The Goodies Co. Review September


The Goodies Co. Taster’s box is $7 (that includes shipping)… and you get about 5-7 snacks mailed to you to try.  You can review them online and get points – once you get 300 points you can use that for a free box.  I got this box for free because I had gotten up to 300 points!


I was pleased and excited about the amount of goodies that were in this box.  I felt like it was more to try than other boxes I’ve had, but basically a normal box.

Pure Life Splash Water – Lemon: The site says I got orange, but I got lemon.  I thought this was pretty good.  I was excited to drink it as a treat with no calories.  I might have liked orange better?  But I’m totally fine with plain water (because it tastes good to me and is free).

Bare Fruit – Fuji Apple Chips: These were sooo tasty!  But there wasn’t enough in the bag!  They weren’t chewy at all they were perfectly crisp and crunchy.

Zone Perfect – Greek Yogurt Chocolate Bar: I literally feel like I ate this thing in the car for like 10 minutes.  It was so satisfying and giant.  So good… and had tons of protein and fiber.  It was 190 calories, but that’s less than a candy bar and better for you too.

Hummus Crisps – Sun-Dried Tomato, Basil & Feta: This was flavorful…  I didn’t catch any feta taste, but I did feel like I could taste this for about 2 hours still after eating it and that my breath was awful afterwards.  Still a good snack.

Numi Tea – Broccoli Cilantro: I’m scared.  Broccoli Cilantro tea?  It’s probably fantastic for me.  It smells like a broccoli soup?  It tastes like a soup broth?  I will drink it and pretend it’ll give me super powers at the gym later.

Attiki Honey – Thyme: I got this tiny honey sample in my box… but it’s not showing up that I got it in my box.  Oh, maybe I’ll put it in my broccoli cilantro tea!

Scottie Dogs – All Natural Black Licorice: Goodies co. says I didn’t get this in my box, it says I got pitted green snack olives seasoned with sevillian spice… which sounds crazy.  I don’t really like black licorice, but my grandpa does, so I will be saving this to give to him for Christmas.  He also loves dogs so this would be great, right?

I contacted the company letting them know that the items I received didn’t exactly match up with the items they say I received on their site.  This is only important to me because I like to review them for points!  And how can I accurately review items I didn’t get!

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