So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I love that NF spells M-O-M even though it usually looks like N-O-N or W-O-W… it makes me so happy!
  • I thought Yolanda looked fine without make up… and I am so sad about her and David Foster not being together anymore
  • I have enough laundry detergent for the next 4 months… and I still consider buying more if there is some sale or coupon
  • I wish the holiday baking challenge on ABC was longer than 4 episodes!!  I’d watch like 12 of those season after season!
  • I am afraid to google survivor second chance because I’d cry if I saw a spoiler
  • I can’t believe I am 29 weeks pregnant


Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear Coconut Vendor, what are you?  what do you do?

Dear Jen Ray aka Nancy Donahue on the middle, You’re my new favorite character.

Dear guacamole and chocolate chip cookies, love you for breakfast.

Dear Harrison Ford, glad you’re alright.

Dear Geraldo Rivera on FOX this morning talking about Harrison Ford, okay… we get it… you guys were dare devil pals in the 80’s.

Dear Dr.Herman on Grey’s, Ohhh Shonda Rhimes… you real me in every time.

Dear Droctors who don’t simply read someone’s chart before seeing a patient, I hate you.

Dear Lisa Rinna on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, that’s right, no body touches Harry!!

Dear Kyle Richards, FFFFF Brandi for saying that pot smoking comment… she’s stupid and I’ve decided I hope she’s not asked back on the show.

Dear Smellen, get a manicure by yourself… it’s relaxing and peaceful and you don’t need me there!

Dear Yolanda Foster, you’re so classy.

Dear Kim Kardashian, what in the world is up with the Draco Malfoy hair?

Dear Fashion Police, what is going on?  I’d love to see Khloe Kardashian on the show… more so than NeNe.

Dear Teresa Giudice, I occasionally think, I wonder what you’re up to right now in prison… hope you’re stayin strong!