Thursday Thoughts


Good Morning Thursday!!!  I can’t believe we’re ALMOST moved.  I just want it to happen already.


We’ve partially taken care of our snake problem… by partially I mean one of them is dead.  I don’t want to get into details… but I was strangely sad.


For Big Brother 16 news… (SPOILER ALERT) if all goes well Devin will go home tonight.


I couldn’t find these online but on July 3rd I ran to target for a 4th of July outfit and I noticed sandals in the woman’s section as I was zooming by…. I glanced over at the girl’s shoes and they had basically the same version.  I am a 6 1/2 in woman’s and a 5 in girl’s… the woman’s sandal was like $23 and the girl’s on sale for $12… A-mazing.  Then I thought… a deal this good can’t be perfect… maybe they’re too narrow… nope at least I didn’t think so… maybe they’d give me blisters… nope they didn’t…. they were actually pretty comfortable.  AND I saw another girl (my boyfriend’s cousin on his mom’s side’s cousin from his dad’s side – you follow that?)… so I saw her (she’s 12) and she had the SAME sandals but in white!!!  Maybe I’m that crazy lady at the BBQs that chase children down to tell them I have the same sandals.  IN FACT, my 11 year old niece told me once that her friend had the same sneakers as I did!!!  Which makes total sense because they were $40 at Sports Authority in the girl’s section.  (notice the red toes for the 4th of July)  I apologize for my poor phone camera… my phone is from 2010.


The Syracuse Nationals is happening this weekend…  that means for the 3rd year in a row I get to feel the people booing at my 2003 Elantra while I drive down my street to my apartment.  They don’t ACTUALLY boo at my car, but I am sure they have absolutely no interest in my car blocking the view of a nice hot rod.  It’s shameful to drive my poor car this weekend every year.  People put up lawn chairs up and down the street I live on to see them parade around.  (It’s loud at night with all the vroomming).  Don’t get me wrong though, I love to see it and I am proud that Syracuse has this annually.

images (1)

Tonight I am going to Funny Bone and seeing the comedian Junior from the Steve Harvey show.  I didn’t specifically want to go see this particular comedian… we’re celebrating my cousin’s birthday and she’s driving from Rochester for the evening.  Having the mall expand and add all these new restaurants and entertainment stuff has been wonderful!  You wanna go go carting, bowling, comedy show, laser tag, mirror maze, movie, imax, and like 20 plus restaurants it’s there and I live like SO close (I am kinda sad we’re moving like 15 minutes further away from it).  SO it should be a good time?  I kinda think that all comedians will be funny… we’ll see… I’ll give my review tomorrow.


Omg I love him.  Just free as can be in the summer.  NF loves the mall lately… he asks me, “mom, we go in the car, we drive to the mall?”  He told me his pajamas were “comfy and warm.”  WHAT!  and he insists everything is green.  I love him soooooo much – he’s just surprising me every day Idk what he’ll tell me next.


Make Me Smile Monday



“I’ll have an organic low fat vanilla milk and a hot tall skinny caramel macchiato for my mom please” (no he actually didn’t say that… but he’s saying a LOT lately… more and more since like last week!!)  I know it’s Sunday but I just want to post this now and not wait.

I’ve been so busy… way more busy than normal.  We bought a house beginning of June… we’ve attended 4 weddings since memorial day weekend (I was in one and NF was in one).  Here’s some photo’s from the weddings… (click on them to view them larger)

Wedding #1 Cara and Doug

017 021 023cara

Wedding #2 Christina and Mike

001 003 005 006 007 010 018


Wedding #3 Ashley and Mike

003 - Copy 005 - Copy 006 - Copy 007  010 016 01710392334_10152440827532200_7870648623843317213_n

Wedding #4 Melanie and Patrick

001 002 003 004 006 007 008

I also ran a two 5ks… and my dad did them too…  Here’s a photo from one of them…


My family from Vermont came to visit and they were able to see my new house… here’s a photo of us together…


Our cousin Patrick is leaving for Germany today and we were able to say goodbye to him this weekend…

008 patpat

And there’s been lots of softball…


NF plays the piano at church… (after everyone has left)


We had a tornado here last week (that like never happens)… and it interrupted big brother.


A snake lives on our front steps.  SERIOUSLY it does.  It’s always there… and we named him Henry… and I can’t use the front door I have to use the garage… and I am too afraid to kill him or remove him… so we’ve just done nothing… ugh… and I think he eats mice… am I crazy?  I think that I vacuumed mice bones… C thinks I am nutso… I think that I am a normal paranoid person.


And so much more has happened in the last 2 months… NF had croup last week and it was horrible… but it came as fast as it went… but that was a rough time.

I think I am sort of caught up and hopefully I can keep up on updating now that things are slowing down and I have less to update about!!  Strange how that works huuh?


Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear Santa,  you musta been SO hot yesterday at the LEON (noel backwards) event.  NF was so thrilled to see you!


Dear Vermont Family, AHHHHHHHHHHHHH so so so so excited you’re coming to NY this weekend!!!!!!!!!

Dear house, I have been able to cross somethings off my to do list… but just not enough… washer and drier needs to get done next!!

Dear NF, you totally freaked me out when you went up to a car and said “ooo chevrolet!”  like how do you know these things?  You’re 2 1/2!!!  I don’t think I could identify the chevy logo until I was like a teenager?

Dear Smellen, Let’s see the movie Tammy… OMGGGGGGG it looks so so so so so so good.  and I have free movie tickets from like 2 christmas’s ago.


Dear Bingo, you were my birthday present… I just don’t see when I’d have the time to spend a day at the casino.

Dear Massage, you were a Christmas present from this year… I should use you!!!!!

Dear gift cards burnin a hole in my wallet, LET’S GO SHOPPING!!!!  (or really, let’s go to starbucks for a drink and then spend $7.39 at panera… and go to home depot)…

Dear NFL and college Football, can you never come back?  It’s been SO peaceful since February.

Dear Sheri Shepard on The View, So long farewell I will miss you.

 Dear Big Brother 16, I already love you.  Except… Frankie, Ariana grande’s older brother,… I wanted to like him I did… but he is really annoying me already.

Dear Shia Labeouf, I mean whatever gets you in the tabloids?  but you seem like a real d bag… maybe if I got to know you?  I’m not sure.  I think we’d be friends back in the Even Stevens years.