Friday’s Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, it’s official… you’re going to be Cookie Monster for Halloween/your birthday!!!!  or as you like to call him, “key”.

Dear C, I am SO happy you won a lap top today!  You told me, “I have 3 mules in the raffle.”  (I had no idea what that meant), and then I told my friend you had, “6 goats in the pot”…. then I went back to check the message you sent me to make sure I was saying that correctly… because I didn’t even know what that meant…. I was cracking up when I realized I had it wrong… where did I come up with 6 goats in the pot?

Dear Smellen, SO jelly of you right now getting your nails done today and having a me day before you attend a wedding tonight.  Have tons of fun!  And yeah, dark purple polish, so in.

Dear sweater weather without a coat, I love you.

Dear Chinese cooking class,  I SOOO love you!  It’s a great class.

Dear Michael J Fox, My mom loves you.

Flash Back Friday



Like around March 2006…. I’m 4th from the left…  I was going through the phase where I didn’t smile for photos (I glared).  I think I thought it made me look bad ass but now I think it just made me look like I wasn’t ready for the picture to be taken.