Friday Letters

Friday letters


Dear NF, So yesterday – we were at the park and there was an outdoor Zumba class going on… you sprinted to the front of the class and danced to the music.  Everyone LOVED IT.  Only a 20 month old could get this reaction.  It was so adorable I loved it so so so much.  THEN it was 8:30 and I get a phone call to go out for ice cream, and we WENT and you were in your full pjs.  Ahh you were SO happy!

Dear Ryan Gosling, I didn’t even know there was a rumor you were hanging out in a town near me… but I did read the top news story for our local news, that you are in fact NOT hanging out in a town near me, because your PR rep says so.  You are in fact not in the state of NY anywhere at all.  Booo!  How is that news?

Dear Smellen, Have fun in the City!

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