What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday
What I’m Loving Wednesday!

NF: AH!  My little baby is going to be 2 years old TOMORROW!!!!  What happened?!  He’s growing up!
Anne Hathaway’s version of I dreamed a dream: I wrote about how I loved this song back November 30th 2012 here.  And I’m saying it again.  Best crying song ever.  Watch it here and get ready for the water works…  http://vimeo.com/57509875
A Frappuccino from Starbucks:  A frappuccino and a pedicure can always temporarily fix any mood.
Running on a treadmill for 1 mile: I love the feeling of completing a mile run on a treadmill.  Once I hit the mile mark – DONE.  I have completed my goal… no more thank you, get me off of this thing oh my god is what’s going through my head.  Face is bright red, sweating, but so accomplished.  MAYBE one day I’ll try 2 miles.  but for now, 1 mile is my thing.  I’ve done a 5k but why would I want to do a 5k at the gym on a treadmill like for the heck of it?  No way too much.
nike socks
Clean white socks and clean white sheets: are ya with me?  There’s nothing like it.  Super clean white socks and white sheets… even warm from the drier… uhh the best.
yoga pants crop
Yoga pants – crop from Aerie $15: The best yoga pants ever… and no need to worry about the length since they’re crop.  No fear ordering these bad boys online.  I’m a size 4 and a medium from Aerie and  a small from Victoria Secret.  These yoga pants are like half the price of VS and just as good or better.
italian bread

Fresh Italian Bread: my mouth is watering just thinking about hot fresh Italian bread.  Oh my favorite.
Sleeping with a fan all year round: sleeping with a fan does many things for me.  It keeps me cool (obviously) and it drowns out any snoring/breathing/quite tv sounds so that I can sleep (sorry C, you’re loud).  I used to sleep with ear plugs in on the weekends (couldn’t during the week because I needed to hear my alarm).  But those days are over with a child, I need to be able to hear him in case something happens ya know.  So the white noise of a fan does the trick… and I love it.

So What Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • My baby will be 2 tomorrow and I just can’t believe it.
  • I want this sweater that Hayden Panettiere is wearing… but it’s $295.  I do not like it when clothing is outrageously priced.  Someone find me this sweater for under $50.

shopbophayden panettiere

  • my thighs are ridiculously sore today.  94 lunges were part of my work out yesterday and I just knew I wouldn’t be walking right for two days.
  • the thought of buying a house instantly stresses me out.
  • my thumb is still in and out of going numb from cutting out cookie monster mouths for an hour on Saturday… and I still have like 20 more to cut out.
  • I used to be terrified of the show Are You Afraid of The Dark… and I really want to find out if it’s still scary to me.
  • I hate Chris Brown
  • I don’t want anyone to tell me what they got NF for his birthday… because I feel like they are presents to me.

Make Me Smile Monday



Ohh NF… how does he know the difference between a donut and a bagel?  Like he just KNOWS from a mile away one is amazing and the other is not.


buh bye bottle

Sooo NF’s been ready to be done with bottles for a few months now.  I have no idea when kids are supposed to be done… but he’s totally fine with a sippy cup kinda thing.  HOWEVER, I was holding on to the night bottle.  During Wheel of Fortune each night NF would climb in my lap and drink a bottle.  I’d even sneak it to him.  Well, we’re done.  Officially.  and I’m the most sad about it.

Thursday Thoughts


Today’s Thursday!!  and I’m linking up with Jen for Thursday Thoughts.


He put this hat on himself and plopped down to watch some Family Feud

My BABY is going to be 2 next Thursday…. uhhh what?  This can’t be real life.

I am working on making him a book called, “The People You Knew When You Were Two.”  (I totally came up with that title on my own – cleaver right?)… well, it’s overwhelming me.  How do I have so many pictures of one person with NF and like none of another?  It’ll come out nice though, I just know it’ll take me like way too much time because I’ll be obsessing over it.


Alison Dilarentis… dead or alive???

I wasn’t really feeling Tuesday night’s episode of PLL… for a few reasons…

#1 no wardrobe changes…  I love to see what the girls are wearing… and they were in costumes the entire episode


they were really impressive costumes though

#2 they wandered around a grave yard, then a tunnel, then a scary house, then outside a scary house – claiming “we have to get out of here!!” the whole time.

#3 Nothing really happened until the last 5 minutes.

AND NOW I have to wait until January 7th for it to start up again?!  I was not aware of that… I was under the impression that it was starting back Oct. 22 and was going to be on each week after that.  The mystery continues… and so does the show PLL.  Will it ever really end?


I LOVE Sue Heck

My favorite part of Wednesdays… is to see what Sue Heck’s up to… and last night she didn’t fail to make me laugh!

So What Wednesday


Today I am saying SO WHAT if…

-when hairdressers ask me how I style my son’s hair I answer, “uh I just let it be how it is?” …couldn’t they tell by the bed head he walked in here with?  Can we make this a thing… cool moms just let it be how it is.

-NF can identify a lot of the letters of the alphabet but calls “W” cereal… and I don’t ever want him to stop!

-I watch Pretty Little Liars and love it.

-I ate an ice cream cone while watching The Biggest Loser.

-when a good song comes on the radio I scream, “IT’S OUR JAMMMM!!!” and dance and sing… and NF just stares at me like, “k Mom… maybe it’s YOUR jam.”