Dancing With the Stars 17 Elmination Predicitons

THIS is my Dancing With the Stars 17 Elimination Predictions!!

#12 – Bill Engvall – paired up with newbie Emma Slater with little fan base – I don’t think Bill will make it too far.

#11 – Bill Nye, The Science Guy… Sorry Bill… I’m a fan of yours but I don’t think you’ll make it too far.

#10 – Valerie Harper.  Everyone in the WORLD will be rooting for Valerie… but sadly I believe the show will be really tough on her.  And the doctor’s may suggest she stops.

#9 – Jack Osbourne… his not perfect coordination will get the best of him and he just can’t keep up with Cheryl Burke.  He might have a mini meltdown (but nothing really serious) when they film them practicing.  I REALLY hope his family is in the audience each week!!

#8 Snooki – OHH I am so glad she’s part of the cast this year.  I wanna see a slim mama Snooki!

#7 – Brant Daugherty… I am SO a Pretty Little Liars fan but he’s not even a good character.

#6 – Elizabeth Berkley Lauren …. she isn’t quite saved by the bell this time… ha..ha..

#5 – Leah Remini… who doesn’t love her??  And her scandal with Scientology… you KNOW I’m reading that book.

#4 – Keyshawn Johnson… He’s great but he’s just no Jacoby Jones… and he only makes it to #4

Final 3…

Christina Milan, Corbin Blue, Amber Riley

AND THE WINNER… Christina Milan!  With Amber in 2nd… Corbin in 3rd.

What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday

nf smaller

NF: You’re blowing everyone kisses!  You kiss your stuffed animals and hug them… it’s like the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen… then you run around in circles screaming and totally throw yourself into the couch.  You’re the perfect mix of love and energy.

Julep’s Oxygen Nail Treatment: This was my favorite thing I got from my Julep Golden Mystery Box in August.  It’s perfect!  It makes my nails feel strong and thick – and it paints on so easy, doesn’t chip or peal.  I love the color and shininess.



Kiddy Sport N Move Stroller: I bought this when I was 3 or 4 months pregnant… and I had NO idea if it was a good stroller or a good price… it was on a woot off… I made the SNAP quick decision… yes this stroller was the one – love at first sight and my love lasted.  (I hadn’t even pushed a child in a stroller like ever in my life?).  It’s going on Amazon now for $217… I got it for $139 on woot ($156 total with shipping and taxes).  WELL, I love it.  It’s a nice looking stroller.  You can have it face forward or back.  Not too heavy.   Very adjustable.  No cup holder (that’s a negative).  I’ve put over 75 miles on this baby easily.

dwts mug

It’s almost time for me to start using my DWTS mug…. AHHH they announce so soon and I’m LOVIN that!

So what Wednesday…

Today I am saying So What If….

– the combination of the weather changing and gaining a few lbs over labor day weekend caused me to try on at least 5 different outfits this morning because everything felt uncomfortable.

– I bought two more pairs of crop black yoga pants… and now I own 7 pairs (one for everyday of the week!)

– every time I go to the mall I look at sports bras wanting more… and then see the price and say DANGGG (I never say dang?) $30 for a dri fit nike sports bra… and I already own like 7 of these things… I spent like $200 on sports bras?!  WHAT…. and I walk away… knowing i will do the same thing a few weeks later when I return.

 <— simply the best… for a price.

– I 100% am boycotting Miley.  Her song comes on, her song goes OFF.  I turn that ish off asap.  Because 1, I am so sick of it.  2, I imagine her at the vmas and I throw up.  Miley, you’re done.

(I will not even post a photo of it, because yeah, we’ve all seen it way too much).

– I can’t freakin WAIT for Big Brother to be on tonight… Mccranda will finally endddd!!!  Ahhhhh Mccrandaaaa.

– I am going through Pretty Little Liar withdrawals already?

– I stopped reading at night because Candy Crush has taken over my reading time at night.

candy crush