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currently watching…

A million little things on abc… and it’s awful.  (It is no where close to as good as This is us).  I’ve watched all 8 episodes so far and it’s just getting worse.  It’s completely unrealistic with predictable plot twists that are not so shocking.  I will go down the cast and tell you what I think…

Eddie Saville – the stay at home dad / retired rock star / adulterer / guitar teacher… there is nothing likable about him to me, I really can’t stand any scene with him in it.

Rome Howard – I think Romany Malco is a good actor.  I think there are some weak spots in his character… he suffers from depression which is supposed to be relate-able, he doesn’t like his job, so he quits and peruses his dream to make a movie… ehh, he’s growing on me.  I like Rome.

Gary Mendez – The funny friend that does romantic things.  I will admit I don’t mind him, but I also wish I hated him.  The entire show is filled with cliches and annoying moments where you’re like this would never happen in real life.  But I guess Gary is the kind of character you like and wish you were friends with.

Regina Howard – Rome’s wife, who I like.  She’s a chef who is opening her own restaurant.

Katherine Kim – Eddie’s wife (or was), the lawyer mom who struggles the work/home balance and was cheated on.  Her acting is hard to watch without thinking, ugh this is on ABC… it’s painful.  You just feel bad for her… and I really hate Eddie for her.  It’s very awkward she’s still part of the friend group.  Their child is also pretty annoying, they give him these needy quirky qualities, that seem to have been created by their weird modern ish parenting.  I cringe.

Maggie Bloom – Gary’s love interest refusing to get chemo to save her life… she’s an outsider of the friend circle, but the friend circle refuses to let her go to die.  She’s a convincing actor and I actually really like her character… when they’re not making her do cheesy dream scenes.

Delilah Dixon – The widow of everyone’s best friend that commits suicide in the first episode.  But she was having an affair with Eddie and spoiler, is pregnant with Eddie’s baby but is going to say it’s John’s (her deceased husband).  She has a faint accent and appears frail.  I don’t get her relationship with Eddie.

Ashley Morales – John’s assistant, who I do NOT understand why she’s still lingering around and was invited to their friends only restaurant party.  Who gets it on with Gary (WHYY GARY?!) and no body knew it was her birthday.


currently reading…

Food: WTF Should I Eat? By Dr Mark Hyman… I DO recommend this book.  It makes a lot of sense to me…. but it’s all pretty overwhelming when you’re trying to change your perception of foods you’ve categorized as good/bad in your mind – I think this book does a good job explaining a lot of the foods I was questioning.


currently wearing…

well not exactly right this minute… but I DID wear this ugly Christmas sweater this weekend 😉


currently wanting…

This dog.. and the sweater…


Currently happy about…

that the salads are BACK at the grocery stores… this last week had me so confused!


Currently loving…

My cute little boys and my Christmas tree


Currently craving…

these bacon wrapped brussels sprouts… who knew I’d love them SOO MUCH!


Currently last watched movie…

Saw the Grinch (well 70% of it) at the Movies!  V didn’t last through the whole thing – so for some of it I was in the hallway negotiating with a 2 year old about going back into the theater and being quiet.  I liked it, very cute movie!