So What Wednesday



It’s Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I can stop watching Grey’s Anatomy and then start again and pretty much immediately be back into it
  • I feel like Scandal can’t ever be as good as the winter finale… did it peak!?
  • I’ve been saying I’ve been over winter since January I think… and it still feels not even close to over
  • I don’t think I’ll be playing co-ed softball this summer and I’m sad about it
  • I need a new car but I still haven’t done a thing about it
  • I haven’t bought any new clothes since December 11th… that’s an accomplishment but it’s also procrastination… I think that I do need some new clothes
  • I haven’t gotten a hair cut in 13 months… that is total procrastination… my hair starts to seriously dread by the end of the day… when I brush it I am literally ripping it out
  • I reloaded the twitter page with Ellen’s group pic that she wanted everyone to retweet to beat a record like 40 times to watch the number go up and up and up and it was the first thing I checked Monday morning
  • I am underwhelmed with the dancing with the stars cast this season… but I think I always am
  • I am SO behind on Pretty Little Liars I may have given up on the show… they just don’t make it easy to watch without cable