I was on the NEWS for being “targeted”

Ya know I was a victim of identity theft from shopping at my beloved Target… WELL I was interviewed today by Caitlin Nuclo and was on the 6 o’clock NEWS!!  You can view it here http://www.localsyr.com/story/target-says-data-breach-hit-70-million-customers/d/story/29X5ankjtEqXqmM0bYNxXA


3 thoughts on “I was on the NEWS for being “targeted”

  1. It is nice of Target to offer the services of ”CREDIT MONITORING” I don’t think they understand that this “MONITIRING” is one of the biggest scams ! The three credit burear’s that run this are the one’s who stole my I.D, re-assigned my social security number to other person’s, and contiually are putting fraudulant information on credit reports they say are mine along with the 2 social security numbers they assigned me and only put my social security number on these reports because ” they are only putting the information on here because that is the information I gave them when asking for a report”..Now are you sure you all want the credit ID/theft watching taking your information???

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