Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear Baby V,  I think I’ll have you on Valentine’s day ❤ … this is me, your mommy, at 39 weeks.


Dear NF, you’re TOTALLY ready to be a big brother!  You’re such a great helper, see you can even make cookies and banana bread!



Dear sinus infection and NF’s double ear infection, GO AWAYYYYYYYYYY!!!  We have better things to do than sleep on the couch with our mouths open because we can’t breath out of our noses!!


Dear top of the couch, I guess you’re pretty cozy?


Dear Broncos, you won because I made orange and blue m&m brownies.


Dear Teresa Guidice, I’d like to read your book

Dear OJ series on FX, I love love love to hate watch you.

Dear Grey’s Anatomy, I AM SO happy you’re back on!!!!!!!  Last night did not disappoint!!

Dear Lent, sorry I gave up fried food and then forgot 2 days later…  pregnant people don’t have to do lent do they?

Dear the gym, I can’t believe I am still attending you daily.

Dear smellen, please forgive me for how annoying I am to you right now.

Dear Kocktails with Khloe, I still don’t know about you, but I am still going to watch every episode… it’s super weird that you pretend that’s really your house and not a set…???



So WHAT Wednesday…


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if..

  • I am going to do a tasting for my friend’s wedding this weekend, and I couldn’t be more excited especially since there is no pressure, because HEY it’s not my wedding, I’m just there to try the food!
  • I don’t know why but today I think Cory Monteith is hot
  • I have Elton John’s I’m still Standing stuck in my head
  • I’m obsessed with watching Watch What Happens Live dvr’d on the treadmill, it’s perfect for a quick work out
  • Obama’s State of the Union Address… I will not comment.  You will not know how I feel good or bad or indifferent.
  • I wonder how Teresa Giudice is doing right now
  • I wonder if Hannah on girls will move back to NYC from Iowa and at what point in the season will that happen
  • I love chocolate a lot
  • I MISSED the 2nd episode of Fashion Police!!!!!!  It better be on demand.
  • I am going to sound really annoying to some of you right now… but weight loss competitions at the gym stink because I can’t possibly participate in them because there is no chance I can lose enough lbs to win (even when it’s percent of weight loss and by gender)…. so I am not eligible to win free memberships or prizes (I KNOW there are worse things in the world to happen to me, but there I said it….. and I love to win prizes and get free things so this kinda thing is something I’d love to do).  AND I am not saying I am perfect super skinny etc… I’m just saying I don’t have enough % weight to lose to win a competition.
  • I might wear a fanny pack on vacation because it just seems right…. and I REALLY want it to be neon colored.
  • It was 2 degrees today and I hate that a lot
  • I really want to eat Chocolate all day long
  • the easter bunny is so weird
  • I miss watching the neighbors on ABC on Fridays or Wednesdays
  • christina milian and lil wayne are together….. it’s kind of exciting
  • I am KIND of obsessed with diamond candles right now… get a candle (I get credit through that link)… they are so so so fun


Just some Real Housewives of NJ TV thoughts


Season 5 Episode 17 – Hair We Go Again

Did anyone notice little Joey Gorga with lip stick on!  So cute!


Teresa Giudice: “I think camel toe’s sexy right?”  OH I love her.


Does Kim D. never looks like she’s up to any good…


Joseph turns 17!  He’s so cute!  Obviously they get him a car.


Kathy Wakile looks extra tan… I STILL can’t believe she shook my hand last month.


Teresa meets Victoria Gotti for lunch… I saw the season Teresa and Victoria were both on Celeb Apprentice.  I bet Bravo was thrilled this lunch happened.


Hearing/watching Melissa Gorga sing is awkward…. I do love that Joe supports her.


ROSIE!  I love a Rosie Cameo… when is she just going to be a reg cast member already???


I LOVEDDD Caroline’s glasses loved them.  and her hair… so good.

If ANYONE can pull off a leopard blazer and look perfect it’s Teresa Giudice.

Is that Albert Manzo shedding a tear!?  Aww the family is so happy for Chris and Albie and their new restaurant!

Juicy Joe get’s his eye brows plucked!

Penny arrives… ugh.  Her and Kim D. have the same scratchy voice.

AND the show ends on what like the 3rd time with a Penny ending?

Just some Real Housewives of NJ TV thoughts


Season 5 Episode 16 – The Blonde Drops a Bombshell…

Well everyone is tired of twitter attacks… we got it.  Can this story line end?


Richie Wakile can rock a pair of colored glasses like no other man.


During the lunch Teresa, Melissa, Joe, and the parents (minus Giacinto Gorga) they had amazing seafood platter thing and omg it looked soo good… that lobster on top, whoa!  I really want to see everyone get along like that.


I LOVED Teresa’s blue jacket outfit and bag… unfortunately it’s not up at where I can usually find out where the housewives get their clothes.


Were Joe and Rosie not hilarious together?!  They really should hang out a lot more.  “if we both planted our eggs”  “do I have eggs to or what do I have?” ahh I died.


I loved when Kathy yelled!  “Start pickin them up I can’t do this right now!!” I could relate completely.  I will seriously purchase Kathy’s cannoli kits totally… as long as they aren’t like $40 – oh I just looked and they are $40… ehh I don’t know Kath.  Kinda steep.


I like the awkwardness surrounding Melissa’s singing.


Caroline Manzo has a migraine… I REALLY love how human Caroline is.


I love Jacqueline and Chris Laurita’s relationship – they are so great!


I was so proud of Jacqueline after speaking.  I really love her and her story.


UGH, the episode ended with Penny (the new Kim G.)  Why is this a story line… also her hair is so fake it drives me crazy.  There’s no way she just happened to be there (I know it’s reality tv).  And the previews for next episode has more Penny ughh.

I’m Totally Trying it August Edition Results

totally trying it aug

you can view my totally trying it august edition post here.

Warning… you’re about to be disappointed…

Read Justin Bieber’s Mom’s Book called Nowhere but Up: The Story of Justin Bieber’s Mom – I never did this.  I know totally unacceptable.  My excuse: candy crush.

Try on a peplum style anything – I never did this either… again totally unacceptable.  my excuse…. lack of shopping?

Make a recipe from Teresa’s cook books – I never did this EITHER!!  Wow, this is not good.

Complete a pinterest project – I did this… and it came out horrible.  I tried a crock pot recipe for orange chicken.  So bad.  Never make the crock pot recipe for orange chicken that calls for basically just a can of oj concentrate, chicken, ginger, and vegetables… unless I did something wrong, and I don’t think I did… this was awful.

Go to a Fondue restaurant – I did this!!!  You can read about it here Melting Pot – A Fondue Restaurant 

I promise to do better in September…. Except I need to make my list… and get started.. and it’s already the 11th!

What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday

beachy5 beachynf4 beachynf3 beachynf2 beachynf

NF and the Beach: Ohh sweet baby Nicky Flash.  I am loving you and you at the beach.

amiels amiels2

Amiel’s Original Submarines: MMmmmmM!!!! Delizioso!!  Besides Wegman’s Subs (Obvi #1 beats anything)… this is the 2nd best sub place there is!  They butter their bread and they sell day old bread… mmm mmm I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Amiel’s I love you.


Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics: So I come across this store at a mall about an hour from me (I was visiting my cousin)… and AHHHHH…. FACE MASK HEAVENNNNNNN!!!!  I could not believe it.  I love love love face masks… and this place had them… ohhhh b did they have them.  The lady working at the store offered to give me a facial and a skin assesment, I was like I am in a hurry, and I am dying to do all this, but I gotta go but not until I buy like at least two face masks and I promise I’ll be back some time soon for more more more!  (and let me tell you I was not interested in the soaps or any thing but the face masks… and the store stunkkkk like a bizillion soap perfumes).

brazened honey

I got the Brazened Honey… this face mask needs to be refrigerated.  Fresh range eggs, honey, lime oil, rosemary, ground almonds… I used this one the same night I got it.  My face felt fresh, clean, bright, soft.  I loved it!  It was like my skin was brand new afterward!  It did smell pretty strong though, but I didn’t care.

mask of magnaminty

I also got, Mask of Magnaminty.  It’s a face (and back!) mask that’s supposed has clay and peppermint and reaches deep down and pull debris from your pores (sounds good so far!).  There are aduki beans to exfoliate flaky or dry skin, vanilla absoulte to calm redness and honey to soothe (WHHAT!?  sounds amazing).  I used it Monday night and loved it.  I will probably use this mask like once a week until it’s gone.


Teresa Giudice: Despite everything in the news – I still love Teresa Giudice

Totally Trying it August Edition

totally trying it aug

  1. Read Justin Bieber’s Mom’s Book called Nowhere but Up: The Story of Justin Bieber’s Mom.  I figure it’s about time I read this.
  2. Try on a peplum style anything… I never have… so I should try it out… maybe it’ll be wonderful?
  3. Make a recipe from Teresa’s cook books…. I can’t believe I’ve never made one recipe and I have all her cook books… it’s embarassing!  I promise, in August I WILL make one.
  4. Complete a pinterest project… my sister does this all the time.  I NEVER have.  I need to do this.
  5. Go to a Fondue Resturant…. why not?  It should be totally fun, right?

Thursday Thoughts



PLL latest episode is not working for me on and it’s driving me crazy!  I refuse to buy it… I will get it to work before it expires.


Sooo I saw this on WornOnTV on the latest episode (that I HAVEN’T seen yet) and I thought – ha so cute!  THEN I saw the price tag.  This seems to always be the case… $198 at  WHAT?!  Who pays that for a ripped up sweater that says As If on it?  Sigh, I’ll never have the PLL wardrobe… (that’s probably a good thing since I’m 27 and can barely get away with it).


As for big brother…. I have a few things to comment about.  Does anyone else think that ‘Merica voted for Elissa to be MVP again, and didn’t understand that ‘Merica is now the MVP picking who was to go up for eviction, therefore not purposely putting Elissa up?


I felt awful for Judd being in solitary confinement with an alarm that goes off every 9 minutes.  But it was also hilarious.

I also thought Amanda looked good when she dressed up for Mccrae… and Elissa was mean.  If somebody doesn’t want to wear a two piece bathing suit, that’s it, no more questions.  We’ve also seen her in a two piece sooo relax mean girls!

Who do you think will be going home tonight???  I think it’ll be Kaitlyn.


BEST NEWS!!!  I am going to see Teresa Guidice, Jill Zarin, and Tamera Barney in August!!!!!!!!!!  I will hopefully get my books signed, and get a picture with them, ahh!!

What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday


NF: Ohh my baby… just me and you!  I’m amazed that you’re totally fine with me taking you for a walk in the stroller for over 3 miles.  Don’t you get bored?  Whatever, I’m glad you’re cool with it.


Map My Run Ap: I don’t have a smart phone (my phone is from 2008)…. but my friends do!  Soooo… I love to use the map my run ap while going for walks around the neighborhood.  It’s so exciting to see the route we took, and how far we went, and at what pace, and even the elevation!  I don’t think that’ll ever get old for me, I love stats!


Joe Gorga’s black hair spray: During the fight between Joe’s on RHONJ everyone in the mix got black tar like stuff on them.  It was a mystery as to what it was… Juicy thought it was Melissa’s make up… but no no no… it was Joe Gorga’s black hair spray!  And Joe and Melissa Gorga acted clueless with the others as to what it was….. hilarioussssssssss.

Thursday Thoughts


Today is Thursday and it’s time to link up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

big brother


I am totally cool with Elissa getting MVP 3 weeks in a row, keep them coming!  … I almost even voted for her, until I realized I had to sign in or something and that was too difficult on my kindle.  If Elissa wins this whole season…. and being MVP helped her… I don’t care either.  Merica is choosing Elissa sooooo if she wins that’s fine.

ginamarie ginamarie2

Did anyone else think it was hilarious/weird that Ginamarie carried around a pair of redshorts to cry/blow her nose into after Nick left?  Oh, and did you think it was hilarious/weird that she was acting this way after knowing Nick a couple weeks?


I have all of Teresa Giudice’s books (secret: I haven’t made anything from her books).  But I am dying to get them signed by her.  She has signings all the time but mostly in New Jersey.  Come on Tere come to a book store near me!  Maybe that should be in my totally trying August edition – to actually make one of Teresa’s recipes.


I was thinking of getting this headband – since Spencer Hastings wore it on PLL… and it’s $14 at Urban Outfitters…. but I didn’t….


Lastly, I want Melissa Gorga’s sweater from last episode to lounge in.  I read that it is or is very similar to Victoria Secret Pink Longsleeve V Neck Raglan Top.  I need to look into this.