invest in expensive socks

nike socks

These Nike Dri Fit half cushion no show socks are $16 for a three pack… but you’ll fall in love.  They never slip.  They are comfy.  And they tell you which foot the sock goes on.  A right and a left sock?  Who knew!?  I have these in black and white.  Black to wear with my booties at work, and white to wear to the gym and where ever else.  I buy them from sports authority and get points on my rewards card.  Which then gives me money coupons for me to buy more Nike Dri Fit socks.  It’s a vicious sock buying cycle that I want you to join me in.  Size medium fits my size 6.5 woman feet.

One thought on “invest in expensive socks

  1. I am a sock “junkie”…. not in that I collect them, but for years now I purchase one bag of socks that has 8 pairs, and then after 3 months or so, I always throw ’em out and rebuy. People say it is a waste of $ but it is just my thing. I am an avid gym “goer” so I may check this out. Recently I came across a “workout thong” priced at $18 for 1, promoting comfort,non-slip,etc

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