS.  In the next 3 months he’ll have less of a dialog with you than Adam Rosenblam and the rest of the members of the Time Teblow’s division of the greater New Jersey fantasy football league.  I’m sorry, what was your question?”


I hear ya Debbie Weaver!

OH… and can’t forget SNL’s parody of What does The Fox Say… THE BESTTT!!


That’s all for now!!

The Neighbors… pretty good


I decided that I didn’t care for the show The Neighbors before it started and I didn’t really become a fan until about episode 11 “The Gingerbread Man”.  Once the new episodes stop airing I’ll catch up on the first half of the season.  The Neighbors happens to air on ABC at 8:30 after The Middle and before Modern Family (two of my favorite shows) – this slot is a big deal.  If you haven’t given it a try I highly suggest it.  Each episode has a theme that sort of captures and makes fun of what makes humans humans.


I also enjoy how crazy awkward and weird Dick Butkus is on the show.  My favorite part of the show is his odd one liners.


AND I can’t not mention that I really like Jami Gertz.  She was in Lost Boys and look at that awesome hair.  I also saw her on The Chew and fell even more in love with her.