Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, you’re everything to me… I can’t believe 4 years ago today I was baking Halloween cookies for a charity (best cookies ever and I should probably make them again in your honor) and by Sunday night I was having contractions ALL night – and you were born at 6:47 PM Halloween night.  You make me so happy and proud to be a mom.  It could be raining outside and you’ll still tell me it’s a beautiful day.  I can’t squeeze hug you enough!!

Dear hot chocolate, I’m kinda liking you lately, but as soon as I actually buy a box of you, I’ll probably be over it and throw the box out 2 years later when I realize it’s expired (has happened before).

Dear rain, stay far far away tomorrow PLEASE, thanks.

Leah Remini, I’ve always been a fan of yours.  Since like saved by the bell days (though it felt wrong, Zack needed to be with Kelly, honestly).  I loved you on the talk when I was on maternity leave… I am loving you filling in for Erin Andrews on DWTS the past two weeks.  Wasn’t I expecting a book Fall 2013 when you were a contestant on DWTS?  Is this the book that I’ve been waiting for?  Two years later… ugh I gotta read it.  I wish it came out Nov 1st instead of 3rd…. is it possible it would be early release like Orange is the New Black?  Leah, are you actually going to answer my Friday letter to you?

Dear pumpkins in the lawn, what animal has been terrorizing you and taking bites out of you at night?

Dear Fayetteville Target, why would you not have a Starbucks, I mean come on?  Super weird.

Dear holiday themed shower curtains, I think I wanna be that mom who does this.

Lamar Odom, k got it, you’re still in the hospital.  but why do I still read every update?  This is going to be a long recovery and I’ll know every detail, whether I want to or not.

Dear Smellen, I wish I was with you on your honey moon.  and I wish you weren’t missing Halloween.

Dear Grey’s and Modern Family, UHHH I wish I had a warning you weren’t going to be new this week.  and WHAT no modern family Halloween episode?  How disappointing.

Dear The Chew, I gotta see what you guys dress up as this year, GOT TO!

Dear Janman, I can’t believe you got a princess peach costume to go trick or treating with NF, you’re nuts, and I love it.

Dear baby in my belly, I can’t wait to hold you and I hope you’re a very good baby that sleeps a lot… like preferably from 8 pm to 8 am and then naps during the day.  Thank you!


Friday’s Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, Your friend making skills are off the charts.  You’re the sweetest boy I’ll ever know.

Dear EOS blackberry nectar, I have got to try you.

Dear Smellen, I am so excited to go to the wedding shower venue, Asti’s, every bridal shower anniversary with you… such a great idea.

Dear Jennifer Aniston, Congratulations!

Dear woot-offs, I can never resist you.

Dear Christmas shopping, I can’t believe I’ve already started you.

Dear Target, my 7 year old niece asked me what’s my favorite store while braiding my hair, and I said… “Target” – my 13 year old niece and her best friend (also doing each other’s hair) simultaneously said, “same” in a mono tone teenagery voice… like target is totally cool with the 8th graders and the mom’s in their 20’s (I can still say that for 10 more months).

Dear Teevee, if you can’t use your data then stop using your data… so you better not see this blog post.

Dear Janman, I swear you were coming to my house for something soon but I can’t remember what it was… was it to prepare for nf’s birthday party?  that’s so far away… that can’t be it… was it bridal shower related stuff??  I have no idea…

Dear Johnny Mac on Big Brother 17, you’re my fav.


Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, Seriously you say fine and no… not yes and no… but fine and no… you’re crazy!  “do you want a pretzel?”  “Finnneee.”  “let’s put your hat on.” “no.”  Today I stripped ya down to a diaper for a bath, went to run the water, came back in the room and there you were diaper off, riding your rocking horse nakey.  I said, “You’re naked!”  you replied, “mum, it’s finnee!”  What?!!!  Since when do you reply it’s fine?

Dear Maple Bacon Muffins, you were SO easy to make… like so easy and I had everything to make you at home already.  And you taste so good… like pancakes with syrup almost… but with bacon… in muffin form.  Here is the recipe Maple Bacon Muffins.

Dear Target, I love you I do… but I was interviewed by the news today to talk about how I was a victim of identity theft.  It could have happened to any store… so it’s not personal. You can see it here

Dear Scandal, WHY are you waiting until Feb 27th to come back on tv?  WHYY!?

Dear Montreal, I can’t believe my trip to see you is coming so soon!

Dear sinus infection, it’s been 10 days… you can go away now.

Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, You officially say “no” now.  It’s actually pretty shocking that you’ve waited this long to add that word to your vocabulary.  So far you use it in adorable ways… like when I change the channels, no, no, no, no like you’re saying next, next, oh not that channel next, next.  I’m fine with that… it’s when you start adding it to the “MINE!  MY PHONE!” it’ll get old quickly.  No, it is not your phone, you are 2, I didn’t have a phone until I was 18 years old… and I don’t think you should either… but you probably will because we won’t have land lines – and if you’re home alone, I’ll want you to have a phone…. but maybe you can call me from your ipad (will ipads still be a thing?) or something on skype… who knows what’ll happen 10 or 15 years from now… your older cousins got ipads and kindles for Christmas this year and they are 6 and 11… like seriously?  is that normal these days?  If you’re 6 you should get a bike and dolls right?  Not a kindle… I have a kindle… it was a big deal for ME to have a kindle… sorry this letter has turned into a rant about Christmas presents.  In all honesty I wish my parents bought me a Nintendo which is probably the equivalent of getting a kindle these days.  And they never did… but I turned out okay… right?  Oh and I love that you say coffeeee ALL the time.


Dear C, Thank you so kindly for taking care of me yesterday.  I did however yell your name about 15 times from the bedroom like Kate Winslet did in Titanic to Leonardo DiCaprio a the end with zero voice left “JACK…Jack…jack…come back..jack..jackk…jacckkk….jack” (insert C’s name).  You finally came in and by that time I was so dramatic and pathetic that I just sobbed… and instead of telling me to get my ish together you did the exact correct thing!  You picked up NF and you picked up 4 cans of chicken noodle soup and made me some.  Thank you thank you thank you.

Dear Target, I HATE TO LOVE YOU.  Seriously.  WTFFFFFFFFF.  I got targeted.  That’s what we’re calling it didja know?  My info got OUT and I was a victim of identity theft.  Do I know it was because I shopped at Target, no… but I did… and it happened… so I can assume right?  It happened to my sister’s boyfriend who shopped at Target then too.  How many people has this really happened to?  Because you think, oh no it won’t happen to me.  I don’t even win GIVEAWAYS ever… what are the chances it’ll happen to me.  WELL IT DID TARGET… and I did receive 3 gift cards to your store for Christmas and I’ve used almost all of them… so there’s my loyalty toward you.  I can never stay away.  But seriously though is there some law suit I can jump on and get $20 in like two years from all this?  Sorry Target… you really blew it… I’ll still shop there… but man… that really sucks for you.

Dear Smellen, OMGGGGGGGGGGGG you got me riding boots for Christmas… I’ve been searching for a pair for two years… and I couldn’t find one… and bam.. you just buy me a pair in 6 1/2 and done and done.  Love love love love love love love them.

Dear new gray tall ugg boots, yeah yeah yeah maybe you are for college girls… but you are like walking on WARM CLOUDS!!  I love you.

Dear Book Club, yes the book was long… yes the book was boring… yes the book was long (again I know).  But more than just TWO people need to complete the book!  We’ll pick a simpler book for this month.

Dear Orange is the New Black, It took me 5 days to complete the whole 1st season…. WHYYYYYYY isn’t the second season not coming out until the Spring… is that just a rumor?  Could it be sooner?  Please you’re an amazing show… why did I wait so long to watch you?

Dear Candy Crush, I thought I dumped you… Why am I playing… PS Im on level 186… is that good?

Dear storm Hercules, pshhh this is NOTHING.  Yes it’s cold… but the last time it was this cold I can remember it… yeah it was 2004 and I was a senior in high school… but THEN THE NEWS SAID, the last time it was this cold was a decade ago and my head exploded.  WHAT… what did you say weatha man??  A decade ago… that can’t be right… ahhh 2004 was a decade ago?!  what what whatttt.

Dear Scandal, I have to say… I really can’t wait for you to be back on next week!

Dear Pretty Little Liars, it’s been what… like FOREVERRRR and you finally start back up next week… I just don’t know if I can do it… I need some REAL answers… this show has gone on for far too long.  Who am I kidding… I’ll watch just to see what the girls are wearing.

I’m Totally Trying it – The June Edition Results

totally trying it JUNE

My results…

1.  Read Jacyee Dugard’s Book – A Stolen Life
This was a tough book to read.  Not tough in that it wasn’t interesting, or that it was too hard, no not in that way at all… it was tough because wow Jacyee Dugard’s life was actually really stolen at age 11 for 18 years.  The explicit details of her kidnapping and sexual abuse and life in captivity were horrific.  The first night I started reading this book I got to about 20%  in (I read on my kindle and it goes by %).  I thought, how can I stop here, I will have nightmares, and I for sure did.  I thought about not reading on after that – it wasn’t helping me sleep (I read before I go to sleep).  I decided that no, I had to read on because I knew it ended – that she is free today.  I am glad that I did finish this book.

2.  Cook with Shrimp
I never did this.  Total totally trying this June edition fail.

3. Buy pants from Target
I totally did this!  I purchased gray capris for under $25.  I do recommend trying pants on when purchasing them anywhere.  You just never know.

4.  Watch the new show Save Me on NBC
I LOVE this show!  I am sad though that it probably won’t have another season.

5.  Read Amanda Knox’s Book – Waiting to be Heard
Before reading this book I had some knowledge of the story – but not really.  Now I feel like I know enough to talk about it… but I do feel a little weird that I know it specifically from Amanda’s perspective.  I found it interesting to learn what prision was like in Italy and learn the details of the trial and how it’s unfold.  I will continue to follow this story… and yes, I guess that I do believe that Amanda is innocent after reading this book.




What I’m Loving Wednesday…

what Im loving wednesday

nf on a wednesday

NF: I took this picture this morning… I like to think he wasn’t too keen on the bright yellow plaid overall shorts outfit I put him in, but he really doesn’t seem to care what he’s wearing.  He looks arodable though.  Ohhh baby boy!!  Don’t grow up on me too fast!


Target Whale Soap Dispenser: I got this on sale at Target for $10.  I’ve been eyeing it for a while now.  It’s super cute, and my soap dispenser I bought at a craft fair for $25 broke!  I know this isn’t sophisticated adult, but it’s blue and totally matches my bathroom and I love it’s whimsicalness!  The way the soap comes out is great too.  I’m REALLY loving this!


JP Morgan Corporate Challenge (NewsChannel9 WSYR)

JP Morgan Corporate Challenge: I ran my first race last night!  3.5 miles in 40:45 – pace 11:39 min/mile.  Not too bad for my first… this will be my time to beat now.  I didn’t really know what to expect – or how far I had left to go… but now I know what 3.5 feels like in a race and I’m excited to try again.  I understand why people like doing it – I felt so accomplished going across the finish line.  And everyone was so happy and friendly.  It was like a big party!


The TV Show Save Me on NBC: I decided to watch this show as part of my I’m totally trying it June edition.  And I like it.  It’s about a lady who just recently started to think she’s channeling God.  It’s funny, and every episode has a lesson, and I like that, it gets me thinking.  I know it’s a summer show they taped and now are cranking out the episodes and it’ll likely never have another season… but I hope that it does!  NBC, I’ll surely watch!


Clinton Kelly’s Bacon Egg & Cheese Cassarole: My sister made this recipe again for Father’s day.  You can see where she made it for Mother’s day here.  This time she made the biscuts bigger.  Either way is good – it all depends what you want.  This is becoming a family favorite!


What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday

nf laundry

NF: I’m ALWAYS loving this little guy!  He’s watching the Billboard Music Awards here in his laundry basket seat.


Facemasks: My Aunt surprised me with these!  I tried the Feeling Beautiful Dead Sea Minerals Facial Anti-Stress Mask on Saturday… and I love it.  It doesn’t tingle or burn, it just feels cool on your face.  And it’s blue so I feel like I match my room while I’m wearing it (that sounds crazy).  I thought it was “anti-stress”.  Can you over do facemasks?  I do probably like 1-3 a week.  I make sure not to do it every day at least.

bet on your baby

Bet on Your Baby on ABC: I love that Bet on Your Baby is on at 8 PM on Saturdays.  NF seems to really like watching it and winding down from the day.  It’s a really cute show.  (and I’m pretty sure I’ve already said that I’m lovin it)


Stauffer’s Whales Baked Cheddar Snack Crackers: I found these at Target for a $1 a box… why have goldfish when you can have whales… and for a dollar!


AAA: TRIPLE A!  I’d be lost without you.  Thank you for your terrific service.

What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday

nicholas baseball

NF: I’m loving my little baby boy!!

dwts mug

My Dancing With The Stars Coffee Mug:  My Aunt from Arkansas sent this to me for my birthday.  How’d she know I liked DWTS so much?  I figure she was spyin on my fb page.


Green Inspired Thank You Cards from Target:  I was able to send my Aunt one of the thank you cards I bought from Target a month ago for the DWTS mug.  It was perfect because I remember chasing peacocks in Arkansas when I was 5 visiting there for her Wedding.


Amy Farrah Fowler: I’ve been watching a lot of old Big Bang Theory.  It’s hard to imagine the show without Amy and Bernadette!  I really don’t like the episodes with Priya.

What I’m loving Wednesday…

what Im loving wednesday

nicholas bath1

NF: This little boy couldn’t make me happier.  He’s been saying, “Ohhhh B!”  (or “O BEE!”) and we have no idea what it means.  But he says it, we say it back, he says it again – we’re probably encouraging this as actual language.  He’s been saying ball, car, and keys.  In his “first words” book I ask him where the banana is, and he POINTS TO IT!  I’m amazed.  He also points to the telephone in the book and says, “ELLO ELLO” (hello, hello).  I have no idea if he’s right on track, ahead of the game, he is so incredibly smart to me. (done bragging).  April 30th 2013 was his 1 1/2 birthday!

keep swimming

Life: Typically I keep this blog really light.  Not too much personal stuff.  Three weeks ago my dad found out he had kidney stones.  Two weeks after that he had surgery to get them out.  They couldn’t get them out for whatever reason – but they found a tiny tumor.  They removed the tumor and checked it for cancer.  He has (or had) bladder cancer.  He goes in for a second try in a week to get the stones out.  The cancer is low grade.  He had no symptoms.  If it weren’t for the kidney stones and the surgery to get them removed (because they didn’t pass) no one would have known about the bladder cancer.  So hallelujah to kidney stones.


Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches: Looking for something to make in your slow cooker?  Looking for something to make that a man will love.  THIS IS IT!  and it couldn’t be easier.  All you need is a slow cooker, chicken breasts, buffalo wing sauce, package dry ranch salad dressing mix, butter (probably optional), and some rolls.  Add cheese or blue cheese whatever to your liking.  Whoa!  This would be terrific for Football Sundays.  Buy slider rolls – and people will dig right in making their own mini buffalo chicken sandwiches.  Check it here…


Target:  Before I started reading blogs I never really knew about the incredibleness of Target.  I gave it a shot.  I had NO idea what I was missing.  Target is the perfect place to go at 8 AM with a baby/toddler.  You can get your starbucks coffee.  Slowly browse in a clean store with random amazing finds with basically all the other mom’s that know the secret of Target.  Toddler getting crazy?  Didn’t bother to bring puffs? (for the record I didn’t know what puffs were a year ago, now they’re like a life staple)  So grab a container, pop it open, and start feeding it to him, and pay at the register.  I have no shame.  Who is there to judge at 8 AM?  The other mom’s doin the same thing, I don’t think so.  Anyway, what I want to say is, thanks bloggers for letting the wonders of Target be known.


Chelsea Houska’s Hair: I’m always lovin this girl’s hair.